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Swords (57)
Usable by: Warrior, Ninja; Attack Delay: 8; Attack Recoil: 6

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Item NameATKSWORD LV.Special Effects
 Short Sword80
 Iron Blade110
 Middle Sword140
 Skeletal Sword200 +1
  Cold Sword200 +2
 Battle Blade161
 Long Sword191
 Steel Sword252
 Paste's Sword652 -5,  -5,  -10
 Elemental Sword363 +10,  +10,  +10
  Fire Sword 1363Critical hit +3
  Bolt Sword 1363 +3
  Venom Sword 1363Attack speed +1
 Chaos Sword 1363+150% damage to flying and undead
  Ice Blade 1363 +3
  Darkness Sword 1363 +3
  Shining Sword 1363 +3
 Masamune383Critical hit +3
 Battle Sword393
  Murasame443Critical hit +3, Cursed
 Knight's Sword414 +2
 Damascus Blade424
  Magma Blade434 +3
 Buster Sword474
  Shiva Sword485 +30
  Fire Sword 2485Critical hit +5
  Bolt Sword 2485 +5
  Venom Sword 2485Attack speed +2
 Chaos Sword 2485+150% damage to flying and undead
  Ice Blade 2485 +5
  Darkness Sword 2485 +5
  Shining Sword 2485 +5
 Chrome Blade505
 Soul Blade5055% of damage goes to HP
 Master Sword525 +10, Critical hit +10
 Great Sword535
 Muramasa5653% of damage goes to HP, Cursed
 Kusanagi626+200% damage to undead, Cursed
  Levatine627 +30
  Fire Sword 3627Critical hit +7
  Bolt Sword 3627 +7
  Venom Sword 3627Attack speed +3
 Chaos Sword 3627+150% damage to flying and undead
  Ice Blade 3627 +7
  Darkness Sword 3627 +7
  Shining Sword 3627 +7
  Lord's Sword647 +20
  Darkside Sword707Cursed