Cheat Page

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PC/Mac Cheats

Cheat mode (Codes may not work in all versions):

Use the top row of keys to enter one of the following codes at the
adventure screen to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Effect Code

Full map 101495
Enchant army with Haste 101111
Gold 101496
Crystals 844690
Ore 844691
Diamonds 899101
Plutos 991001

(Assuming Plutos = Mercury and Diamonds = Gems)

Savegame Money Cheat

Savegame money editor
Tested and works in a command-line (DOS-like) environment. PC Only.
Not encouraged but can be useful for testing purposes.

Hex Editing (Not tested/confirmed/condoned)

These are the Hex Location for the players resources. Use a hex editor
to change the values.

Warning: do not enter too much of something or you'll get some sort of

Code Effect

17f,180,181 crystal
183,184,185 gem
187,188,189 gold
173,174,175 milk
177,178,179 Ore
17b,17c,17d plutos
16f,170,171 Wood

Gameboy Cheats

Random New Spells
To randomly get new spells in your spellbook, cast a spell in battle so it takes you to the battlefield asking you where to cast it. Then hit the ''B'' button so it cancels the spell. Then go check your spellbook. You will have a new spell at the end of your book. Teleport can't be obtained in any other way but this method.

Note: Occasionally the spell will be ''Teleport''. Teleport is a spell which will not work and your game will freeze if you attempt to use it.

Gameshark Codes

01FF80CB Infinite Wood
01FF81CB Infinite Mercury
01FF82CB Infinite Ore
01FF83CB Infinite Sulfur
01FF84CB Infinite Crystal
01FF85CB Infinite Gems

01??10CA Day Modifier
01??11CA Week Modifier
01??12CA Month Modifier

01FF86CB Infinite Money

Left Side In-Battle Codes

01FFECCA Max Units Slot 1
0100ECCA No Units Slot 1
01FFFACA Max Units Slot 2
0100FACA No Units Slot 2
01FF08CB Max Units Slot 3
010008CB No Units Slot 3
01FF16CB Max Units Slot 4
010016CB No Units Slot 4
01FF24CB Max Units Slot 5
010024CB No Units Slot 5

Right Side In-Battle Codes

01FF32CB Max Units Slot 1
010032CB No Units Slot 1
01FF40CB Max Units Slot 2
010040CB No Units Slot 2
01FF5ECB Max Units Slot 3
01005ECB No Units Slot 3
01FF6CCB Max Units Slot 4
01006CCB No Units Slot 4
01FF6ACB Max Units Slot 5
01006ACB No Units Slot 5