Game Genie

If you're playing this game on the NES system, you must have a Game Genie device in order to use the codes.  If you are playing this on an emulator, you must check to see if that particular emulator has a game genie function.  If not, you'll have to find one that does (the latest version of Jnes is a good choice).  The game genie for the NES system will only allow you to have up to 3 codes at a time, while some of the emulators allow you to put from 4 to unlimited amounts of codes (again, the lastest version of Jnes is a good choice).
~These codes must be entered from a NEW GAME in order to work.~
Start with 8366 Gold Pieces instead of 400. AZKPTIPA
Start with 4240 Gold Pieces. APKPTIPA
Start with 144 Gold Pieces (for experts). AAKPTIPA
Mage starts with 712 Hit Points instead of 200. ZEVPTIAA
Mage starts with 381 Experience Points instead of 125. PAOPTTAA
Mage starts with 32 Strength instead of 16. AXNOIIAP
Start with 100 Ash instead of 8. GTXPIVAA
Start with 100 Ginseng instead of 8. GTXPTVAA
Start with 100 Garlic instead of 9. GTXPYVPA
Start with 100 Silkweb instead of 7. GTXOATYA
Start with 100 Moss instead of 8. GTXOPVAA
Start with 100 Pearl instead of 4. GTXOZTGA
Start with 100 Fungus instead of none. GTXOLTAA
Start with 100 Manroot instead of none. GTXOGTAA
Heal costs nothing instead of 70. AEKITITG
Cure Poison costs nothing instead of 10. AAVILSZA
Axe costs nothing instead of 225. PAEENYOT
Staff costs 1 instead of 20. PAEEUYGP
Sword costs 1 instead of 400. AAOAXYPA
Bow costs nothing instead of 680. AAEAKYZA
Leather costs 1 instead of 200. PAXAONEG
Chain costs 88 instead of 600. AAXAKYZA
Plate costs 196 instead of 2500. AAXEXNPA
Fighter starts with 48 Strength instead of 27. AUNOYSLP
Fighter starts with 255 Experience Points instead of 205. NYOOPVSK
Fighter starts with 812 Hit Points instead of 300. LEVOZIPA
Fighter starts with 75 Magic Points instead of none. LKNPYIAE
The codes above were created by Galoobę
These codes must be entered from a NEW GAME in order to work.
Start with 65,424 Gold Pieces instead of 400. (see note 1 below) NYKPTIPE
Plate costs 32, 964 Gold instead of 2500. (see note 2 below)
  • Note 1 -- When using the money code, the money counter with show the amount of money as the code says.  DO NOT pick up any treasure chests or sell items.  Doing so will reset the counter down to 9999.
  • Note 2 -- Using this code may seem stupid to use, since you can't have more than 9999 (other than using the money cheat code), and you prolly don't want to pay that price for plate.. but, you use this code in a reverse effect.  Buy plate using the code above to buy it at 196 gold, then turn it off and use this code to sell it for 16,482 to get to max money real quickly.
The codes above were created by me (SabKnght)