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November, 18 2005
Been a few months since the last update, but school and TRT are keeping me busy at times. I finished the Food Recipe and Theater Information pages, with other pages in work now. If things go right, we might get done in time for the Millenial Fair. - Rirse

May, 12 2005
Someday OFX will have that update posted, but until then, please enjoy the new Shopping List page. Please tell me what you think, as prices might be off due to Ace's discount affecting some of my price gathering. - Rirse

April, 03 2005
Well the update from OFX is on hold for now, due to his recent problems with his hard drive. But in the meantime, check out the finished accessory, armor, and army unit page. I am currently working on the major battle page, which currently has all the battles from Chris' chapters. More updates to come. - Rirse

March, 14 2005
I finished the Skills and Unite Attack page. Both have been recoded and had more infomationed added to them. Expect a update from OFX soon. - Rirse

Febuary, 28 2005
The 108 Stars page is finished. I haven't worked on any of the detail character infomation found in there (except for a few), but expect that to be done soon enough. Plan on having on having the duel page reformated to be a bit easier to follow, along with a few other sections getting changed. More to come later. - Rirse

Febuary, 25 2005
The shrine has been going through a bit of repaving the last few days, with the table of content links changed. Been hard at work adding new sections like the Story VIP and Status infomation. I merged the Character Infomation page with the 108 Star section, which is still getting worked on. Other sections have minor touch ups as well. More sections are coming, so stay tuned. - Rirse

Febuary, 11 2005
Hello folks, this is Rirse DeBlood here. Well since OmegaflareX couldn't finish this shrine alone, so I have decided to join in production as co-maintainer. With his permission, the layout of this shrine will be experiencing some changes for the better, based on my Suikoden I shrine. Seeya later. - Rirse

March, 29 2004
The Items section is done, and I'm pretty much ready to get the shrine inspected. Also, I'd like to make an important announcement: I've gotten a number of E-mails asking me about not being able to find a star. This is a reminder to USE THE 108 STARS PAGE. That's why it's THERE, and I can't stress that enough. :P - OmegaFlareX

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