Welcome to Nosgoth

Steel yourself for a grim experience.  As a vampire, you have to hack and think your way through a vast, unfriendly world.  And the rules have changed.  Things that are harmless to mortals can be deadly to a vampire.  Study and learn.

~Note: White puffs and "oof" sound effects indicate that Kain is taking damage.
WaterCauses damage.  In Wolf form, Kain can jump over small streams without damage.  In Mist form, he can cross water with no damage.
SwampLike water, causes damage if crossed unless Kain is in Mist form.
LavaCauses damage when touched, crossed or jumped over in any form.
TreesChop these down with Axes.
Standing StonesDestroy theses by using the Mace.
BouldersPush these aside.  As a fledgling vampire, Kain has the strength to push only small boulders.
~Note: Drinking from certain Blood Fountains will increase Kain's strength, allowing him to push larger and heavier boulders.
RainCauses slight damage.
SnowCauses slight damage.
~Note: You can aquire protection from rain and snow from blood fountains.
BarrelsCan be smashed open, often revealing power-ups.
ChestsWooden chests open automatically.  Iron chests must be smashed open with the Spiked Mace.  Opened chests reveal power-ups.
Buttons, Switches & LeversThroughout the game, Kain encounters wall buttons, floor levers and floor buttons.  They are activated automatically by approaching them.  Sometimes these devices must be activated in a specific sequence to trigger an event.
Vista MarkersKain can trigger these red, glowing, triangular markers by walking over them.  Some yield a descriptive voice-over, others a view to some significant location.  Visual Vistas marked with a Bat Form icon indicate that Kain can fly to that location in Bat form.  Vista markers in front of signposts and hanging signs yield a magnified image of the sign triggered.

~Note: To replay Audio or Visual Vistas, walk over the triangular marker again and press O.
TeleportersPads marked with runes.  When Kain stands on one, he is teleported to a "receiving" pad.
VillagersIn Disguise or Beguile form, you can "talk" to villagers by pressing O when near them.
Chained Prisoners and Sleeping VillagersFast food.  These "meals" don't have to be placed in a Waver state before feeding.
Blood Fountains
Scattered throughout Nosgoth, Blood Fountains bestow various powers when you drink from them.  You may drink only once from each fountain.
*Three fountains bestow extra strength.
*Three speed your Magic recovery.
*One bestows protection from rain.
*One bestows protection from snow.
*One bestows an enhanced version of Disguise form, Beguile, which allows Kain to retain his Vampire form while appearing as a nobleman to humans.
Spirit Forges
Hidden throughout Nosgoth are Spirit Forges, where you can sacrifice some of your blood for important artifacts.