The Sorceress

Queen Lamanda

Each castle has a different crest depending upon the colour of the player. In this case
the yellow crest is that of Queen Lamanda, probably the only leader that keeps the toilet seat down.

Mystical Fairy Melody Land Awaits.

Sorceress Town Creatures

Here is a rundown of the Sorceress/Forest town and its base creature statistics. Learn them well.
Name Hit Points Speed Attack Defense Damage Shots Cost Special Pop Home

2 1-2 N/A 50
Flying, No Retaliate


Dwarf 20 Slow 6
2-4 N/A
Magic Resistance 6


Elf 15
2-3 24 250
2x shots

Archery Range

Druid 25
5-8 8 350
N/A 3


Unicorn 40
10 9
7-14 N/A

Fenced Meadow

Phoenix 100
N/A 1500 + Mercury
2 space flames, flying 1

Red Tower

General Creature Commentary

The Sorceress has a very varied fighting force at her disposal. She has 2 creatures of each type and only one creature without and special abilities (but that one is a shooter!). Unlike most other towns, the sorceress is only bogged down by a single slow unit that is very easy to leave behind to garrison towns, Dwarves, who have the single best stats of any level 2 creature and can be considered an even match for pikemen, wolves, gargoyles... well... any melee unit at its price point. The Sorceress hero emphasizes knowledge above all else, so she should have a large repetiore of spells to complement her versatile forces. Her weakest and strongest units are both flyers with significant advantages, capable of knocking out enemy ranged attackers quite effectively. While keeping those distracted, the 2 ranged attackers in the sorceress army should be able to consistantly rain death upon their foes, while the unicorns make a versatile attacker and defender. What a sorceress doesn't have in raw strength is made up for in flexibility when facing off with the Warlock's powerful flying monstrousities.

Queen Lamanda is not the official victor of the campaign, but like the Warlock, she has the advantage of being able to use powerful creatures and spells to dominate the map if she's allowed to build up sufficiently. Just be to to always guard your ranged units!

Now for the individual unit commentary:

Individual Creature Commentary

The sprite hits harder and has more manueverability than the Goblin, but lacks a tiny bit of HP and is slightly less plentiful.4 attack is very high for a level 1 unit and if they can get the drop on an enemy, they can do some serious damage, especially in high numbers. Their damage is kind of low though, about 1 and a half times more powerful than the paesant. (But bless makes them do double and curse makes them only do paesant level damage.) Sprites have a special ability to prevent enemies from being able to counter-attack them. So hitting something with some sprites to soften them up is a good idea, often using other units to mop up. They can fly around and pester any unguarded ranged units, but they have very little HP so be wary to try and avoid getting them in range of other melee oriented units. They had a predecessor with similar powers in King's Bounty and were the default unit of the sorceress.

Dwarves are the slow and plodding basic infantry of the sorceress. Extremely useful in the early game and not too shabby later on, they are the toughest level 2 creatures and stronger or just as strong as any other creature costing the same amount (even level 3 creatures!). They have 20 HP, a huge amount for their level. They have the highest attack (tied with wolves) and defense and also deal the most damage! (2-4 is a lot for this level, extremely good when blessed... or bad when cursed.) Later on in the game when the Sorceress army fills out, these guys make a hearty garrison to your castle while your faster forces go out and run circles around armies stuck with slower forces. That doesn't make these guys useless though, positioning them near vulnerable ranged units is key as the dwarves should have sufficient numbers to deal a fairly reasonable amount to damage to whoever dares to draw close though to them. Of course, they worked very similarly in King's Bounty.

Elves are the opposite of dwarves, they are useless in a close ranged fight and have very low skills for their level. They also have the lowest HP of any level 3 unit (tied with the heartier pikemen at 15). They do however make up for this in several ways. For one, they are not slow, allowing them to take initiative at least before the slow level 2 shooters of the knight and barbarian castles. Also, they themselves are shooters. While their damage from individual shots may not be impressive (comparable to an orc and slightly less than an archer due to less attack), they make up for it by shooting TWICE. Yes, twice. That is why they get 24 shots, because even if they go through them twice as quickly they still will be able to keep shooting for more rounds than any other creature. They only cost 50 gold more than dwarves and because they get the two shots, they can wreck packs of slow creatures before they even get near to them. If you have Elves and Druids together, there is no reason you can't attack stacks of dwarves, paesants and ogres no matter the size. They just won't get to you. Elves, as a fantasy staple were also in King's Bounty.

Druids are a fast shooter unit. Able to start blasting before anything else even has a chance to move if you position them right. They may not be the strongest level 4 unit (their HP is tied for lowest with the Swordsman) but their damage output should make up for that. There is little else that is special about druids however. In combination with the many flying creatures and the other shooter of the Sorceress' army, Druids are a mighty addition to your force and it would be unwise not to field them if you possibly can. They are the second most powerful shooter in the game. Druids had a predecessor in King's Bounty.

Unicorns are the cream of the Sorceress' vanguard forces (not just for their white colouring either). They are a very strong melee unit that does a lot of damage and is just as skilled as a Cavalry (and tied for most skilled level 5 unit). With a Well, it would take you 2 days to buy all of the unicorns produced by your town but it is definitely well worth it. They have a 1 in 5 chance of blinding your enemy, causing that unit not to be able to move until the effect wears off or it is attacked (allowing you to concentrate your other co-ordinated attacks against other foes). Unicorns are strong on the offensive, but are also great for protecting your elves and druids from harmful flyers. Keep them with you at all times if possible.

Phoenixes are strong, fast flyers that often get the first move in combat. They are the second strongest creatures in the game, but still no match for dragons. You'll have to rely on your other troops and good tactics to keep even footing should that match-up happen. Phoenix work very well for getting groups of enemies that are packed close together, their attacks are able to go through one creature and hit the one standing on the hex immediately behind it as well. This lets you take advantage of  massed groups of foes and decimate crowds. Beware though, your opponent can take advantage of it too and use your Phoenix's counter-attack to hit your own troops. A Phoenix is extremely useful for tying up enemy ranged units, but against less prepared enemies or weakened armies, they can be one creature wrecking crews! Just be sure to watch out for them as they still only have 100 HP each and 1500 gold and 1 mercury isn't a cheap replacement cost!

Sorceress Heroes
Sorceress' are Magic users. They have an large emphasis on knowledge and spellpower.
Sorceress' are natural sea(wo)men. They have the ability to move twice as far as any other hero type over water. This can enable them to perform guerilla tactics against larger forces and surprise attacks from different angles on water maps.
Described here are the Sorceress Heroes, in near-alphabetical order. You can click on a character to see how they fare/progress as the Heroes series does as well.


She looks like Reed Richards in drag, but she serves for 2 games and had an npc picture in the Xeen games too. Not bad for a hero that shares a name with a certain mermaid... hm... is that why they are so good with boats?

Astra doesn't change between the first 2 games and disappears subsequently. She had the typical black and blue sorceress hair that a good third of them have. She looks very angry.

Another Sorceress with Sorci-blue hair. Appearantly a fan favourite among some people. She had an NPC in Xeen and in Heroes 2 she gets a new background (big whoop).


Gem goes on and plays a role in Heroes 2, 3 and an expansion for 3. Then she disappears somehow. She had a hideous NPC in Xeen but looked hot by Heroes 3: Shadows of Death.


Luna completely changed her look in Heroes 2, becomes a Hippie in Heroes 3: Armageddon's Blade and finally as a weird twist of fate... a lunatic vampire in Heroes 4.


Natasha really doesn't have her character explored much. She's mostly just kinda... there.


Other than getting a new background in Heroes 2, Becky really isn't good for much else her sister Sorceri can't do.


Troyan get a bit more bling in her second outing. In this game she's just a Plain Jane sorceress. No secondary skills here to build on. No story either... shame really.


Either she's angry or she's scrunching up her face because her nose piecing is going to make her sneeze. Her face takes a softer look in the next game and she gets a background. And she's based on previous character art.

Queen Lamanda
Queen Lamanda is the role the Human player takes if they play the single player campaign as the Sorceress' in any of the PC version. She resembles the King's Bounty Sorceress..
She's not in the Gameboy Version.

Sorceress Castle Building Statistics

The sorceress needs a steady supply of Mercury as soon as possible on top of the usual wood and (especially) ore. Secure them ASAP!


Every Town requires a castle to build anything else. This town is no exception. Before it it built there is merely a tent in its stead.

Special: Castles allow your town to build additional buildings, hire heroes and also provide 1000G/day.
Note: You NEED this.

Castles cost 5000 
, 20 Ore  and 20 Wood

The Well only requires a Castle and Treehouse to build.

Special: Increases the creature population for each dwelling by 2 per week.
Note: You would be a fool NOT to buy it.

Wells cost a mere 500  Gold .

The Tavern requires only a Castle and Treehouse to be built.
Note: Not too useful except in defense, the Knight is meant for striking early. Needed for Swordmen though so you have little choice in the matter.

Special: Increases the Morale of creatures defending the town by +2 (+20% chance of moving again).

Taverns are only 500 Gold  and 5 Wood .

Thieves' Guild
The Thieves' Guild requires a Treehouse and Castle to be built.
Note: Not required for any other building. Special note! Not in the Gameboy version (Image Fake)!
Useful for displaying information about the factions (increases as more are added).
Thieves Guilds are pretty useful for the small cost of 750
Gold and 5 Wood .

The Shipyard requires a Treehouse and Castle to be built, and the castle to be near water.
Note: The Shipyard allows you to construct Ships, allowing you to travel across the sea to other lands.

Special: Allows creation of Ships for 1000 Gold  and 10 Wood. (500  and 10 on Gameboy).

Shipyards are expensive suckers at 5000 Gold and 20 Wood .

The Treehouse is not only a dwelling, but it allows everything else to be buildable.
Note: You prettymuch HAVE to take this.

Special: Provides 8 Sprites per week at 50 Gold each.
Treehouses are cheap. Only 500 Gold
and 5 Wood

The Cottage requires a Tavern.
Note: Not required to build stronger unit structures. Produces a slow but very sturdy unit.
Special: Provides 6 Dwarves per week at 200 Gold   each.
Cottages cost little at a mere 1000
Gold and 5 Wood.

Archery Range
An Archery Range requires a Treehouse.
Note: Produces scrawny elves.
Special: Produces 4 Elves per week at 250 Gold  each.
Archery Ranges cost 1500
Gold  .

A Stonehenge requires an Archery Range and Mage Guild.
Note: Required to make the Fenced Meadow.
Special: Produces 3 Druids per week at 350 Gold each.
Stonehenges cost 2500
Gold , 10 Mercury and 10 Ore .

Fenced Meadow
The Fenced Meadow requires a Stonehenge.
Note: Required for the Red Tower.
Special: Produces 3 Trolls per week for 600
Gold each.
Fenced Meadows cost 3000
Gold  and 10 Wood and 10 Gems .

Red Tower
Requires a Fenceed Meadow.
Note: Creates the Highest level creature for the Sorceress castle.
Special: Produces 1 Phoenix per week at 1500
Gold and 1 Mercury   each.
Red Towers cost 10000
Gold , 30 Ore  and 20 Mercury  .