How Heroes Work

Heroes are the workhorses of your game. They shuttle your armies back and forth, lending the bonus of attack or defense, or powerful magic.
Basic Overview


Spell Power

Hidden Special Ability
1 2 1 1+1 Morale in Combat
2 1 1 1No Movement Penalties
0 0 2 3Double Speed on Water, Spellbook
0 0 3 2+1 hex Sight Range, Spellbook

The Hero type you use is not necessarily the same as the type of starting town you have. For example, a person using the Warlock town may enjoy the huge attack bonus that a Barbarian hero can provide. A Barbarian town may wish to employ a knight hero to make up for the low defense of its units. A Knight may want to just say screw it and use a warlock hero to devastate the enemy magically. Sorceress heroes make excellent ferry services across water for all factions.

Knight Heroes generally emphasize defense over other stats and attack secondary. They try not too fall too far behind in magic skills but they are certainly not as high priority. Expect your creatures to live longer and hit fairly hard under a knight.They have a bonus to creature morale, allowing you to mix town types without penalty or keep things uniform and occasionally have units move again.

Barbarians however go for attack above all else with a slight edge on defense as well. They hardly care about magic skills, but they make the creatures they command hit VERY hard. Barbarians also move very fast across land and can outpace any other hero across rough terrain. Perfect for hard hitting strike forces.

A Sorceress is a magic user that is fairly balanced when it comes to magical growth. She has low might abilities however and will need to rely on her large repetoire of spells to overcome her opponents. She is unparalleled on water maps, as she is able to move twice as far as any other hero. She starts with a spellbook.

Warlocks are the Barbarian of Magic, they emphasize spell power above all else and use spells to devastating effect. They also are able to see further, allowing them to possibly gain more knowledge of the terrain and resources on the adventure map. A Warlock also starts with a spellbook, in order to immediately take advantage of any spells available.

Recruiting Heroes.
Note: To hire a hero, you must also ensure that the town you are using does not currently have a hero stationed in it in other words, you shouldn't see their portrait in the bottom left corner. This applies to both versions)

You can hire heroes in each of your towns. In the various computer versions, you have the option listed with your buildings. The first thing you must do is when you're in your town, you must click on your town or castle, then click on the recruit hero button.

Once you have clicked that option, you come to another window allowing you to weigh your options as far as heroes go (the heroes available change randomly each week). You can click recruit to obtain one of them or your choice at a price of 2500 gold.

You may also right-click on either of their portraits to see what armies, experience and artifacts they may come with (very useful if you recognise a previously defeated hero that once belonged to an enemy).

The gameboy works fairly similar to this. However there are some minor differences.For example, in the gameboy version there is no Recruit Hero button, instead you must select the town's castle to bring up the recruit window.(Located in the same spot as the PC version's Recruit Hero button, just above the exit button)

Of course, once you have clicked that option, you get a similar window to the one in the PC version, however you unfortunately do not get the option to preview your hero beforehand. This doesn't matter so much in the early game however and is hardly gamebreaking in the late game.

It should be noted that Knights, Barbarians and Sorceresses come from the hero classes playable in King's Bounty.