Character Status Party Status Avatar Status

Looking at the stat screen, it should look something like this:
NAME Your character's name.  Main character is named by you; other characters are pre-named.
CLASS Your character's class.  Must choose a class for head character.  Depends on questions answered when starting a new game.  Listed as Mage, Bard, Fighter, Druid, Tinker, Paladin, Ranger & Shepherd.  Character's class determines what gear can be equipped and to what degree magic can be used.
LVL Level of character.  Starting level of 2 or 3 depending on what class you start as.  Max is level 8.
EXP Current amount of experience points a character has.  Used to gain a level when enough is earned.  Max is 9999.
HP Current/Max amount of Hit Points.  When HP reaches 0, character dies.  Increases by 100 per level up.  Max is 800.
MP Current/Max amount of Magic Points.  Used for casting spells.  MP regenerates 1 point per round of battle & 1 point per step on map. Max is 99.  MP is determined differently per class:

Mage - DEX x2
Druid - DEX x1.5
Bard/Paladin/Ranger - DEX x1
Tinker - DEX x.5
Fighter/Shephard - Can't use Magic, unless you make them the Avatar.
STR Affects damage inflicted to enemies.  Increases through levels or by using Magic Orbs found in dungeons.  Max is 50.
DEX Affects Magic & M.P.  Increases through levels or by using Magic Orbs found in dungeons.  Max is 50.
INT Affects the success of an attack.  Increases through levels or by using Magic Orbs found in dungeons.  Max is 50.
  • In regards to Str, Dex & Int: I'm just going along with what the book says ... and I quote "Strength indicates offensive attack strength.  Intelligence influences the success rate of an attack".  So, the STR stat seems to be correct in that it affects damage done to enemies.  The INT stat affects a character's hit % in battle.  The book makes no reference to what DEX does, but you can compare the character's DEX level to their M.P. & see a relation to it (check under the characters page to see what I'm talking about).  I know it doesn't really make any sense for DEX to affect MP, prolly some in-game programming error or something.
SWD Melee weapon currently equipped on character.
BOW Projectile weapon currently equipped on character.
ARM Body armor currently equipped on character.
GP Amount of gold pieces that are being carried by the party.  Max of 9999 (unless your using game genie).  Can be obtained from a chest after winning a battle or found in chests inside towns, castles & dungeons (taking chests from a town or castle will drop virtue).
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The party status can be viewed when you press the A button (will also show the commands option).
You will  see the character's names, their class, Hit Points & Magic Points.
They also have 2 status ailments.  They are Poison(P) & Dead(D).
Ailment Icon

Character is poisoned.  Will lose 1 HP per step in battle and on the field.  Can be cured using Cure spell or by visiting a Healer.

Character is dead.  Cannot act.  Will float behind party in spirit form.  Cured using Life spell or by visiting a Healer.
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The Avatar status screen is located right next to the character stat selection screen.  It shows your progress towards Avatarhood.  Everytime that you attain partial Avatarhood, a small mark will appear in this screen for the corresponding virtue, and disappear when you screw up.  Once Avatarhood is attained, your MP will jump to 99, even if your character is unable to use magic (like Fighter or Shepherd).  They are also able to obtain & equip the best gear in the game: Sword of Paradise & Exotic Armor.  Only  when Avatarhood is obtained, are you able to to enter the Stygian Abyss, the final dungeon of the game.  So yeah... obtaining Avatarhood is a big part of beating the game.  There's kind of a theme going here if you hadn't noticed it yet...
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