Starting the Game

Main Menu
1 Press the Directional buttons up/down to highlight START GAME, OPTIONS, or PREVIEW.
2 Press X to confirm your selection.
Start GameBegin a new game.
OptionsGo to the Options Menu to view make further selections and game adjustments.
PreviewCheck out the next big hit from Crystal Dynamics.
Options Menu
1 Highlight OPTIONS on the Main Menu and press X.  During a game, press SELECT to pause and display the Options Menu.
2 Press the Directional buttons left/right to highlight options.
3 Press X to display submenus.
4 Press the Directional buttons left/right to change settings.
5 Highlight EXIT and press X to confirm selections and return to the Options Menu.  If no EXIT option is available, just press X.
Examine the areas of Nosgoth that you've explored. (highlighted areas already explored)
Review the full motion animations you've experienced.
StatusCheck your body count, meals, mutilations and other appetizing activities.
Continue a saved game by selecting a memory card slot on the Load Game Menu, and then selecting a previously saved game.
ControlsRemap the controller by selecting an action and then pressing a controller button to link to that action.
VolumeAdjust the SOUND and MUSIC volume by pressing the Directional buttons left/right to move the slider.
CreditsStroll the Hall of Shame.
ExitReturn the the game.