Artifacts function as equipment for your hero, further enhancing their abilities (and thus, your army's performance). They are precious relics picked up from the map, from encounters or from defeated enemies that augment the abilities of your hero. They can modify stats or they can provide with different odd and wondrous abilities. There is also a cursed artifact that negatively impacts you. Artifacts can be acquired through several means. They can be picked up on the adventure map directly (sometimes guarded by rogues or under the control of a leprechaun). In the computer versions the pictures on the map resemble the actual artifacts, in the gameboy version there is a sense of randomness as they only show up as  (meaning you don't know how good or bad the artifact is until you pick it up).

When you go to pick up an artifact it will either be immediately added to your inventory (and give you a little story description, as I've noted for each artifact)

An example of picking up an artifact freely from the map.

However, a leprechaun will sometimes try to get you to buy it from him (for 2000 usually. Tip: say YES even if you can't afford it. If you say no the leprechaun will vanish and bring the artifact with him, if you can't afford it the artifact will stay there until you can)

You also may be ambushed by a pack of rogues (usually 10 in each stack or so... so roughly 50 rogues).

Ultimate artifacts can only be dug up. (How to dig up ultimate artifacts)

Spellbooks are technically artifacts too, they are purchased from the mage guild.
Attack Skill
Image Name Ability Description
Giant Flail of Dominion +1 Attack A clumsy Giant has killed himself with his own flail. Knowing your superior skill with this weapon, you confidently remove the spectacular flail from the fallen giant.
Thunder Axe of Dominion +2 Attack You see a silver axe embedded deeply in the ground. After several unsuccessful attempts by your army to remove the axe, you tightly grip the handle of the axe and effortlessly pull it free.
Thunder Mace of Dominion+1 AttackYou come upon the remains of an unfortunate adventurer. Searching through the tattered clothing you find the Thunder Mace of Dominion.
Dragon Sword of Dominion+3 AttackAs you are walking along a narrow path, a nearby bush suddenly bursts into flames. Before your eyes the flames become the image of a beautiful woman. She holds out a magnificent sword to you.

Defense Skill
Image Name Ability Description
Armoured Gauntlets of Protection +1 Defense You encounter the infamous Black Knight! After a grueling duel ending in a draw, the Knight, out of respect, offers you a pair of his armoured gauntlets.
Defender's Helm of Protection +1 Defense A glint of golden light catches your eye. Upon further investigation, you find a golden helm hidden under a bush.
Stealth Shield of Protection+2 DefenseA stone statue of a warrior holds a silver shield. As you remove the shield, the statue crumbles to dust.
Devine Breastplate of Protection+3 DefenseA gang of rogues is sifting through the posessions of dead warriors. Scaring off the scavengers, you not the rogues had overlooked a beautiful breastplate.

Spell Power
Image Name Ability Description
Caster's Bracelet of Magic +2 Spellpower While searching through the rubble of a caved in mine, you free a group of trapped dwarves. Grateful, the leader gives you a golden bracelet.
Mage's Ring of Power +2 Spellpower A cry of pain leads you to a centaur, caught in a trap. Upon setting the creature free, he hands you a small pouch. Emptying the contents, you find a dazzling jeweled ring.
Witch's Broach of Magic+3 SpellpowerAlongside the remains of a burnt witch lies a beautiful broach, intricately designed. Approaching the corpse with caution, you add the broach to your inventory.
Arcane Necklace of Magic+4 SpellpowerAfter rescuing a sorceress from a cursed tomb, she rewards your heroism with an exquisite jeweled necklace.

Image Name Ability Description
Minor Scroll of Knowledge +2 Knowledge Before you appears a levitating glass case with a scroll, perched upon a bed of crimson velvet. At your touch, the lid opens and the scroll floats into your awaiting hands.
Major Scroll of Knowledge +3 Knowledge Visiting the local wiseman, you explain the intent of your journey. He reaches into a sack and withdraws a yellowed scroll and hands it to you.
Superior Scroll of Knowledge+4 KnowledgeYou come across the remains of an ancient druid. Bones, yellowed with age, peer from her robe. Searching the robe you discover a scroll hidden in the folds.
Foremost Scroll of Knowledge+5 KnowledgeMangled bones, yellowed with age, peer from the ragged folds of a dead Druid's robe. Searching the robe, you discover a scroll hidden within.

Image Name Ability Description
Four Leaf Clover +1 Luck In the middle of a patch of dead and dry vegitation, to your surprise you find a healthy green four-leaf clover.
Golden Horseshoe +1 Luck An ensnared unicorn whinnies in fright. Murmuring soothing words, you set her free. Snorting and stamping her front hoof one, she gallops off. Looking down you see a golden horseshoe.
Gambler's Lucky Coin+1 LuckYou have captured a mischievous imp who has been terrorizing the region. In exchange for his release, he rewards you with a magical coin.
Lucky Rabbit's Foot+1 LuckA travelling merchant offers you a rabbit's foot, made of gleaming silver fure, for safe passage. The merchant explains the charm will increase your luck in combat.

Morale Artifacts
Image Name Ability Descrption
Medal of Courage +1 Morale After saving a young boy from a vicious pack of wolves, you return him to his father's manor. The grateful nobleman awards you with a Medal of Courage.
Medal of Distinction +1 Morale Ridding the countryside of a hideous minotaur who made sport of eating noblemen's knights, you are awarded with the Medal of Distinction.
Medal of Honor+1 MoraleAfter freeing the princess of a neighbouring kingdom from the clutches of despicable slavers, the awards you with a Medal of Honor.
Medal of Valor+1 MoraleFreeing a virtuous maiden from the clutches of an evil overlord, you are granted a Medal of Valor by the King's herald.
Fizbin of Misfortune -2 Morale
You stumble upon a medal lying alongside the empty road. Adding the medal to your inventory, you become aware that you have acquired the undesirable Fizbin of Misfortune, greatly decreasing your army's morale.

Movement Enhancers
Image Name Ability Description
Nomad Boots of Mobility +Movement
A nomad trader seeks protection from a tribe of goblins. For your assistance, he gives you a finely crafted pair of boots made from the softest leather. Looking closely, you see fascinating ancient carvings engraved on the leather.
Sailor's Astrolabe of Mobility +Movement
An old sea captain is being tortured by ogres. You save him, in return he rewards you with a wondrous instrument to measure the distance of a star.
Traveller's Boots of Mobility+Movement
Discovering a pair of beautifully beaded boots made from the finest and softest leather, you thank the anonymous donor and add the boots to your inventory.
True Compass of Mobility+Movement
(land and sea)
An old man claiming to be an inventor asks you to try his latest invention. He then hands you a compass.

Gold Artifacts
Image Name Ability Description
Endless Purse of Gold +500 Gold
Per Day
In your travels you find a leather purse filled with gold that once belonged to a great warrior king who had the ability to turn any inanimate object into gold.
Endless Bag of Gold+750 Gold
Per Day
A noblewoman, seperated from her traveling companions, asks for your help. After escorting her home, she rewards you with a bag filled with gold.
Endless Sack of Gold +1000 Gold
Per Day
A little leprechaun dances gleefully around a magic sack. Seeing you approach, he stops mid-stride. The little man screams and stamps his foot ferociously, vanishing into thin air. Remembering the old leprechaun saying "Finders Keepers", you grab the sack and leave.

About Ultimate Artifacts: They can only be acquired by digging them up (the obelisks will show where if you can get to enough of them, or you may use a partial map to make an educated guess) or killing a hero that has already dug it up (a difficult prospect!). They are the only artifacts to not appear on the map directly.
Ultimate Artifacts
Image Name Ability Description
Ultimate Sword of Dominion +12 Attack Congratulations! After spending many hours digging here, you have uncovered the Ultimate Sword of Dominion!

Ultimate Sword (+12 Attack)

The Ultimate Sword of Dominion increases your attack skill by 12.
Ultimate Cloak of Protection+12 DefenseCongratulations! After spending many hours digging here, you have uncovered the Ultimate Cloak of Protection!

Ultimate Cloak (+12 Defense)

The Ultimate Cloak of Protection increases your defense skill by 12.
Ultimate Wand of Magic +12 Spellpower Congratulations! After spending many hours digging here, you have uncovered the Ultimate Wand of Magic!

Ultimate Wand (+12 spell power)

The Ultimate Wand of Magic increases your spell power skill by 12.
Ultimate Book of Knowledge+12 KnowledgeCongratulations! After spending many hours digging here, you have uncovered the Ultimate Book of Knowledge!

Ultimate Book (+12 Knowledge)

The Ultimate Book of Knowledge increases your knowledge skill by 12.

Misc Artifacts
Image Name Ability Description
Ballista of Quickness Allows the catapult
to shoot twice per
combat round
Walking through the ruins of an ancient walled city, you find the instrument of the city's destruction, an elaborately crafted ballista.
SpellbookAllows your hero
to learn and cast
magic spells
Buy Spellbook: Resource cost: 500

The magic book enables you to cast spells.

Help Wanted:

Looking for images of these artifacts for the Gameboy Version (preferrably in .gif or .png format):
Defender's Helm of Protection
Stealth Shield of Protection
Divine Breastplate of Protection
Caster's Bracelet of Magic
Superior Scroll of Knowledge
Mage's Ring of Magic
Arcane Necklace of Magic
Four Leaf Clover
Golden Horseshoe
Sailor's Astrolabe of Mobility
True Compass of Mobility
Endless Bag of Gold
Ultimate Wand of Magic

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