The Barbarian

Lord Slayer

Each castle has a different crest depending upon the colour of the player. In this case
the green crest is that of Lord Slayer, the most offensive leader of them all (literally).

Barbarians love Baroque so much that they make their enemies' faces Baroque.

Barbarian Town Creatures

Here is a rundown of the Barbarian/Plains town and its base creature statistics. Learn them well.
Name Hit Points Speed Attack Defense Damage Shots Cost Special Pop Home

1 1-2 N/A 40


Orc 10 Slow 3
2-3 8
N/A 8

Stick Hut

Wolf 20
3-5 N/A 200
2x Attacks


Ogre 40
4-6 N/A 300
N/A 4

Troll 40
10 5
5-7 8


Cyclops 80
N/A 750 + Crystal
2 space beam, 20% chance paralyze


General Creature Commentary

Barbarians are all about attacking, hitting fast and hitting hard. They have twice the amount of shooters as the knight and one of which is the best ranged unit in the game (the troll). Most Barbarian units are very lacking in the defense department, but having a knight hero lead them can compensate for it. Barbarian creatures tend to gear towards medium to slow speeds, with an overall slower makeup than the knight's units. The Ogres and Orcs really can bog a barbarian down over normal terrain, but a barbarian hero can make up for it with his lack of a movement penalty over rough terrain. Snow and desert are a barbarian's friend. If you can invest in a mage guild in your town, pray for the spell haste so that way your hard hitting creatures can get to your opponent quicker. Generally with every opportunity, you want to ALWAYS if possible, hit you oppenent before they can do the same to you. Assuming you have a crystal mine, you most likely should be able to purchase every creature you can from your starting town by weeks end.

Lord Slayer has it fairly tough in the campaign however, being the second "weakest" town and not being given as many bonus towns as the knight throughout the campaigns.

Now for the individual unit commentary:

Individual Creature Commentary

Their level 1 creature hits pretty hard but can't really take any damage (but twice as much and peasants can, though they only cost 10g more per to produce) but are very plentiful. Making them fairly good for swarming. their medium speed won't slow down a fast barbarian hero either. So they are good for mobile forces. 3 attack is very high for a level 1 unit and if they can get the drop on an enemy, they can do some serious damage, especially in high numbers. Their damage is kind of low though, about 1 and a half times more powerful than the paesant. (But bless makes them do double and curse makes them only do paesant level damage.) Their numbers can also be supplemented from huts scattered about the Adventure map 

Hut/Straw HutHut/Straw Hut

Orcs are very slow end cumbersome units, they have 2 less attack power than their human (Archer) counterparts, but they have an added point of defense, which keeps them alive a bit longer in early battles. .They are also a  tiny bit cheaper than their knight counterparts, at 140G each and just as plentiful as well with 8 pop. Because of these slow ranged units, the Barbarian tends to slow down in the middle and late game when they have all their units. You may want to consider leaving them behind if you want to keep your hero's overall mobility high. However, if you field Ogres (another slow unit), there is no reason to not also keep a supply of orcs handy due to their strengths of being able to hit any unit on the map and the bonus of having another ranged unit if your trolls are all tied up by enemy fliers. They had counterparts who also enjoyed shooting arrows in King's Bounty.

King's Bounty Orc

Wolves are a fast assault troop, extremely powerful for their level on the offensive. Especially taking their 2 attacks into account. They have extremely weak defense and cannot take hits too well, even with their 20 hp (5 more than the defense oriented pikeman, who will take much less damage than the wolf). Wolves can be useful for many things, but they tend to be best for attacking units that already have their counter attack used up (which is unlikely as they are the barbarian's only fast unit) or units that will not have the opportunity to counter attack (paralyzed units). They are plentiful and cheap and hit very hard, just try not to let them get hit much. Wolves were the default unit for the Barbarian in King's Bounty.

Ogres are slow and lumbering. They are the opposite of the typical mobile Barbarian and can put a real hamper on your strike forces. That is not to say that they are bad. On the contrary, Ogres are the strongest level 4 units in the game (Tied with minotaurs, who have a bit more defense, damage and speed but less HP and have lower pop and cost more. Also despite the vanilla nature of them, no abilities). They just also happen to be the slowest. They are very hearty, though they have little in the way of speed and defense, they have huge HP, attack and damage values for their level and will be able to seriously hurt even level 5 creatures. If you have a haste spell handy, Ogres become effective attackers, able to wreak havok upon your foes. If not, they still are very functional as defenders. Particularly for guarding your vulnerable troops like Orcs and Trolls. If you need to fill out your ranks and want to include 5 troop types, consider Ogres and Orcs as a team instead of goblins. If you plan on being mobile however, you may wish to use the goblins instead with another town's quicker troops to back them up. (However, Ogres are a real powerhouse, so often it's recommended to keep them if possible.) They are quite affordable at 300 gold each. Ogres also enjoyed veteranship from King's Bounty.

Trolls are the strongest of all of the ranged units in the game. They do a fair bit of damage, can take a decent beating and have high attack power (I sense a theme). They also regenerate any damage left of the top surviving troll at the start of their turn, making their survivability go way up against weaker opponents. They are key to your success as a barbarian, so having your Ogres next to them is usually a very good idea in combat, especially against flyers. Trolls were up close brawlers in King's Bounty, however they seem to also be based off of the rock throwing Giants of that game.

Cyclopes are fairly strong creatures. They are tied for the third weakest spot with Paladins when it comes to level 6 creatures. They do however have a few things that set them ahead. First, their attacks are able to go through one creature and hit the one standing on the hex immediately behind it as well. This lets you take advantage of  massed groups of foes and decimate crowds. Beware though, your opponent can take advantage of it too and use your Cyclops' counter-attack to hit your own troops. Another ability Cyclopes have is the ability to stun opponents that are hit by their attacks. At 20%, there is even a slim chance you could paralyze 2 of your opponents' troops at once, freeing up your army to attack their other forces. They are also a fairly affordable level 6 troop, and very populous.

Barbarian Heroes
Barbarians are "Might" type heroes. They have an large emphasis on attack and also slightly on defense.
Barbarians are natural pathfinders. They have the ability to not suffer and penalties from walking over rough terrain. This can enable them to perform guerilla tactics against larger forces more easily.
Described here are the Barbarians, in near-alphabetical order. You can click on a character to see how they fare/progress as the Heroes series does as well.


Antoine is a very Generic Barbarian.
Little is known about him as he only appears in this game. He looks like Meatloaf as a toothless hobo.


Atlas is a very Generic Barbarian.
Little is known about him as he only appears in this game and Heroes 2 with slightly different art. He is based off earlier Might and Magic Character art.
Crag Hack

Crag Hack is the man. He is the only character other than Sandro to survive his way through every version of Heroes of Might and Magic in some form. He is based off earlier Might and Magic Character art.


Ergon, not Egon...  He is fugly and young here, but he grows up and gets a chiseled jaw and keeps his love of wolf hats in the sequel.


Jojosh stays exactly the same in heroes of Might and Magic 2 as he does in this game, bald, barbaric and invented the red Snuggie. Nothing special really.


Kelzen goes through a name change in Heroes 2 but other than that remains the same. His helm, facial hair and love of standing in front of stone walls remind me of Moradon from King's bounty... and makes me think they may be one in the same.


Thundax is the ugly stick eating, brown toothed, "I'm not nude, I'm wearing a headband" type twin brother of Lord Slayer. He doesn't improve his looks in Heroes 2 either, but at least we don't have to look at him anymore in further ganes.


If "Change we can all believe in" was a mace across our faces, Tsabu would be our man. Fortunately it is not. He has all of the attack power of his barbarian brothers, and he even does change for his next appearance (he gets a real background)!


Yog is a half Genie Barbarian with a love of war. His history is discussed more in depth at the Heroic Evolution page. Needless to say, he's a fan favourite.

Lord Slayer
Lord Slayer is the role the Human player takes if they play the single player campaign as the Barbarians in any of the PC version. Bears a less ugly and superficial resemblance to Thundax.
He's not in the Gameboy Version.

Plains/Barbarian Castle Construction Heirarchy

Barbarian Castle Building Statistics

The Barbarian has a few small challenges sent their way early in the game, but these are very minor and require few resources to overcome. They do have a slight need for crystal later on for sure though.


Every Town requires a castle to build anything else. This town is no exception. Before it it built there is merely a tent in its stead.

Special: Castles allow your town to build additional buildings, hire heroes and also provide 1000G/day.
Note: You NEED this.

Castles cost 5000 
, 20 Ore  and 20 Wood

The Well only requires a Castle and Hut to build.

Special: Increases the creature population for each dwelling by 2 per week.
Note: You would be a fool NOT to buy it.

Wells cost a mere 500  Gold .

The Tavern requires only a Castle and Hut to be built.
Note: Not too useful except in defense, the Knight is meant for striking early. Needed for Swordmen though so you have little choice in the matter.

Special: Increases the Morale of creatures defending the town by +2 (+20% chance of moving again).

Taverns are only 500 Gold  and 5 Wood .

Thieves' Guild
The Thieves' Guild requires a Hut and Castle to be built.
Note: Not required for any other building. Special note! Not in the Gameboy version (Image Fake)!
Useful for displaying information about the factions (increases as more are added).
Thieves Guilds are pretty useful for the small cost of 750
Gold and 5 Wood .

The Shipyard requires a Hut and Castle to be built, and the castle to be near water.
Note: The Shipyard allows you to construct Ships, allowing you to travel across the sea to other lands.

Special: Allows creation of Ships for 1000 Gold  and 10 Wood. (500  and 10 on Gameboy).

Shipyards are expensive suckers at 5000 Gold and 20 Wood .

The Hut is not only a dwelling, but it allows everything else to be buildable.
Note: You prettymuch HAVE to take this.

Special: Provides 10 Goblins per week at 50 Gold each.
Huts are cheap. Only 300 Gold

Stick Hut
The Stick Hut requires a Hut.
Note: Not required to build stronger unit structures. Produces a weak, slow ranged unit.
Special: Provides 8 Orcs per week at 140 Gold   each.
Stick Huts cost little at a mere 800
Gold and 5 Wood.

The Den requires a Hut.
Note: Not Required for any other structure.
Special: Produces 5 Wolves per week at 200 Gold  each.
Dens cost 1000
Gold  .

The Adobe requires a Hut.
Note: Required to make the Bridge.
Special: Produces 4 Ogres per week at 300 Gold each.
Adobies cost 2000
Gold , 10 Wood and 10 Ore .

The Bridge requires an Adobe.
Note: Makes the strongest ranged unit in the game, required for the Pyramid.
Special: Produces 3 Trolls per week for 600
Gold each.
The Bridge costs 4000
Gold  and 20 Ore .

Requires a Bridge.
Note: Creates the Highest level creature for the Barbarian castle.
Special: Produces 2 Cyclopes per week at 650
Gold and 1 each.
The Pyramid costs 6000
Gold , 20 Ore  and 20 .