Blood Fountains

Blood Fountains are enchanted fountains of blood (called Blood of Ages) that give Kain advanced abilities, such as increasing his strength, speeding up his magic regeneration rate, etc.  Be careful though... Blood Fountains will harm Kain if he tries to drink from them more than once.
Strength I Cave before Nachtholm.  Use Wolf form to jump up the hills and enter cave.
Resist RainCave North of Nachtholm.
Magic Regen INorth of Vasserbunde; smash the rocks using the mace and enter the cave.
Resist SnowNear Cave of the Oracle.
Strength IIWest Cave in Swamp before going to Vorador's Mansion.
Magic Regen IIFirst Cave North of Uschtenhiem.
Strength IIICave south of Spirit Cave exit.
Magic Regen IIIWalk S of the Strength III bloodfountain.  Walk E & cut trees to find cave.
Beguile FormCave of Illusion near Willendorf town.