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One fine day, you wander from the city to rest in a meadow near a gently flowing stream.  Finding a comfortable shade tree, you lie down and let the sound of the singing birds and babbling water wash from your mind the clutter and clatter of the city.  A breeze brings you the scent of the open land as you sink into a dream.

Suddenly a shrill sound like a scream pulls you to your feet.  You see before you a swirling maelstrom.  Increasing in size, it begins to near you, pulsing as if to grab and pull you near.  Just as it is about to touch you it suddenly shrinks and fades.  Then with a bright flash, it disappears, dropping a shiny object to the ground.

Cautiously, you approach the object.  It is a gold cross with a ring on top.  Carefully you pick it up.  It is an "Ankh".  Suddenly there is a flash of light and covered wagon appears.

Slowly you approach ther back of the wagon.  Through a gap in the covering you see a lone figure.  "Please, enter," the figure says with a wave of his hand.  With some apprehension, you enter the wagon.  "I see you have found the Ankh, the symbol of life and resurrection," says the stranger, "It was by it I have been summoned."  "Who are you?" you ask.  "I am Hawkwind, the fortuneteller," he replies, "I have been sent to guide you on your path."  With those words he draws from beneath a cloth a set of cards.  "Now choose your path."
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When starting a new game, you will be asked to select game speed (9 fastest) & input a name.  You will then be asked a series of questions based on the virtues and answer them depending on what suits you more.  After the 7th question, you will start off as 1 of the 8 different classes in the game.  I'll use Paladin as an example.
Question 1
Question 2 Question 3 Question 4
Question 5 Question 6
Question 7
As you can see, Questions 1-4 will be based on 2 different virtues; these questions will never change.  Question 5 is based on answers from 1 & 2.  Question 6 is based on answers from 3 & 4.  Question 7 is based on 5 & 6.  The final answer you give will determine what job class you get to be, in this case, a Paladin.  Refer to Character Creation section for a how-to list for starting as each type of character.
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Basic Controls
  • Directional Pad -- Moves character up, down, left or right.  In menu screen, use up/down to scroll between different types of action commands to choose from.
  • A Button -- Action button; opens menu screen & accepts selected action command.
  • B Button -- Cancels action command.
  • Select Button -- Has no use in game; just there to look pretty on the control pad.
  • Start Button -- Also has no use in game.
Control Use While Shopping
  • Directional Pad
    • Equipment Shop -- When selling, use up/down to select between 0-9 range of price (0001, 0002, 0003, etc) & left/right to switch between numerical place of price (0001, 0010, 0100, etc).
    • Herb Shop -- When buying, use up/down to select between 0-9 range of price (0001, 0002, 0003, etc) & left/right to switch between numerical place of price (0001, 0010, 0100, etc).
  • A Button -- Talks to merchant.  Buy/Sell equipment to them.  Can not sell herbs.
  • B Button -- Cancels selected transaction.
  • Select Button -- N/A.
  • Start Button -- N/A.
Control Use During Battle
  • Directional Pad
    • Choosing Commands -- Use up/down to scroll between the different types of actions to perform.
    • Selecting Targets -- Use left/right to choose between different targets to attack.
  • A Button -- Confirms selected action command.
  • B Button -- Cancels selected action action.
  • Select Button -- N/A.
  • Start Button -- N/A.
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It's not really possible to make a set walkthrough for this game because it has non-linear gameplay.  You can start off as 1 of 8 different characters, pick up any of the other 7 characters in any order, form any party combination of the characters, pick up the runes/stones/shrines in any order, etc.  It mainly depends on how you want to play (for an easier game play choose the Paladin, for a harder game choose the Shepherd, etc).  Refer to: Dungeons, Stones, Runes & Items pages for more info on game play stuff.
Things you'll need to remember:
  • Pick up companions, buy new equipment & gain levels.
  • Find all the Runes & go to the shrines to attain Avatarhood.
  • Find all the Stones & obtain the 3 Keys from the Altars.
  • Find the Candle, Book & Bell for use at the Abyss.
  • Obtain the Sword of Paradise & Exotic Armor from Lycaeum & Empath Abbey when you reach Avatarhood for going to the Abyss.
Other useful things:
  • Obtain companions that utilize the best equipment.  I.E. - If you play as a Fighter, you can't use both +2 Axe & Sword of Paradise, only one or the other.  If you choose to play as the Paladin, you get to use both of them which will really help out in battle.  You can start as a Fighter if you want, I'm just saying.
  • At first, you may want to pick up companions that have a lot of MP like the Mage or Druid, since most other characters start with a low amount of MP.
  • Gain as many levels as possible.  Most of the monsters you fight in the dungeons will only appear according to what level you are, but in the battle rooms inside dungeons, those monsters will usually be creatures like Daemons, Balrogs & Gazers which only show up at higher levels.  So, get a few levels just to be safe.
  • Talk to everyone that you come across.  You can sometimes learn very useful information.
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