Update History:

Shrine uploaded - 04/06/09
Updates to Artifacts, creatures, ToC. This page created. Heroic Evolution updated and added. - 04/07/09
Updated Artifacts and creatures. - 04/08/09
Updated Artifacts and ToC, added Adventure Map Objects - 04/09/09
Updated Artifacts, Index, Heroic Evolution and Map Objects. - 04/10/09
Updates to Artifacts, Map Objects, Creatures and ToC. - 04/13/09
Updated Knight Creatures, Barbarian Cratures, Creature Overview, How Heroes Work, Backstory and ToC. - 04/16/09
Knight page completed, Barbarian page completed, Heroic Evolution and ToC updated. - 04/16/09
Minor updates - 04/18/09
How Heroes Work updated and How to Play updated. Submitted 50% completed shrine for early review and advice. - 04/19/09
Minor updates - 04/20/09
Updates to Sorceress Creatures, Creature Overview - 04/21/09
Barbarian Page Completed again... Updated Sorceress Creatures, Creature Overview - 04/22/09
Finished Sorceress Creatures, updated ToC - 04/23/09
Many little updates - 04/24/09
Created Warlock Creatures, updates to many other pages. - 04/25/09
Updated Artifacts, Finished Warlock Creatures, Updated How to Play. -04/26/09
Updated Warlock, Sorceress, Barbarian and Knight towns. Optimized all in used PNG images on the site for faster browsing. Fixed Heroic Evolution inaccuracies. Updated index page. 04/05/11 (Wow, nearly 2 years)