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The Legend of Zelda

Created and Maintained by:
Ow! My eye!
Merlin Kestanar

Welcome to the Legend of Zelda shrine! Ah yes, Zelda. Don't let the naysayers fool you, the Zelda games are RPGs. They're also some of the most enjoyable games around. This shrine should be able to answer any of your questions, but if you need us for help our e-mail addresses are splattered all over this page. Anyways, explore the shrine on your left, click me or Zero for extra help, and best of luck defeating Ganondorf and saving Princess Zelda! -Merlin

PLEASE NOTE: This shrine is STILL under construction. That means that some areas of it may not be finished. I know a lot of people are beginning to come here based on the volume of e-mails I've received; but just remember that we aren't finished yet :P Please e-mail us if the present information hasn't yet answered your question, and we'll keep working away on it.

•Overworld Maps for First Quest
02/16/06 Update by Kestanar

I have completed all the overworld maps for the first quest. All that is left to be done for the first quest is the walkthrough and the downloads sections which will be completed by Merlin. Now, I will start work on the overworld maps for the second quest.

•Few More Additions to Second Quest
02/13/06 Update by Kestanar

I have added the potion shops and door repair pages for the second quest.

•Another Overworld Map Addition
02/12/06 Update by Kestanar

I have added a low bandwidth gridded map with spoliers for the first quest.

•Overworld Map Addition
02/11/06 Update by Kestanar

I have added a low bandwidth gridded map with no spoliers for the first quest. Enjoy! :)

•More Stuff for Quest 2
02/07/06 Update by Kestanar

I have added and updated the following sections:

  • Second Quest Free Rupies
  • Second Quest Gambling Spots
  • Second Quest Items
  • Second Quest Item Shops
  • Second Quest Secrets
  • Second Quest Warp Halls

•One Small Addition
02/06/06 Update by Kestanar

I have added one more section for the first quest: Door Repairs.

•New Stuff and a Summary on Things Going on
02/01/06 Update by Kestanar

Right, now the stuff for the first quest is almost done. The only things left to finish for the first quest are the maps section and the walkthrough. I will be completing the maps section while Merlin will work on finishing the walkthrough sometime in the near future. Along with working on the maps for the first quest, I will also now be adding more stuff for quest two. In fact all the stuff I am adding today are all quest two stuff. Enjoy people. :)

I have added and updated the following sections:

  • Second Quest Bosses
  • Second Quest Dungeon Maps
  • Second Quest Enemies
  • Second Quest Fairy Ponds

•Revisions made to New Stuff!!!
01/28/06 Update by Kestanar

I have added images and spoiler links to the following sections:

  • First Quest Free Rupies
  • First Quest Gambling Spots
  • First Quest Item Shops
  • First Quest Potion Shops
  • First Quest Warp Halls

•Lots of New Stuff!!!
01/27/06 Update by Kestanar

The following sections have been added:

  • First Quest Fairy Ponds
  • First Quest Free Rupies
  • First Quest Gambling Spots
  • First Quest Potion Shops
  • First Quest Warp Halls
  • First Quest Secrets

•Major Updates Galore!!!
01/25/06 Update by Kestanar

Hello, people!!! This is my first update and it's a big one. Enjoy all of it!!! :-)

The following sections have been updated:

  • First Quest Bosses Section (Complete)
  • First Quest Enemies Section (Complete)
  • First Quest Items Section (Complete)
  • First Quest Item Shops Section (Complete)
  • First Quest Extra Heart Container Section (Typos Fixed)
  • Second Quest Dungeon Maps Section (99% Complete)
  • Second Quest Extra Heart Container Section (Complete)

•Reinforcements have arrived
01/16/06 Update by Merlin

Obviously work on this shrine is creeping at a snails pace. Thus, Zero and I have brought on board someone else to lend us a hand. Welcome Kestanar aboard, he's going provide lots of help in finishing off the enemies and items pages, and polishing many areas of the shrine that are still in their early stages.

05/28/04 Update by Merlin

The Heart Containers page is basically finished. I think it looks really nice. I may rearrange how the location is displayed, but I'm not worrying about it until at least the walkthrough is complete. I also added a Secrets page to the table of contents. There's nothing there yet, but I just realized today the shrine will need one and I didn't want to forget about it :P

•More work?
05/26/04 Update by Merlin

Hey look it's not abandoned! I did four things. First I talked to Zero about the shrine and gave him another reminder to do some work on it :P Next, I recoded a bunch of my pages to take into account our not-so-new templates. You won't notice much change, but it's there. I then did two updates you'll care more about. The Heart Containers page actually loads now, I've designed the page skeleton and mostly completed the first of its five parts. I can get that done faster when I get to my computer that has all my map images on it. I also slapped together a placeholder page for the Shopping List. I'm still unsure how to design it though, so there isn't much there yet. Progress!

•Yes it's still being worked on
01/10/04 Update by Merlin

Yes it's almost been a year, but I still intend on finishing this shrine. Unfortunately other stuff came up last summer or I'd probably be done by now. Anyway, I've begun constructing the Overworld Map section. It's gonna be a little more involved than I expected but the hardest parts are over. There's a high-bandwidth non-spoiler map up right now, more to follow soon hopefully. Also a few weeks ago I fixed some whacky bad links in the walkthrough section. I'm getting there!

•Six Done
01/04/03 Update by Merlin

Dungeon 6 is all finished, got the walkthrough and demo finished. I think next I'm going to update the Bosses page and maybe even polish off the Enemies and Items page some more. The shrine's winding down!

•More work
01/02/03 Update by Merlin

Dungeon 5 is all finished, got the walkthrough and demo finished. I also updated the Bosses page up through and including Dungeon 5. Hopefully 6 and 7 will fall tomorrow, I ran through six tonight to get a feel for it, it's harder than I remember.

•More work
01/01/03 Update by Merlin

I got the movie for level 4 up the other day, and I've also finished the walkthrough up to Dungeon 5. Optimistically I'll have 5 and some of 6 done by the end of the day, but we'll see. Happy New Year.

•More work
12/29/02 Update by Merlin

Well, I've completed two more walkthrough pages, which means Dungeon 4 is now finished. But, fool that I am, I forgot to make a save before entering level 4, which means I have to backtrack a little before I can record and upload the movie for it. Oh well. Save it for tomorrow I guess. *stumbles in the general direction of the Gamecube*

•Merlin? Working on the shrine? Impossible!
12/23/02 Update by Merlin

That's right, I'm back to working on this shrine, optimistically hoping to having it done by the time winter break is over. A few things were updated, I've added some more enemy pictures, and added the dungeon 3 boss to its page. Also, Da Lizard is no longer going to be co-maintaining this shrine with me, and instead Zero will be picking up the second quest. Rar.

•More Work
08/27/02 Update by Merlin

Done a lot the last few days. Enemies page is mostly complete (minus some pictures and health information), and I've completed the walkthrough up to and including dungeon three. I also have made a downloads page and updated the thanks page. Whee. I just hope I don't slow down too much when school starts. Man, I am so much farther ahead on this shrine then I ever expected to be in May.

•More Walkthrough Goodness
08/24/02 Update by Merlin

Woohoo, two more walkthrough pages completed, and the walkthrough is completed up to dungeon two now. My items page is almost totally done except for a few locations that need filling in. Hopefully tonight I can work on the enemies/boss page and maybe even start dungeon 3.

•Treasure Huntin' - part 2
08/24/02 Update by DaLizard

Yay, here's my first post ever :) First i'd like to start by greeting everyone, since i'm the new co-maintainer of this shrine, and i hope you like the stuff i put on. Here's what i've done sofar: I've made maps of the first 2 dungeons of the second quest, made a walktrough from the first dungeon and done a walktrough for the first treasure hunting part, done a walktrough of the second dungeon. Also i copied Merlin's items list and re-done it for the second quest. Well... that's about it for now... :)

•Treasure Huntin'
08/21/02 Update by Merlin

Alright, got the majority of the treasure hunting element of quest 1 squared away. It's all uploaded and linked. Next I am going to work on the walkthrough for dungeon 2, and then I'm going to polish the enemies, bosses, and items pages more. Also, DaLizard has done quite a few updates to his end of the shrine, I need to get him to start posting them here so we can both look busier than we actually are :P

08/16/02 Update by Merlin

Well, over the last few days or so I did a few updates but forgot to mention them. First, I am working on the treasure hunting element of the zelda walkthrough, my goal is to get that squared away either today or tomorrow. Also, I am very pleased to announce that after he approached me with some Zelda stuff, DaLizard has agreed to jump on board as a co-maintainer of this shrine! He's going to primarily work on the "second quest" part of the game. He also has already donated me some dungeon maps which I'll use for at least for now and some other miscellaneous stuff. Anyways, I also spent today moving the shrine so that he could work on it too and have reconfigured the shrine's layout to account for some directory structure changes. Back to work I go! Also I'm planning on making an updates archive page for this shrine too sometime later since I post them all so often :P

•Dungeon One Done
08/12/02 Update by Merlin

Finished the walkthrough page for Dungeon One. I even recorded a movie for it so people can watch how to beat the level, I'll do that for all of them. Umm, yeah that's all. I am hoping to be able to work more regularly on this shrine until school starts.

•Man Foo
07/30/02 Update by Merlin

Been a while since I worked on this eh? Well between school getting out and a TON of site work that needed doing over the summer I'm only now able to start looking at this shrine again. Anyways, made a lot of small changes. I fixed all the links so you can view the pages in tartarus without a hitch, except for the subwalkthrough pages, still working on getting that to work right. I also added a checklist page, which is an outline of what needs doing on the shrine, and a general strategies link on the ToC (no page for that yet). Lastly, I alphabetized the table of contents. Hopefully my next update will include the completion of Dungeon 1's walkthrough. Yay.

•Walkthrough Update
03/13/02 Update by Merlin

Wrote out the walkthrough to the first dungeon, but haven't htmlized it yet. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow. I also need to get a savestate of a pumped up Link to go capture screens of the Overworld to build my map. Lastly, I renamed some picture links (and made the changes in the html too) for the Introduction part of the walkthrough, they were mislabeled.

•Post-Hiatus Update
03/12/02 Update by Merlin

Due to a lengthy absence, I hadn't been able to work on the shrine in a while. Today I've updated the Thanks page, and completed the first two pages of my walkthrough plus the walkthrough index page. I also edited the toc so it won't be messed up in the future (although it is right now in Tartarus). Lastly, after some prodding, Cid agreed to stick my walkthrough template in the template zip file. Rar.

•It's Alive! Alive!!!!
01/12/02 Update by Merlin

I got my walkthrough template just about done, that should conclude most of the skeleton-work. Maybe I should give Cid the walkthrough template for others to use...

01/09/02 Update by Merlin

I filled in all the name and picutre information for the Items list. I also filled in some more pieces of it, but it's no where near complete. I also built the skeleton for the bosses, enemies and thanks pages. Lastly, I played through the first dungeon and took some screenies.

•Items Page
01/08/02 Update by Merlin

I cobbled together the table skeleton for the Items page and filled in rough information for about a third of it. I'm actually not screwing up tables too much for a change now that I'm in notepad-mode :P

•It Begins
01/08/02 Update by Merlin

I begin work on the actual html of the shrine, there had been some image gathering done earlier. Index and Table of Contents done.

The Legend of Zelda 1986


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