XVI - Mooncaves

1Southeast of NachtholmTeleporter that leads to an area filled with items.
2East of NachtholmGypsy Camp
3North of SteinchencroeImplode Spirit Forge
4The Lost CityFrom the House of Mist, travel west in mist form to the next screen.  Once there, go NW until you reach a small island with a teleporter on it.  Step onto the teleporter to be transported to the Lost City.  The entrance can only be opened during a full moon.  Contains 28 of the 100 secrets of the game.
5South of CoorhagenFont of Putrescence Spirit Forge
6Between Dark Eden & Avernus, past a gate north of a Bat Beacon.Lightning Spell
7Southeast of WillendorfEast of Willendorf, keep traveling down until you can't anymore (the area with a series of ledges & Scarecrows).  It's the cave in the lower left corner.  This is the Slow Time Spirit Forge
8West of William the Just's StrongholdPentaliche of Tarot Spirit Forge