Spells are cast by heroes that at least have a spellbook. Spellpower affects how powerful they are while Knowledge allows you to cast the spell multiple times. Spells are learned from Mage Guilds, which in turn are purchased in towns. Your hero must also have a spellbook to be able to cast spells, and they can be purchased at the mage guild for 500 gold.

Mage Guilds get upgraded for ever more expensive costs in both gold and special materials but each time up upgrade it, it provides another level of spells to your town and any heroes that visit it.

There are many different types of spells, combat spells and adventure spells. Let's review them.

Combat Spells:
Combat spells range in 3 different varieties. Damage spells, which are straightforward and cause damage to either a specific target, a group of creatures or to everything on the screen. "Buffs", which are beneficial spells that enhance or protect your creatures and finally, "Debuffs" which lower the effectiveness of enemy creatures.


Antimagic prevents any magic spells other than antimagic from working on the creature, giving them spell immunity much akin to dragons. They cannot be damaged, "buffed", "debuffed" or otherwise targetted with magic. It also removes any magic spell on the creature. Can be used as a buff and as a debuff. Its duration to lasts for a turn for each point of Spellpower you possess.


Armageddon is the ultimate attack spell, it damages everything on the screen and scales very high with spell power. A warlock with a decent amount of levels can kill everything on the battle screen with this (including himself).


Berzerk is a "debuff" that causes the unit to go insane for a certain number of turns and randomly the unit nearest to it. Its duration to lasts for a turn for each point of Spellpower you possess.


Bless is a buff that allows the creature to always deal its maximum amount of damage (most creatures deal damage in a range, say 2 to 5 or 2-5, this would cause them to deal the max of 5) each and every time it attacks, vastly raising some units with a large difference in damage to be far more effective. Its duration to lasts for a turn for each point of Spellpower you possess.


Blind causes an enemy creature to not be able to perform any actions until it either wears off, or the creature takes damage. This debuff can be very effective in disabling the most powerful creature an enemy has for a little while. Its duration to lasts for a turn for each point of Spellpower you possess.


Curse is the debuff opposite of Bless, it causes a unit to deal its minimum damage instead and will vastly lower its usefulness if it has a large range (say, 2-5). Its duration to lasts for a turn for each point of Spellpower you possess.

Dispel Magic

Dispel Magic is both a buff and debuff that removes negative spells if cast on your creatures and beneficial spells from enemy creatures. It's a wide-area effect that wipes a spell from everything.


Fireball is a powerful spell that damages enemies in a large area (9 by 9 hexes around the targetted hex). It deals quite a bit of damage too. Careful not to damage your own units with it. Its damage ramps up with each extra point of spellpower.


Haste is a buff that raises the speed of the unit you cast it on considerably, even allowing peasants, dwarves and ogres to be able to move far across the screen. Its duration to lasts for a turn for each point of Spellpower you possess.

Lightning Bolt

Lightning Bolt is a single target Damage Spell that causes a considerable amount of damage to whatever stack it hits. A stable of magic using classes. Its damage raises considerably higher when you have more spellpower.

Meteor Shower

A more powerful version of Fireball that rains stones down on your enemy instead of incinerating them.


Paralyze is a debuff that functions very similar to blind except it is a higher level spell and it does not wear when the creature takes damage. Its duration to lasts for a turn for each point of Spellpower you possess.


Raises the defensive abilities of whichever unit it is cast on. This Buff lasts longer with more Spellpower.


Ressurect is a very useful spell, it allows you to bring dead units in a stack back to life (or even bring back some units from an entirely dead stack). The higher your Spell Power, the more HP worth of units is revived.


Slow is a debuff that brings even the quickest of units to a crawl, also causes flying creatures to not be able to reach the other side of the screen in a turn anymore. Its duration to lasts for a turn for each point of Spellpower you possess.


Storm is a much weaker version of Armageddon, but lower level.

Turn Undead.

Instantly kills a stack of Ghosts.

Adventure Spells
Adventure spells are spells that are cast on the adventure map, in which all the towns, monsters, heroes and resources are displayed. They have a wide range from travel reltated spells to informative spells.

Dimension Door

This spell allows you to cast it and instantly travel a certain amount of distance without using up and of your hero's movement points.You can also use it to bypass certain terrain obstables.

Identify Hero

Displays all of the information about and enemy hero, what level it is, what stats it has, which creatures it commands, which artifacts are in it posession, etc. can be very useful for determining if the enemy hero is going to lay a siege on you or not.

Summon Boat

If there are an unused boats available on the map, this spell will being it to you for your use. Can only be cast next to water.

Town Portal

Allows your to return to on of the towns under your control (usually the closest one).

View All

Shows a screen with the locations of all Artifacts, Heroes, Mines, Resources and Towns on the world map.

View Artifacts

Shows a screen with the location of all artifacts still on the map.

View Heroes

Shows a screen with the location of all heroes on the map.

View Mines

Shows a screen with the location of all of the mines on the entire map.

View resources

Shows a screen with all the the resources on that map that have not yet been picked up.

View Towns

Shows the location of all towns and castles on the world map.

Help Wanted:
If you can find me the images (preferably in .gif or .png) of the following spells, it would be greatly appreciated and you will be credited.

Armageddon (Gameboy Version)
Dimension Door (Gameboy Version)
Teleport (Both Versions.)
View Heroes (Gameboy Version)