Maps & Areas

World Map Press Select to access.  Highlighted areas show where Kain has already traveled.
Area Map Press L2 to access.  Shows the overland or dungeon area Kain is currently occupying.
Bat Form Morph into Bat form to access this map.
OverlandAll unspecified non-dungeon areas on the map.
VillagesVillage names and directions are usually given at Visual Vista Points.
Bat BeaconLarge, rune-covered, antenna-like towers in the overland.  These beacons appear as markers on the World Map, showing areas accessible by Bat flight.  See picture here.
Blood FountainsProvide Kain with different power-ups.  Don't get greedy because fountains harm Kain after the initial use.
Spirit ForgesSupernatural spots where Kain can trade blood for objects.
TeleportersTeleport Kain to different areas.
Audio Vista PointsActivate Kain and enemy dialogue.  To re-activate, place Kain on the point again and press O.
Visual Vista PointsActivate still shots of various areas of the land.  To re-activate, place Kain on the point again and press O.
Save PointsLarge, rune-covered, antenna-like towers in the dungeons.  To save, step on the base.