These commands allow you to interact with other characters, as well as look at your stats, items, spell lists, runes, stones, etc.  This can be done by pressing the A button when not moving.  The B button cancels this action.
Field Commands
Battle Commands

Field Commands
These can be done in towns/castles/dungeons; pretty much anywhere not in battle.
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Speak to a character or merchant, sometimes objects (such as ankhs or campfires).
Selects a character to cast a spell.
Attack a character that is directly in front of you.  *Doing so in town will cause your Virtue to drop*
Select from one of the usuable items that you have, such as Torch, Gem, Magic Key, Sextant, etc.
Searches the area for treasure.
Select from more commands on another screen.
See the HP/MP of a character, as well as the Experience level, equipped items, gold & Avatar status.
Equip characters weapons & armor, as well as give equipment to another character.
See a list and amount of each herb that you have on hand.
See a list of the runes that you have.
See a list of stones that you have.
See a list of recipes for all the spells that you currently have scribed in your magic book.
Rearrange your party member's lineup.
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Battle Commands
These commands are performed in battle.

AUTOComputer automatically chooses a command to perform (moves character, casts spell, attack)
ATTACKAttack targeted monster with SWD or BOW weapon.
CAST Casts a spell from spell list; requires MP & reagents to use.
USESelect from a list of items to use (Oil damages enemy; Flute attempts to put enemies to sleep; Skull kills all enemies, but drops Virtue).
MOVEMove character up/down/left/right one square.
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