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Mr. Sparkles

Mr. Sparkles

So Lan will get free PET maintenance. You know how that's going to turn out. So, head outside and talk to the guy with the cap on. Lan will pick up the Paper KeyItem. Your chipfolder will now be locked with the "original" chips, the ones you started the game with. If you want, you can examine the Paper right now and figure out the answers yourself, but seeing how this is a spoiler full walkthrough, I'll give you the answers.
Head to ElecTown via the Metroline and go to the end of Elec Town2. Talk to the woman standing near the entrance to the Square. Then talk to the old man standing in front of Jomon Electric. The password will vary, depending on what game you're playing. If you're playing Blue Moon, input 1563546, and if you're playing Red Sun, input 9651345.
As what the old man said, remember to reequip your folder. Head back to DenDome and beat Terry's socks off. Wasn't SparkMan's scenario short?
Defeat SparkMan and receive the trophy... Lan will receive the Trophy KeyItem. You'll see another scene with Dr. Regal plotting something...well, now that this is over...

I Ain't Afraid a No Ghost
Starky Returns! (BM)

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