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Spears (51)
Usable by: Warrior, Archer; Attack Delay: 10; Attack Recoil: 6

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Item NameATKSPEAR LV.Special Effects
 Short Spear120
 Bronze Lance150
 Kobold Spear150
 Light Spear180
 War Fork271
 Steel Lance302
 Long Spear332
 Power Spear362
 Heavy Lance393
 Battle Spear423
 Gale Lance433 +10
  Fire Spear 1433Critical hit +3
  Bolt Spear 1433 +3
  Venom Spear 1433Attack speed +1
 Chaos Spear 1433+150% damage to flying, +150% damage to undead
  Ice Spear 1433 +3
  Darkness Spear 1433 +3
  Shining Spear 1433 +3
 Half Pike453
  Mercurius Spear453 +20
 Ruinous Lance513 +5, Cursed
 Hunter's Spear484
 Chrome Lance544
  Holy Lance565+150% damage to undead
  Fire Spear 2565Critical hit +5
  Bolt Spear 2565 +5
  Venom Spear 2565Attack speed +2
 Chaos Spear 2565+150% damage to flying, +150% damage to undead
  Ice Spear 2565 +5
  Darkness Spear 2565 +5
  Shining Spear 2565 +5
 Soul Lance5855% of damage goes to HP
  Dark Lord Spear645 +10, Cursed
  Dragoon Lance717 +10
  Fire Spear 3717Critical hit +7
  Bolt Spear 3717 +7
  Venom Spear 3717Attack speed +3
 Chaos Spear 3717+150% damage to flying, +150% damage to undead
  Ice Spear 3717 +7
  Darkness Spear 3717 +7
  Shining Spear 3717 +7
 Hozon Lance737Raises immunity to effects
 Devil Lance797Cursed