This page is for all of the equipable items in the game.  These consist of weapons, projectiles and armor.  Weapons are hand-held and are used for close range combat.. you must be right next to the enemy in order to hit them.  Projectiles are weapons that can be fired at enemies from a distance.  Armor is your defense against enemy attacks.  The book makes no indication of attack or defense rating for the weapons & armor, but it can be safe to assume that the more expensive it is, the better it is.  GP is used to purchase weapons & armors.  Equipment is sold at 1/2 it's purchase price (or at least it should be sold for only 1/2 it's price if you expect to get your virtues up... yes, you can technically buy a Staff for 20 GP & sell it back for 20, but it will drop virtue.  So, try to sell it for what the merchant offers you, in this case - 10 GP.  In this game, you can't afford to be a cheap bastard about money).
Weapons Bows Armors

Name Price Find Equipped By
Staff 20
Britain, Jhelom
Club 100
Minoc, Trinsic
Axe 225
Jhelom, Minoc, Trinsic
Sword 400
Britain, Jhelom, Vesper
+1 Sword 820
Trinsic, Buccaneer's Den
+2 Sword 1500
+1 Axe* 3500
Wand* 6500
Buccaneer's Den
+2 Axe 0
Give Scale to Zircon in Minoc
Sword of Paradise 0
Lycaeum at AvatarHood
* The +1 Axe & the Wand are the only 2 weapons that can double as a melee weapon AND a ranged weapon, which will be easier on your money when buying everyone's stuff.
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Name Price Find Equipped By
Sling 90
Bow 680
Jhelom, Trinsic, Vesper
X-Bow 1400
Buccaneer's Den, Vesper
+1 Bow 4000
Buccaneer's Den
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Name Price Find Equipped By
Cloth 50
Leather 200
Britain, Jhelom, Trinsic
Chain 600
Britain, Jhelom, Trinsic
Ring 800
Trinsic, Paws
+1 Cloth 1200
Plate 2500 Jhelom
+1 Chain 4000 Paws, Buccaneer's Den
+1 Plate 7000 Buccaneer's Den
Robe 0
Exotic Armor 0
Empath Abbey at AvatarHood
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