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Monster Cards (145)

Monster Dictionary
When an enemy drops a monster card, you can view it by bringing it to the monster dictionary in Klantol Castle. Only one card is needed to view an enemy in either mode but it can hold up to 99 of each, so don't carry them around or store them away in a locker.
Remove a Card: Press A while viewing a monster. Now move the cursor to the Card image and press A. Confirm by pressing it again. Now the card will be in your inventory.

Side Quest: Complete the Dictionary
Once you've completed the dictionary, talk to the teacher to be awarded an Angel's Necklace.

Side Quest: Trade Cards with Zavi
Zavi the Card Master who's located in the bar in Klantol will trade cards with you:
Normal Mode
Trade #1: 3 Goblins for a Poison Mummy
Trade #2: 3 Gizmos for a Fairy
Trade #3: 3 Vikings for a Golem
Trade #4: 3 Yetis for a Belial
Trade #5: 3 Cerberuses for a Dragon
Advance Mode
Trade #1: 3 Pastes for an Orc
Trade #2: 3 Spiders for a Bloodshot Eye
Trade #3: 3 Scorpions for a Wisp
Trade #4: 3 Minotaurs for a Demon
Trade #5: 3 Dark Knights for a Dark Eye

The cards are ordered by their appearance in the dictionary.

(Family Name)
(#)(Card Name)(Card/Enemy Description)
Paste Family
1PasteJelly-like organism. Weak to physical attacks.
2Green PasteCarnivorous paste that melts its prey.
3Bubble PastePoisonous paste. Keep a safe distance.
4Fire PasteExtremely hot and attacks by spitting balls of fire.
5Lightning PasteTries to shock you with electricity.
6Ice PasteVery cold paste. Use fire to your advantage.
Goblin Family
7GoblinSmall demon monster. Hates humans.
8HobgoblinGoblin bodyguard. Stronger than a normal goblin.
9Goblin KingKing of goblins. Strongest of the goblins.
Orc Family
10OrcPig-faced monster with a powerful attack.
11Red OrcFully-grown orc. Tougher than a regular orc.
12Orc CaptainExperienced orc leader! Be careful!
13Blue OrcLikes cold places and travels in groups.
Kobold Family
14KoboldHuman-sized monster. Devastates villages.
15Kobold CaptainCaptain of kobolds. Often throws rocks.
16Kobold LordKobold leader. Strongest of the kobolds.
17Kobold BomberGood at using explosives. Known as the Green Bomb.
Bat Family
18Giant BatHuge, carnivorous bat.
19Sea BatBat that lives at sea. Large and aggressive.
20Thunder BatFlies amongst the clouds. Uncommon, but dangerous.
21Vampire BatSlave of vampires. Loyal to its master.
22Cave BatLives in large caverns or caves. Attacks quickly.
Skeleton Family
23SkeletonReturns from the grave. Deals heavy blows.
24Skeleton MageTroublesome skeleton that can use strong magic.
25Dark SkeletonSkeleton warrior not permitted to die.
26Skeleton ArcherNot a regular skeleton. Its crossbow is powerful!
27Ice ShooterHas superb bow skills. Wanders seeking blood.
28Evil SniperAppears in groups. Watch your back!
Mummy Family
29MummyProtects graves. Defeat it before you become one.
30Poison MummyAn undead body lacking a soul.
31Living DeadThe remains of one unable to die. Hates the living.
Mage Family
32Dark MageWizard of Darkness. Don't allow it to use its magic.
33Arch MageTitle given only to those who have mastered magic.
34Demon MasterWizard who made a contract with a demon.
35Evil DruidA nature-loving priest turned evil.
Gizmo Family
36GizmoVapor with its own will. Susceptible to weapons.
37Dark SmokeSmoke born of Darkness. Hates bright places.
38Evil CloudMonster born near water. Moves strangely.
39Mist DemonVapor born from demon bones. Befouls the air.
40Volcanic AshGaseous monster that gives off a horrible stench.
Rat Family
41Giant RatRat the size of a dog. Rushes at you in groups.
42Gray RatLoves dark places. Rumored to be tasty.
43VerminHorrifying rat that loves to eat human babies.
Spider Family
44SpiderHuge spider that paralyzes its prey with poison.
45Giant TickLike a tick, it's hard to shake off.
46Ice SpiderSpider that freezes its prey and eats it slowly.
47TarantulaVery dangerous spider that attacks even buffaloes.
Fairy Family
48FairyFairy controlled by evil. Sad, but still an enemy.
49Noble FairyHas lived for 9,000 years. Worshipped in the past.
50Chaos FairyDances on moonlit nights, making mushrooms grow.
Unicorn Family
51UnicornInnocent mythical creature that is now an enemy.
52Fire MareBorn from fire. Anyone it touches is burned.
53Unicorn ElderUnicorn whose horn can kill even an elephant.
Doll Family
54DollDoll with an evil will. Creeps around silently.
55PuppetDoll that loves tricks. Surprises its victims.
56Dark PuppetPuppet of Darkness which is no longer just a doll.
Hobbit Family
57HobbitHalfling which is normally friendly towards humans.
58Hobbit SoldierHair grows on its feet. Can walk silently.
59Hobbit LeaderHas a stout build and lives in a hole.
60Hobbit MarksmanLearned to throw rocks and enjoys wreaking havoc.
61Hobbit SniperThrows rocks with precise control to hit its target.
62Hobbit AceThrows rocks accurately to hit weak spots.
Ghost Family
63GhostMonster without a form. Can be hurt by weapons.
64PhantomHolds a lamp in one hand and appears unexpectedly.
65WraithDifficult to capture in its true form.
Viking Family
66VikingWarrior that can sail ships. Very tough.
67Viking LordLives near shore and is hard working.
68Viking LeaderGood at fist fights and using weapons.
Eyeball Family
69WatcherParalyzes prey with its gaze. Good at magic too.
70Bloodshot EyeIts eye, Monocle, glows in the Darkness.
71Forest EyeAnyone who looks into its eye loses all hope.
72Evil EyeNo larger than similar monsters, but slower.
Archer Family
73Death ArcherMost powerful archer. Stay in close range.
74Dark SniperAssassin that lurks in the Darkness! Watch your back.
75Bow MasterUltimate archer. Can kill you before you know it.
76Chaos ArcherIs Light or Darkness its target?
Worm Family
77WormHuge worm that eats people alive.
78Evil WormHas an immense appetite. Even eats rock!
79Purple WormIts breath poisons water and air even in its sleep.
80Lava WormLives in magma. Hates anything cold.
Scorpion Family
81ScorpionHas a poisonous tail, huge claws, and a hard shell.
82King ScorpionPrefers a dry habitat. Similar to a scorpion.
83Death ScorpionNot very big, but has deadly poison.
Harpy Family
84HarpyShrieking creature that picks on the weak.
85Harpy QueenSmelly, dirty and dangerous.
86Poison HarpyIts filth is horrendous. Drops poison.
Toadstool Family
87ToadstoolMight be poisonous, but it's hard to tell...
88MatangoHas a slick head. Expels dust when surprised.
89MyconidInactive during the day, but eats dirt at night.
Humanoid Family
90YetiProtective of its home. Can't be reasoned with.
91BigfootMainly eats goats. Aggressive towards humans.
92Mad ApeHairy creature that can climb cliffs by jumping.
Minotaur Family
93MinotaurLegendary guardian of the Labyrinth! Very powerful.
94Death MinotaurMonster that's half human, half bull. Eats children.
95Dark MinotaurIts weapon is very rare and valuable.
(Will o' the) Wisp Family
96WispA gaseous monster that once was a human spirit.
97Snow ElementalThe spirit of a child that froze to death in snow.
98Wicked FlameFire from a burning corpse.
99Dark SpiritWandering spirit. Dislikes the smell of burnt beans.
Knight Family
100Rune KnightHuman/horse warrior made by an evil sorcerer.
101Silver KnightProtects the cavalry. Part of an elite force.
102Dark KnightChaotic knight accompanied by ghosts and ghouls.
Gargoyle Family
103GargoyleEvil sculpture that comes to life.
104Ice GargoyleRemains stationary until an intruder approaches.
105BelialOnce was a god, but was transformed into a demon.
Colossus Family
106ColossusMachine warrior that can't tell friend from foe.
107Colossus IIPowered by magic. Devoid of life.
108Colossus IIIMachine that has gone totally out of control.
Demon Family
109Lesser DemonIts true body is in the underworld. Can revive.
110DemonSummoned from the underworld.
111Arch DemonFallen archangel. Leads demons in destruction.
Cerberus Family
112CerberusGuards the king of the underworld. Has 3 heads.
113Hell HoundLoyal to demons. Never lets its prey escape.
114Poison HoundDemon hound that's poison can kill a giant.
Golem Family
115GolemSlave created by magic, but moves rather slow.
116Ice GolemHas the property of ice. Created by a high wizard.
117MudmanMass produced warrior that has gone berserk.
Lizard Family
118Snow LizardAlso known as a Frost Salamander. Weak to fire.
119SalamanderLives near lava flows.
120Vampire LizardLoves extremely hot areas. Covered with thick scales.
Dragon Family
121DragonStrong enough to do battle with a god!
122White DragonLives in cold places. Supposedly not very smart.
123Soul DragonRaided heaven and hell long ago, losing its body.
Angel Family
124AngelHeaven's holy envoy, but now an enemy.
125SeraphSupposed to guide humans, but...
126ArchangelThe reason that it fights is not known...
Vampire Family
127VampireExtremely powerful undead creature of Darkness.
128Blood FiendVampire which has tasted the blood of a king.
129Vampire LordVampire lord that altered its body with black magic.
Mortal-Enemy Family
130ReaperTakes life away from mortals. Feared and hated.
131SpecterIll mortals pass away when he is standing near.
132Envoy of DeathControls humans in battle. Loves bloodshed.
Giant Family
133Holy GiantVery powerful giant. Descendent of a god.
134Blue GiantStronger than a normal giant. Absorbs Light.
135TitanA giant that has absorbed too much Light.
Automaton Family
136Flaming EyeAncient automaton warrior. Fights without a cause.
137Frigid EyeAutomaton that spews balls of Ice.
138Dark EyeAutomaton that spews balls of Darkness.
Fan-created Family
139SunmoonActive during the day. Not aggressive.
140Kitten ChampKnocks out opponents with fast footwork and jabs!
141MugaMonster near extinction. True name: Mukigachar.
Master Family
142Captain GullyGoblin leader desperately in search of the key.
143GiantLives in the cemetery and protects the graves.
144Haunted ArmorNot just any old armor. It can fight on its own!
145Yeti KingMaster of Koldazhek Cave. Big body, small brain.