Objects are Eldrich Artifacts that Kain will acquire throughout his quest.  Each will have a specific use that will help Kain in some way, either supporting (healing, dispelling poison, mana recharge, etc) or offensively (damaging or outright killing enemies).

You can have a maximum of 99 of each type of object.
These can be viewed in the Inventory Menu under 'Items'.
Heart of DarknessResurrects Kain or restores Health.
FlayThis slow tracking projectile rips the flesh from its target.
ImplodeProjectile that implodes on contact.
Pentaliche of TarotCauses random death to multiple enemies.
Slow TimeSlows everything to quarter speed for the duration of the spell.
Font of PutrescenceThis projectile melts the target in a boiling pool of green slime.  Enemies that touch the pool also melt.
Energy BankFills Kain's Magic Meter and allows him to cast spells without depleting his power.  When the effects of the spell end, all of Kain's Magic Energy is consumed.
Anti-ToxinCounteracts the effects of poison.