Dark Diary

Dark Diary is a list of FMAs (Full Motion Animations) that you have seen throughout the game thus far.  After one has been played, you can go back and see it again from the OPTIONS section, under DARK DIARY.  They can sometimes give you clues to what you have to do next.
Intro Vorador defeats Malek; Malek becomes Damned.  Ariel is killed.  The Pillars crack.
Movie #1 You are murdered.  You awaken in Hell and are given a chance by the Necromancer Mortanius to take revenge.  You accept, and are turned into a Vampire.
Movie #2 You see Ariel's ghost flying around the Pillars.  She tells you that they are corrupted and that you must restore them.
Movie #3You meet the Oracle.  You tell him you want answers, and he says you need to ask the questions.  He tells you to look for Vorador, who has beaten Malek once before.
Movie #4You are in Vorador's Mansion.  He tells you that he is on your side, and tells you about how he defeated Malek.  He gives you his ring, so that you can summon him when needed.
Movie #5You are in Dark Eden confronting Bane, Dejoule & Malek.  You use Vorador's Ring to summon Vorador who starts fighting Malek while you run after Bane & Dejoule.
Movie #6You enter Castle Willendorf and meet with King Ottmar.  He tells you how the Dollmaker Elzevir has trapped his daughter's soul in a doll and is willing to give you his kingdom if you get her back.
Movie #7You return with King Ottmar's daughter's soul within the doll.  You tell him that you don't want his kingdom, but his army instead for battling against the Nemesis' army.
Movie #8You travel back in time to see Mobius there, who has also gone back in time.  He is encouraging everyone to hunt vampires.
Movie #9You enter a scene where you see Vorador being executed.  You realize that your actions in the past have altered the present.  Moebius then points you out as a Vampire and peasents attack you.
Movie #10There is a small scene between you and Moebius, resulting in you decapitating him, taking his Hourglass, and restoring the pillar.
Movie #11You arrive at the Pillars to see Mortanius & Anacrothe arguing.  You learn that it was Mortanius who had you killed and brought back as a Vampire.  They end up fighting with Mortanius as victor.  You confront Mortanius and tell him that you have to kill him.
Movie #12After defeating Mortanius, he merges with Dark Entity.  This is the final battle.
Dark Entity is destroyed.  You discover that you are the last survivor of the Circle of Nine, the new Keeper of the Pillar of Balance.  You are given 2 options ~ Sacrifice yourself to restore the Pillar & bring balance back to Nosgoth; or destroy the Pillar & damn all of Nosgoth.
You decide to damn all of Nosgoth.  The world is in ruin.  You are sitting on a throne of bones, reminising on what Vorador had said to you; that you (vampires) 'are like gods, dark gods'.  Yay.. vorld domination! ~Fin~
The alternate ending.  You decide to give up your existance for oblivion in order to restore the pillar and once again bring balance back to all of Nosgoth.  Look at the perdy world.. without joo in it *wah wah waaaah*.~Ende~