As Kain explores the world of Nosgoth, he will discover spells.  Spells are automatically entered in Kain's Inventory Menu when they are picked up.  Spells must be loaded into the Quick Spell Menu and then into the Spell Box before they can be cast.  Kain can only cast spells when he has Magic Energy.  Each time a spell is cast, some of Kain's Magic Energy is used.  As Kain collects pyramids, his Magic Energy capacity increases.  Magic Energy is replenished slowly over time.
Sanctuary Returns Kain to his crypt. Kain's Mausoleum
Light Illuminates dark areas. Shrine
of Light
Energy Bolt Destroys enemies with a bolt of energy.  Can be used to trigger switches. Shrine
of Energy
Repel Shields Kain from all enemy attacks and deflects projectiles. Coorhagen
Inspire Hate All enemies in the area of effect go insane with hate and attack each other for the duration of the spell. Tunnels of Coorhagen
StunSends human enemies into a Waver state, allowing Kain to feed on them at his leisure.Bandit
IncapacitateStops enemies.Caves
to Oracle
Control MindGives Kain mind possession over human enemies until the body of the possessed person is killed or until Kain chooses to "unpossess" the person.Mind
Blood GoutA magical projectile that drains the target's blood into Kain's gullet.Blood
Blood ShowerBlood-gouts all enemies in its area of effect.Vorador's Mansion
Spirit DeathCauses immediate death to most enemies (except bosses).Dark
LightningCalls a rain of lightning upon all enemies on screen.  Can only be used outdoors.Lightning
Spirit WrackGives Kain control over ANY enemy, except bosses.Spirit