Quick Menus

Both Spells and Objects have Quick Menus, which allow you to load your five favorite spells and objects into fast-access menus.
To Load a Quick Menu
1 Press Start to access the Inventory Menu.
2 Hightlight SPELLS or OBJECTS and press the Directional button down to enter the area.
3 Highlight a spell or object.
4 Press X to create a target box on the Quick Menu, use the Directional buttons to select an area on the Quick Menu, and press X again to load them.
5 Press Start to return to the game.
To Use a Quick Menu
1Press R1 (spells) or R2 (objects) to access the Quick Menu.
2Highlight the item you wish to load into the Spell Box, where it will be ready to use.
3Press X to load the item and return to the game.
To Cast a Spell or Use an Object
During the game, press X to cast the spell or use the item loaded in the Spell Box.
1You can only cast spells loaded into the Spell Box.
2You cannot use spells or objects when Kain is equipped with a two-handed weapon such as the Axes or Soul Reaver, or is in any form other than Vampire.
3When the Spell Box icon is gray, you cannot cast that spell or use that object (for example, when Kain is equipped with a two-handed weapon).