As Kain's vampiric powers grow, he becomes able to assume different forms.
To Assume A Form
1Press Triangle to access the Forms Menu.
2Use the Directional buttons to highlight the form you want to assume.
3Press X to morph.
4Press Triangle when you are ready to return to Vampire form.
~Note: You must obtain the appropriate form before you can assume its shape.

VampireKain's natural form.Start as
WolfAllows Kain to jump over otherwise impassible obstacles and ledges, move faster, and rip open throats.  Press Square to attack in Wolf form, and press X to jump.Wolf Cave
BatAllows Kain to fly to areas marked by Beacons and Boss Levels on the Bat Form Map.  (Kain can only assume Bat Form only when outdoors.)North West of Energy Shrine
MistAllows Kain to pass through impassible areas such as doors, walls, and so on.  Beware the Mist Vortex trap.House of Mist
DisguiseAllows Kain to pass unnoticed among humans.Gypsy Camp
South of
BeguileAllows Kain to retain his Vampire form while appearing as a nobleman to humans.  However, once Kain attacks he reverts to Vampire form.Blood Fountain