The Warlock

Lord Alamar

Each castle has a different crest depending upon the colour of the player. In this case
the blue crest is that of Lord Alamar of the Warlocks.

Warlocks are to Bach as Knights are to the Faire. Brandenburg style.

Warlock Town Creatures

Here is a rundown of the Warlock/Mountain town and its base creature statistics. Learn them well.
Name Hit Points Speed Attack Defense Damage Shots Cost Special Pop Home

1 1-2 8 60


Gargoyle 15 Fast 4
2-3 N/A
Flying 6


Griffin 25
3-5 N/A 300
Unlimited Retaliation


Minotaur 35
5-10 N/A 400
N/A 3


Hydra 75
Slow 8 9
6-12 N/A
Circumfrance Attack


Dragon 200
N/A 3000 + Sulfur
2 space flames, flying, magic immunity 1


General Creature Commentary

The Warlock's forces tend to emphasize flying creatures above all else. They are excellent for tying up enemy shooters, particularly because you may not be fielding any yourself (yours would be the weakest in the game despite being the strongest level 1 creature, they are not nearly as powerful as either of the level 2 shooters). The Warlock has the most expensive creatures in the game at all levels, only tying once with the sorceress at level 2. The Warlock has units that are extremely powerful when it comes to melee and will bring them in force. If you are a Warlock player, but you're not fortunate enough to have the powerful spells you need to truly decimate your foes, you may want to consider giving your troops to a might hero for a bit to take advantage of their natural might bonus'. If you are fielding dragons, you will not have to worry about a few things every other town must fear. For one, your most powerful creature cannot be berserked. You can also cast Armageddon and Storm to your heart's content and not worry about scratching your dragons (your other troops on the other hand may not be so happy). With the Warlock, you want to be as aggressive as possible on the adventure map to secure the many resources you need as soon as possible. You will want both dragons and your highest level Mage Guild as soon as you have the resources. Warlocks as heroes emphasize spellpower, so once you get your higher level spells it's usually a simple matter to just step over your foes.

Lord Alamar is not the official victor of the campaign, however, he has the advantage of being able to use powerful creatures and spells to dominate the map if he's allowed to build up sufficiently. Just go out and aggressively crush your foes. Be wary that you need a large cash flow to support your troops, and sulfur for your dragons.

Now for the individual unit commentary:

Individual Creature Commentary

Centaurs are the heartiest level 2 creature. They posess 5 health, about half that of the weakest level 2 creatures, but still sufficient to be threatening and to take hits better than any other level 1 creature. They also have a relatively high attack for their level and are the only level 1 shooters in the game. What is their drawback you may ask? They don't really have one except that the warlock has absolutely no other shooters.  Couple that with the computer's penchant for killing your shooters first and you have a decimated horde of level 1 centaurs if you don't pick your fights carefully. Centaurs are often a key unit to have for the Warlock's army, simply because there are no other shooters available in their town. They are usually the weakest link of your forces. They are the most pricey level 1 creature as well, coming in at 60g apiece. (Not too bad mind you). Overall though, if you decide to field them it would probably be a tough decision on who to leave out for them unless a certain stack has been decimated to the point of being less useful.

Gargoyles are very hearty level 2 creatures. They may not deal quite as much damage as archers or dwarves, and they certainly can't take as hit as well as dwarves, but they have a rediculous defense skill for their level. To top that off they also are fast (the only fast unit the warlocks have) and fly! They are very useful for eliminating shooters early on and for later in the game, getting you the first move so you can decimate enemies with spells, then fly in and park them next to shooters or finish off weakened stacks. They have the highest defense of any level 2 creature (a massive 7) and can certainly take hits better than most other creatures of their level (only the dwarves are heartier). They deal a tiny bit more damage than Orcs but have more HP and defense and do not suffer from doing half damage to nearby creatures (as they are melee while orcs are shooters). Gargoyles are a definite keeper unless their numbers are massively depleted in battle.

Griffins are the workhorse of the Warlock army. They have very competant damage, high skill and high HP for level 3 creatures (the highest HP in fact). Griffins posess many abilities that make them indisposable. For one thing, they are flying units, which allows them the mobility to fly anywhere across the map. Second, they are relatively strong for level 3 creatures, enabling them to stand their own against many level 4 creatures as well. Finally, they have the nifty ability that allows them to counter-attack each and every time they are hit by a creature (unless that creature has the ability to prevent counter attacks). They are very effective for harrassing shooters and for holding off waves of lower level creatures. They do however have a couple tiny flaws. They are only medium speed for one, meaning they do not enjoy the initiative of their smaller cousins, the gargoyles. They also come with a lower population and higher cost than other creatures of their level (such is the life of a Warlock creature). They are very much worth their cost though, and are an indesposable part of a successful Warlock's army.

Minotaurs are arguably the strongest level 4 brawler in the game (comparable to Ogres, but faster and more damaging). They are the only "vanilla" unit the warlocks posess (no special abilities, no shooting or flying). Despite this, their strength, high HP and damage make them an excellent choice and must have when recruiting troops. If they are coupled with haste or a well placed teleport spell, they can be devastating. Really though, there isn't much else that can be said about them that hasn't been said about other melee walkers, just get them to where they need to be ASAP.

Hydras have an enormous amount of HP (best in class, 75), they do a large amount of Damage (second only to Unicorns) and have the ability to hit up to 8 enemy units (which is impossible... but they could if they had 8 enemies surrounding them) with their ability to attack every direction simultaneously. There is only one drawback to these huge beasts, they are lumbering. That's right, they are slow. The highest level slow creature in the game. They can be devastating if teleported right into the middle of a group of enemies though, especially if they hit 2 or more. What's more, because of the nature of their attacks, enemies can't even counter-attack when hit by a Hydra, it's too overwhelming. The only frustrating thing about them is their total lack of mobility. they may be a candidate for garrison duty if your numbers of centaurs and gargoyles are healthy, but if you have spells that can get them where they need to be quicker than certainly bring these monstrousities with you. You shan't be disappointed.

Dragons are the strongest creature in the entire game. They have the highest skills, HP and Damage out of every other creature (Phoenix and Paladins beat it for speed, Phoenix and Cyclops tie it for Attack skill, Paladins are tied in defense skill). This comes at a cost though, Dragons cost double the gold of the next nearest creature (Phoenix) and also cost 1 sulfur per dragon. They are well worth the cost mind you, but a single castle does not produce enough gold to provide for the 3 dragons you would get per week if you had a well. Dragons work very well for getting groups of enemies that are packed close together, their attacks are able to go through one creature and hit the one standing on the hex immediately behind it as well. This lets you take advantage of  massed groups of foes and decimate crowds. Beware though, your opponent can take advantage of it too and use your Dragon's counter-attack to hit your own troops. A Dragon is extremely useful for tying up enemy ranged units, but against less prepared enemies or weakened armies, they can be one creature wrecking crews! If you manage to field an army of dragons, unless the rest of your army has been devastated and you have no other forces to support them, you should have no worries about dominating the entire map.

Warlock Heroes
Warlock' are Magic users. They have an large emphasis on spellpower.
Warlocks are innate scouts, they see 1 tile further in each direction. This can give them a slight heads-up about any dangers lurking in the fog of war.
Described here are the Warlock Heroes, in near-alphabetical order. You can click on a character to see how they fare/progress as the Heroes series does as well.


Shiny gold teeth an a star-shaped collar... is Agar the Enroth pimp? Either way he gets a background to his picture in Heroes 2 and is presumably eaten by Heroes 3.

Arie is a cardboard cutout insert Warlock that looks like that jerkhole you know in highschool who threw things in class at people and pretended to feel good about himself. He stays the same in Heroes 2 and disappears after.

Barok is a fairly un-exceptional warlock. He stays the same in Heroes 2 but gets a bit more frizzy-haired.

He looks like he dyes his eyebrows.


Crodo is relatively unknown in Heroes 1 and 2. He bears resemblance to a wise old sage from former games.


Falagar is a Warlock throughout Heroes 1 and 2, but somehow becomes a wizard and mentor to people... and looks younger.


Kastore is only here as a placeholder for the real Kastore who is an appearantly evil Elf wizard that defeated Sheltem on Terra... um.. best to go to the Heroic Evolution page.


Sandro is a Warlock who serves Alamar in Heroes 1, but appearantly he returns to his necromantic roots in Heroes 2. After failing to win twice, he returns to Antagrich and nearly conquers the world.


Vesper is an unexplained, no backstory given, backwards Snuggie with hood wearing Warlock that serves the Warlock factions in Heroes 1 and 2 then disappears forever (a common thing for Warlocks).


He's the angry Lando of this game. He gets a real background picture and his name changes to "Wrathmount" in the second game. Is "mounted" wrath more scary?

Lord Alamar
Lord Alamar is the role the Human player takes if they play the single player campaign as the Warlock' in any of the PC version. He becomes a playable hero in the second game.
He's not in the Gameboy Version.

Warlock Castle Building Statistics

The Warlock needs a steady supply of Sulfur, a large amount of gems and a fair amount of everything else as soon as possible on top of the usual wood and (especially) ore. Secure them ASAP!


Every Town requires a castle to build anything else. This town is no exception. Before it it built there is merely a tent in its stead.

Special: Castles allow your town to build additional buildings, hire heroes and also provide 1000G/day.
Note: You NEED this.

Castles cost 5000 
, 20 Ore  and 20 Wood .

The Well only requires a Castle and Cave to build.

Special: Increases the creature population for each dwelling by 2 per week.
Note: You would be a fool NOT to buy it.

Wells cost a mere 500  Gold .

The Tavern requires only a Castle and Cave to be built.
Note: Not too useful except in defense, the Knight is meant for striking early. Needed for Swordmen though so you have little choice in the matter.

Special: Increases the Morale of creatures defending the town by +2 (+20% chance of moving again).

Taverns are only 500 Gold  and 5 Wood .

Thieves' Guild
The Thieves' Guild requires a Cave and Castle to be built.
Note: Not required for any other building. Special note! Not actually in the Gameboy version (Image Fake)!
Useful for displaying information about the factions (increases as more are added).
Thieves Guilds are pretty useful for the small cost of 750
Gold and 5 Wood .

The Shipyard requires a Cave and Castle to be built, and the castle to be near water.
Note: The Shipyard allows you to construct Ships, allowing you to travel across the sea to other lands.

Special: Allows creation of Ships for 1000 Gold  and 10 Wood. (500  and 10 on Gameboy).

Shipyards are expensive suckers at 5000 Gold and 20 Wood .

The Hut is not only a dwelling, but it allows everything else to be buildable.
Note: You prettymuch HAVE to take this.

Special: Provides 8 Centaurs per week at 60 Gold each.
Caves are cheap. Only 500 Gold

The Crypt requires a Cave.
Note: Produces the Warlock's only fast unit.
Special: Provides 6 Gargoyles per week at 200 Gold   each.
Crypts cost little at a mere 1000
Gold and 10 Ore.

A Nest requires a Cave.
Note: Produces regal Griffons.
Special: Produces 4 Griffons per week at 300 Gold  each.
Nests cost 2000
Gold  .

A Maze requires a Crypt.
Note: Required to make the Tower. Makes the most "average" Warlock unit.
Special: Produces 3 Minotaurs per week at 400 Gold each.
Mazes cost 3000
Gold and 10 Gems .

The Swamp requires a Nest.
Note: Required for the Tower, makes the slowest Warlock Unit.
Special: Produces 3 Trolls per week for 600
Gold each.
Swamps cost 4000
Gold   and 10 Sulfur .

Red Tower
Requires a Maze and Swamp.
Note: Creates the Highest level creature for the Warlock castle.
Special: Produces 1 Dragon per week at 3000
Gold and 1 Sulfur   each.
The Tower costs 15000
Gold , 30 Ore  and 20 Sulfur  .