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Fuse List

Possible Combinations

General ItemsCursedChaosBoneScale


















Bone (As a non-trinity)Scale (As a non-trinity)

Determining the Grade

To determine the grade of the fusion, you must add all 3 ores' grades together.

OreGrade formula
MithrilSell Price / 10
OrihalconSell Price / 25
Dark MatterSell Price / 20
BoneSell Price
ScaleSell Price / 2

You can also use the calculator below. Select an ore and enter its sell price on the right.
Ore 1: Gold
Ore 2: Gold
Ore 3: Gold

Grade 1
100-299 Points
Grade 2
300-499 Points
Grade 3
500+ Points

(General Equipment)
Elemental SwordShiva SwordLevatine
Heat AxeGiant AxeDragon Axe
Gale LanceHoly LanceDragoon Lance
Gale BowSonic BowLunar Bow
Lashing FlailHoly FlailCrushing Flail
Mace RodMilky RodAlchemy Rod
Sharp KnifeButterfly KnifeAssassin Knife
Beast ClawTiger ClawBerserk Claw
Mithril ArmorEternal ArmorCrusade Armor
Mithril RobeTribal RobeGrace Robe
Mithril HelmImpulse HelmHelm of Bravery
Mithril HoodZephyr HoodAdept Hood
Mithril GlovesRoyal GlovesIllusion Gloves
Mithril ShieldFortress ShieldHero's Shield

(Cursed Equipment)
MurasameMuramasaDarkside Sword
ExecutionerCursed AxeEvil Axe
Ruinous LanceDark Lord SpearDevil Lance
Diabolic BowBlood BowCantarela Bow
Unholy FlailDeath FlailEvil Flail
Grave DiggerNether RodDemon Rod
Will KnifeBlood KnifeDemon Knife
Deadly ClawDemon ClawFoxglove Claw
Black ArmorMalice ArmorEvil Armor
Mortal RobeGreed RobeDemon Robe
Black HelmDread HelmEvil Helm
Unlucky HoodEclipse HoodDemon Hood
Killer GlovesCrypt GlovesDemon Gloves
Black ShieldBane ShieldBanishing Shield

(General Equipment)
MasamuneSoul BladeLord's Sword
Buster HalberdSoul AxeApollo Axe
Mercurius SpearSoul LanceHozon Lance
Doppler BowSoul BowSagittarius Bow
Alabaster FlailSoul FlailArk Flail
Eternal WandSoul RodWill Rod
Fairy KnifeSoul KnifeRipper Knife
Justice ClawSoul ClawGehenna Claw
Force ArmorOrder ArmorGlorious Armor
Solar RobeSoul RobeSaint Robe
Force HelmHoly Light HelmGlorious Helm
Lucky HoodSoul CapSaint Hood
Justice GlovesSoul GlovesSaint Gloves
Force ShieldReflex ShieldDivine Shield

(Chaos Equipment)
Chaos Sword 1Chaos Sword 2Chaos Sword 3
Chaos Axe 1Chaos Axe 2Chaos Axe 3
Chaos Spear 1Chaos Spear 2Chaos Spear 3
Chaos Bow 1Chaos Bow 2Chaos Bow 3
Chaos Flail 1Chaos Flail 2Chaos Flail 3
Chaos Rod 1Chaos Rod 2Chaos Rod 3
Chaos Knife 1Chaos Knife 2Chaos Knife 3
Chaos Claw 1Chaos Claw 2Chaos Claw 3
Burial ArmorRitual ArmorApostate Armor
Burial RobeRitual RobeApostate Robe
Burial HelmRitual HelmApostate Helm
Burial HoodRitual HoodApostate Hood
Burial GlovesRitual GlovesApostate Gloves
Burial ShieldRitual ShieldApostate Shield

Fire Weapons
Fire Sword 1Fire Sword 2Fire Sword 3
Fire Axe 1Fire Axe 2Fire Axe 3
Fire Spear 1Fire Spear 2Fire Spear 3
Fire Bow 1Fire Bow 2Fire Bow 3
Fire Flail 1Fire Flail 2Fire Flail 3
Fire Rod 1Fire Rod 2Fire Rod 3
Fire Knife 1Fire Knife 2Fire Knife 3
Fire Claw 1Fire Claw 2Fire Claw 3

Fire Body/Shield
Flame ArmorBurning ArmorPhoenix Armor
Flame RobeBurning RobePhoenix Robe
Flame ShieldBurning ShieldPhoenix Shield

Fire Head/Gloves
Flame HelmBurning HelmPhoenix Helm
Flame HoodBurning HoodPhoenix Hood
Flame GlovesBurning GlovesPhoenix Gloves

Ice Weapons
Ice Blade 1Ice Blade 2Ice Blade 3
Ice Axe 1Ice Axe 2Ice Axe 3
Ice Spear 1Ice Spear 2Ice Spear 3
Ice Bow 1Ice Bow 2Ice Bow 3
Ice Flail 1Ice Flail 2Ice Flail 3
Ice Rod 1Ice Rod 2Ice Rod 3
Ice Knife 1Ice Knife 2Ice Knife 3
Ice Claw 1Ice Claw 2Ice Claw 3

Ice Body/Shield
Ice ArmorFrost ArmorBlizzard Armor
Ice RobeFrost RobeBlizzard Robe
Ice ShieldFrost ShieldBlizzard Shield

Ice Head/Gloves
Ice HelmFrost HelmBlizzard Helm
Ice HoodFrost HoodBlizzard Hood
Ice GlovesFrost GlovesBlizzard Gloves

Bolt Weapons
Bolt Sword 1Bolt Sword 2Bolt Sword 3
Bolt Axe 1Bolt Axe 2Bolt Axe 3
Bolt Spear 1Bolt Spear 2Bolt Spear 3
Bolt Bow 1Bolt Bow 2Bolt Bow 3
Bolt Flail 1Bolt Flail 2Bolt Flail 3
Bolt Rod 1Bolt Rod 2Bolt Rod 3
Bolt Knife 1Bolt Knife 2Bolt Knife 3
Bolt Claw 1Bolt Claw 2Bolt Claw 3

Bolt Body/Shield
Thunder ArmorPlasma ArmorSpark Armor
Thunder RobePlasma RobeSpark Robe
Thunder ShieldPlasma ShieldSpark Shield

Bolt Head/Gloves
Thunder HelmPlasma HelmSpark Helm
Thunder HoodPlasma HoodSpark Hood
Thunder GlovesPlasma GlovesSpark Gloves

Light Weapons
Shining Sword 1Shining Sword 2Shining Sword 3
Shining Axe 1Shining Axe 2Shining Axe 3
Shining Spear 1Shining Spear 2Shining Spear 3
Shining Bow 1Shining Bow 2Shining Bow 3
Shining Flail 1Shining Flail 2Shining Flail 3
Shining Rod 1Shining Rod 2Shining Rod 3
Shining Knife 1Shining Knife 2Shining Knife 3
Shining Claw 1Shining Claw 2Shining Claw 3

Light Body/Shield
Celestial ArmorLunar ArmorSolar Armor
Celestial RobeLunar RobeSolar Robe
Celestial ShieldLunar ShieldSolar Shield

Light Head/Gloves
Celestial HelmLunar HelmSolar Helm
Celestial HoodLunar HoodSolar Hood
Celestial GlovesLunar GlovesSolar Gloves

Dark Weapons
Darkness Sword 1Darkness Sword 2Darkness Sword 3
Darkness Axe 1Darkness Axe 2Darkness Axe 3
Darkness Spear 1Darkness Spear 2Darkness Spear 3
Darkness Bow 1Darkness Bow 2Darkness Bow 3
Darkness Flail 1Darkness Flail 2Darkness Flail 3
Darkness Rod 1Darkness Rod 2Darkness Rod 3
Darkness Knife 1Darkness Knife 2Darkness Knife 3
Darkness Claw 1Darkness Claw 2Darkness Claw 3

Dark Body/Shield
Shadow ArmorWeiB ArmorHatred Armor
Shadow RobeWeiB RobeHatred Robe
Shadow ShieldWeiB ShieldHatred Shield

Dark Head/Gloves
Shadow HelmWeiB HelmHatred Helm
Shadow HoodWeiB HoodHatred Hood
Shadow GlovesWeiB GlovesHatred Gloves

Poison Weapons
Venom Sword 1Venom Sword 2Venom Sword 3
Venom Axe 1Venom Axe 2Venom Axe 3
Venom Spear 1Venom Spear 2Venom Spear 3
Venom Bow 1Venom Bow 2Venom Bow 3
Venom Flail 1Venom Flail 2Venom Flail 3
Venom Rod 1Venom Rod 2Venom Rod 3
Venom Knife 1Venom Knife 2Venom Knife 3
Venom Claw 1Venom Claw 2Venom Claw 3

Poison Body/Shield
Poison ArmorNox ArmorDeadly Armor
Poison RobeNox RobeDeadly Robe
Poison ShieldNox ShieldDeadly Shield

Poison Head/Gloves
Poison HelmNox HelmDeadly Helm
Poison HoodNox HoodDeadly Hood
Poison GlovesNox GlovesDeadly Gloves

(Bone Equipment)
Skeletal ArmorIvory ArmorFiend Armor
Skeletal HelmIvory HelmFiend Helm
Skeletal GlovesIvory GlovesFiend Gloves
Skeletal ShieldIvory ShieldFiend Shield

(Scale Equipment)
Lizard ArmorCrocodile ArmorDragon Armor
Lizard HelmCrocodile HelmDragon Helm
Lizard GlovesCrocodile GlovesDragon Gloves
Lizard ShieldCrocodile ShieldDragon Shield

Grade 0
0+ Points (0-99 Points as a trinity)

(Bone Equipment)
Bone Armor
Bone Helm
Bone Gloves
Bone Shield

(Scale Equipment)
Scale Armor
Scale Helm
Scale Gloves
Scale Shield

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