List of Important characters (bosses & enemies are listed on their respective pages -Bosses, Enemies.)
KainFormer nobleman of a nearby kingdom & protaganist of the game.  Your mission is to get revenge for your murder, while at the same time restoring the Pillars of Nosgoth to order.  Apparently, being killed doesn't fly with you.. so you're pissed about that.  You are brought back as a Vampire by the Necromancer Mortanius.  You have the ability to equip weapons & armor, use magical spells & objects, morph into different creatures and have increased strength during night time.  Da H2O hurts you and you must constantly feed to stay alive.
Ariel A woman who was once Nupraptor's love & Keeper of the Pillar of Balance.  Killed at the start of the game by an unknown assailant.  She now wanders as a spirit around the Pillars of Nosgoth and helps you along the way throughout the game.
The Circle of NineProtectors & Keepers of the Pillars of Nosgoth.  Each one is a representative of a pillar and is linked to it (Nupraptor being a mentalist, is linked to the Mind Pillar; Dejoule being an energist, is linked to the Energy Pillar; etc etc).  If a member dies, the Pillars must find a replacement for it.  However, if the guardian becomes corrupted, to restore the pillar, that guardian must be killed & the object that acts as the link to the pillar must be returned.  6 of the former pillar guardians were slain by Vorador.
The Oracle of Nosgoth.  A hermit that lives in the mountains who adds travelers seeking advice.  Tells you of your quest, and that you must find the one who has beaten Malek before.  Later turns out to be Moebius the Timestreamer in disguise.
Vorador An old vampire who offers you assistance with defeating Malek, since he has beaten him once before.  Gives you his ring so you can summon him when needed.  Eventually kills Malek at Dark Eden.  Ends up meeting his own end in the alternate new-present by Vampire Hunters led by Moebius.
Ruler of Willendorf.  His daughter's spirit was trapped inside of a doll by the wicked Elzevir the Dollmaker and pledges to give his kingdom to anyone who can succeed in returning his daughter to him.  When you do so, instead of his kingdom, you ask for his army for fighting the Nemesis.  Dies in the Battle of the Last Stand against the Nemesis.