Stones of Virtue

Stones of Virtue match with the runes & shrines of the corresponding virtue.  They are used for obtaining the 3-Parts Key, as well as being used in the final dungeon of the game.  Most of them are found in dungeons.
Stone Color
Altars Used At
Found In
Dungeon Deceit, Floor 7
Dungeon Despise, Floor 5
Dungeon Destard, Floor 7
Truth, Love
Dungeon Wrong, Floor 8
Love, Courage
Dungeon Covetous, Floor 7
Truth, Courage
Dungeon Shame, Floor 2
Truth, Love, Courage
See note 1 below
See note 2 below
Note 1
  • Dungeon Hytholoth is where the White Stone of Spirituality is 'supposed' to be at, but it's not.  This dungeons only purpose is for the +5 Str/Dex/Int Magic Orbs and for the 3 Altars located on Level 8.  Hythloth can be entered from Castle Britannia, which is located at 107,87.  To Find Hythloth, enter castle Britainnia and go north.  At the junction, head east until you hit the wall, then go up (fake wall).  Then, go into the same room as the woman you see there.  Search the north wall (another fake wall), and go up the stairs.  In the next room, search the west wall for another fake wall and go down the stairs.  Walk down and go through the door (requires Key).  Once you enter the dungeon, you can't go out the same way you came in.
  • When you exit, you will be located at Hythloth's other entrance, which is located at 240,239.  At this location, you can pick up the Hot-Air Balloon.  When using it, you will not not encounter enemies, but you will move uncontrollably.  To change direction, cast 'Wind', and choose from West, East, North or South winds to use.
  • The White Stone of Spirituality is located within Serpent's Spine Mountain which is located at 81,63; a remote mountainous region NW of Britain.  The Scale oF Exodus is also located here.  You must use the Hot-Air Balloon to access it.   Click here for a visual.
Note 2
  • The Black Stone of Humility is not located in a dungeon, instead, it is located at a MoonGate location.  Go to MoonGlow and wait for the MoonGate to open as 2 New Moons.  When you step through it, you will see that you are still in the exact same place as before.  Don't move just yet, and search the spot that you are standing on to find the stone.  Click here for visual.