Spells & Reagents

Reagents (along with magic points) are used to cast spells for protection, healing, attack, effect, etc.  When you start a new game, you will start off with a low amount of the standard 6 reagents.. so, you'll need to get more later on.  The two rare reagents, Fungus & Manroot, are a bit harder to find.

When purchasing Regeants, the merchant will inform you that he is blind, and asks that you just put the money into his hand.  You then select the amount and then give it to him.  You MUST give him the correct amount (or more), otherwise it will drop Virtue.  Apparently he is incapable of counting out how much you give him...
Name Price Location
(Sulfurous) Ash 2
MoonGlow, Skara Brae, Paws, Buccaneer's Den
Ginseng 5
MoonGlow, Skara Brae, Paws, Buccaneer's Den
Garlic 6
MoonGlow, Skara Brae, Paws, Buccaneer's Den
(Spider Silk) Silkweb 3
MoonGlow, Skara Brae, Paws, Buccaneer's Den
(Blood) Moss 6
MoonGlow, Skara Brae, Paws, Buccaneer's Den
(Black) Pearl 9
MoonGlow, Skara Brae, Paws, Buccaneer's Den
(Deadly) Fungus 0
Search at 149,46 on 2 New Moons.
Click for visual
Man(drake) Root* 20;0
Buccaneer's Den; search at 54,182 on 2 New Moons.
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  • When at the Reagent seller in Buccaneers' Den, wait for the menu to pop up, then press 'SELECT'.
Here is a list of all the spells in the game.  Most of the spells you start off with, while others you have to talk to certain characters to learn them.  When someone tells you the reagents to a new spell, you can't use it until you have it scribed in your Magic Book (under the 'Recipe' option in the menu screen).  This can be done at Spells Unlimited, which is located in MoonGlow.  When you get there, select a spell you want to scribe (learn), then select the proper reagents for that spell.  Once scribed, the spell will be listed in the Recipe section of the menu (select 'Other' option, then scroll down for 'Recipe').  All characters have access to the spells after being scribed & are able to cast them as long as they have: A.)Magic Points (MP) required and B.)The proper reagents for the spell.

At the request of a few individuals, I have included the gold cost per spell cast, based on the reagents used.
Name MP Reagents GPLearn In Effect
Light 3
Ash 2Start With Lights your way in dungeons; same effect as 'Torch'.
Missile 3
Ash, Pearl 11Start With Throws a magic missile at enemy.
Awaken 5
Ginseng, Garlic 11Start With Awakens a sleeping target.
Cure 6
Ginseng, Moss 11Start With Removes poison.
Wind 10
Garlic, Moss 12Start With Change wind direction; for use with Hot-Air Balloon.
Heal 10
Garlic, Silkweb 9Start With Restores Hp to one character (about 60 - 75).
Fire 12 Ash, Pearl 11Start With Throws a fire ball at enemy.
Exit 12 Ash, Silkweb, Moss 11Start With Warps you out of dungeons.
Dispel 12 Ash, Garlic, Pearl 17Start With Cancels effect of Poison & Force Marshes.
View* 15 Fungus, Manroot 0;20Start With Views the world or dungeon map; Same effect as 'Gem'.
Protect 15 Ash, Ginseng, Garlic 13Start With Increases defense in battle.
Ice* 17 Pearl, Manroot 9;29Start With Throws ice ball at enemy.
Blink 18 Silkweb, Moss 9Start With Instantly flee from battle; will not drop virtue.
Energy 22 Ash, Silkweb, Pearl 14Start With Damage enemy & emits a ring of fire in a 3x3 area.
Quick 25 Ash, Ginseng, Moss 13Start With Allows 2 attacks per round (all allies).  Can wear off.
Sleep 10 Ginseng, Silkweb 8MoonGlow Attempts to put enemies to sleep.
Reflect* 20 Ash, Ginseng, Garlic, Fungus 13Paws Take no damage from projectiles (not magic).
Negate* 20 Ash, Garlic, Pearl, Manroot 17;37Lycaeum Unable to cast spells (friend & foe).
Destroy* 23 Pearl, Fungus 9Vesper Kills one enemy.
Jinx* 28 Pearl, Fungus, Manroot 9;29Serpent's Hold Confuses enemies into attacking each other.
Squish* 28 Ash, Silkweb, Moss, Manroot 11;31Yew Damages all enemies based on HP.
Gate* 32 Ash, Pearl, Manroot 11;31Cove Allows you to use "Gate Travel" at your leisure.
Tremor* 40 Ash, Moss, Manroot 8;28See Note 1
Causes earthquake that kills all enemies.  Can miss.
Life* 45 Garlic, Moss, Fungus, Manroot 12;32Lycaeum Brings a character back to life.
Defeat* 28 Moss, Pearl, Manroot 15;35Start With Damages enemies directly surrounding a character.
*These recipes will have 2 different prices for them, based on whether you choose to search for or buy the rare Reagents.

+Fungus can only be searced for, so it's not factored in to it's Recipe Cost.

++Manroot can be searched for or purchased for 20 GP.
1st price is if you searced for it; 2nd price if you bought it.
Note 1
Tremor is a rather difficult spell to pick up.  You have to talk to 3 certain people in order for you to have the spell scribed.
  • 1st Person - Go to Skara Brae.  Enter the town and go directly up, just outside the town walls.  Talk to the begger and give him money.  He will tell you about a man in black, using Sulfurous Ash (Ash) and speaks of Tremors.  ~ Reagent 1 -- Ash.
  • 2nd Person - Go to Paws.  Enter the Stables at the Eastern part of town.  Go through the door (requires Key) and talk to the stablemaid on the other side.  She also tells you about a man in black, speaks of Tremors and looking for BloodMoss.  ~ Reagent 2 -- Moss.
  • 3rd Person - Go to Jhelom.  Enter the town and go east until you reach the corner of the road going down into the inn.  Speak to the Fighter standing right there.  Talk to him twice.  The second time, he tells you of a man in black, speaks of the earth "splitting asunder" (Tremor), and tells you of Manroot.  ~ Reagent 3 -- Manroot.