Box Art of Might and Magic

Encompassing the Heroes of Might and Magic world is a rich, fantasy driven element. This is something highly evocative in the artwork used to convey those images to the people, that we may purchase said product and be engulfed in a world of Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, Knights and Dragons.

There are many of the ways Heroes of Might and Magic has been conveyed to the world.

Original Box Art
This is the original box art, thematically identical between the DOS, Windows 95 and Macintosh Versions.

A Typical Heroes of Might and Magic CD
A Typical Heroes of Might and Magic CD, this one happens to be a Mac version, but the PC versions were identical except DOS or Windows 95 would be in place of MAC on the Lefthand side. The Special Limited Edition disc is also identical except it is not colourized.

The Windows 95 Version of the CD (the blue is not normally so dark and the pinkish colour is a side effect of it being scanned I believe). It actually looks exactly like the mac version except it has the Win95 logo instead of the word Mac on the lefthand side. (Yes, I made the 2 CDs out of their cases transparent).

This is the DOS version that game with Heroes of Might and Magic 2, attatched to the outside of the same box. Special Limited edition.

Some simple instructions and the like on the back.

And of course, that Limited Edition, uncoloured CD.

3DO Bargain Bin version
3DO would later release it on its own in a single Jewel Case, much like the Special Edition, this version had the manual in PDF format on the Disc itself and did not include King's Bounty.

Heroes Compendium

New World Computing and 3DO also released the Box Set known as the Heroes on Might and Magic Compendium, priced at less than the costs of the included games seperately, it (supposedly) packed Heroes1 and King's Bounty on the first Disc and Heroes 2 with the Expansion on the second Disc. This was also a move to increase the fanbase and stimulate more sales before the release of the blockbuster Heroes of Might and Magic 3.

Heroes Compendium Disc.
The Fabled first disc of the Heroes Compendium.

Heroes Millenium
Not too long before the release of Armageddon's Blade (The Heroes 3 Expansion), 3DO again released a bundle known ad the Heroes of Might and Magic Millenium Edition, which included all of the games from Heroes 1-3 (and possibly King's Bounty, unconfirmed as of yet). Appearantly 3DO also shilled out to Earthlink and included a 15 day trial.

Here are the Cds for Heroes of Might and Magic Millenium. The image makes it most difficult to tell which is Heroes 1, but it is in there.

Heroes of Might and Magic, GBC Edition

As a complete shock to everybody, in the year 2000 3DO released Heroes of Might and Magic on the Gameboy Color! It was a faithful rendition, however, one can only fit so much onto a screen and enjoy so much detail on a machine that only supports roughly 50 colours on the screen at once. This game was popular enough however that it even warranted the porting of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 (as Heroes 2) onto the Gameboy Color the next year!

GBC Media

Of course, the Gameboy uses far different media than PC CD-ROM technology. It's amazing they managed to squeeze a full CD game into a sub 1MB flash based ROM cartridge.

Heroes Platinum

Finally, we have the Heroes Platinum edition. This was released back in 2002. It contained Heroes 1, Heroes 2 Gold (Game + Expansion), and Heroes 3 Complete (Game + 2 Expansions). Again, to stimulate sales and increase the fanbase before Heroes of Might and Magic 4 came out. Oh how people desired that release, this was the perfect thing to satiate people while they waited.

Heroes of Might and Magic: Colección is something else that seems to have come out in Early 2007. Only in South American countries it seems (released by Ubisoft SA). A shame, all the games and expansions on one DVD with latest patches is a fantastic deal. Hopefully Ubisoft decides to release this worldwide.

I hope you enjoyed this little museam and learned something of Heroes history. If you ever stumble upon another release, box art or CD image. Please alert me whenever possible. Who knows when this timeless game shall be once more unleashed.

I would like to thank E-Bay, Mobygames, and for the images contributed. All use is non-commercial and is used to either illustrate a point or simply for educational purposes and as such, falls under the legal classification of "Fair Use".