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Arthur's Newspaper

After obtaining Arthur the reporter from Brass Castle, you can start reading the newspaper he publish after every major event in the game. Due to the ever changing nature of the paper, this page will list the headlines so you can see the ones you could miss. The headlines that are minor variation will not be included (for example, if you changed the name of the character, then it will simplely have that name and a sentence in the place of some spots).

At the bottom of the page is the entire collection of "Erk's Adventure", which is a serial that appears and gets reprinted in the paper.

Appointer and farmer in a night duel
The two quarrelling
The appointer, Jefferson, and the farmer, Barts, fell down at the dock and were carried to the clinic today before dawn. Both were injured, but fortunately it didn't affect their operations. After they were interviewed, it was revealed that the appointer called the farmer "Blue Sky Baron".

He got angry and challenged him to a duel at night. The farmer, lying on a bed, was still angry, but Jefferson, lying on the next bed, stated that the name he had appointed was absolute and that Barts was now known as "Blue Sky Baron". They dislike each other even more.

Contents of the dogs' baskets revealed
Thanks to a boy's investigation
Money, mementos of the owners, shopping lists, jerked meat. The mysterious contents of the basket dogs' baskets were revealed by the desperate investigation of a boy detective. There were stones in Koroku's, Koichi's Kosanji's and Kogoro's baskets.

It is a mystery why there were strawberries in Connie's basket The boy detective said, 'I was surprised by the stones, but more surprised when I found the fresh strawberries. I thought it was an illusion. Did someone change the contents?' Was it a trick? Kidd's investigation has led only to further mysteries, as usual.

Elevator girl doing mysterious training
There was a strange rumor in the castle about Shizu, the elevator attendant, leaving every night with a mysterious group to undergo some kind of training. According to a resident, who claims to have seen the training site in the forest, half-naked men with masks were pulling giant stones up and down with ropes.

Shizu was giving commands, such as: "The stone's weight is a life's weight!" and "Dad, don't give up!" To this the men would reply, "yes, sir!" What is this training? Of course, it could be the power for the elevator, but nonetheless, it makes us curious.

Fighting scene at a ball
Chris and Lilly's terrible past
Chris and Lilly performed a fighting scene at a ball that commemorated Zexen's National Foundation Day a few years ago, and it spoiled the whole event. According to a source, the tragedy happened when Chris, who was not good at dancing, missed a turn and collapsed onto Lilly's table.

Wine was spilt on Lilly's evening dress and, furious with anger, she threw a cake into Chris's face In return, Chris slapped her across the face. They ended up throwing tables at one another. Fortunately, the two became friends, but it would be best not to make them angry. Let us pray that such a disaster will not take place in this castle.

Fire Bringers at the castle!
The Zexen Knights and the Six Clans of Grassland have united to counter the invasion of Grassland by the Army of Harmonia. Fire Bringers gathered at this castle, having chosen it as their stronghold. Castle residents were excited by the sudden notice.

Brass Castle and the Great Hollow were also considered as stronghold locations, but lack the geographical advantage of the Castle, which lies directly between Zexen and Grassland. This came as great news for people who engage in trade here. Merchants are excited, as they can expect profits from new traders and military personnel.

Fire Bringers save Le Buque
Le Buque managed to pull through a crisis with the help of the Fire Bringers. A gang of magicians, often in the news as of late, suddenly attacked the village. They were trying to sacrifice its residents as part of a ritual when Geddoe and his friends arrived, forcing their retreat.

Afterwards, another attack was averted when the Fire Bringers drove away a group of monsters with the help of Duke's unit of the Frontier Defense Force. It seems there was a quarrel between the villagers and Duke's unit, but this quickly passed, and the village has restored its peace.

Forbidden love between elves
Nei and Roland in love?
The traveling busker, Nei, is in love. The object of her affection is Roland, of the Zexen Knights. The two were recently witnessed talking at night by the edge of a ship. According to a witness, Roland, who usually does not show any emotions, was listening to Nei, smiling.

The two are elves, so it is no wonder that they have fallen in love. Nei mentioned, "We talked, but there was nothing more," responding to an interview by this newspaper. On the other hand, Roland didn't change his expression when he was interviewed, and said the paper should investigate more serious matters. Let us see what happens with the two.

Gordon a popular actor!
Supply shop owner's surprising past
Gordon, the Casanova supply shop owner, was a popular actor until a few years ago, according to recent interviews. The producer of the theater said Gordon became famous because of his distinctive appearance and strong acting ability. The reason why he retired is not clear, but the director of the playhouse suspects it may have been to spend more time with his family.

At any rate, as the theater is a source of profit for the Castle, we look forward to Gordon's return, having learned of this past experience.

Guillaume throws Koroku in the fountain
Koroku barking loudly
Guillaume was witnessed by a resident swinging Koroku by the tail and throwing him into the fountain, while he let out a peculiar cry. After an investigation it turned out that Guillaume was boiling with rage because Koroku had eaten his lunch.

"It was a deliberate action at an hour when there were very few people," said a boy detective. "Guillaume has always been antagonistic toward Koroku. This incident is only the beginning". Thankfully, Koroku was not injured. Is there going to be a feud between Guillaume and Koroku?

Harmonian army withdraws from Chisha
Bishop Sasarai, who attempted several attacks on the village of Chisha, withdrew from the village the other day. This was due to unexpected resistance from Hugo, son of the Karaya Chief, and other soldiers who were present at the village after the auxiliary forces of Grassland arrived.

Strategist Caesar Silverberg's tactics may deserve the most credit, as the army of Harmonia was held back despite the modest size of Chisha's arsenal. Caesar will stay in Grassland, prepared for Harmonia's next invasion. He is a strong ally.

Harmonia declares war on Chisha Clan
A messenger of Harmonia visited the village of Chisha, declaring that the village to be under the control of Harmonia until the investigation of the 'Fire Bringers' comes to an end. Sana, the chief of the Chisha Clan, rejected this plan, deeming it one-sided.

This culminated in a sword fight between the angry messenger and the knights at the scene. Although the messenger left quickly when threatened by the knights, conflict with Harmonia may not be avoided. The atmosphere is tense among the usually nonviolent Chisha Clan.

How Tuta and Mio met each other
Sad past revealed
Tuta and Mio have been looking after the health of castle inhabitants at the clinic. They seem a perfect couple, but what was revealed by this newspaper is too cruel to discuss. Three years ago, when the war was raging, the Harmonia Frontier Force invaded Highland.

That was when Tuta, who was a doctor, and Mio, who was taking care of patients, met each other at a field hospital. At the same hospital, in spite of Tuta's desperate efforts, Mio's husband died after his operation. It is sad to hear that Mio became a widow so young, and that Tuta couldn't save her husband. The distance between the two seems so far.

(Hugo/Chris) bears True Water Rune
At the Ruins of Cyndar, outside the door of the underground road, the True Water Rune went out of control, freezing the surroundings. The Rune was brought under control with much difficulty by (FC), and (Hugo/Chris) ended up bearing it in (his/her) body. A group of magicians, probable suspects for this and other recent events, were witnessed near the site.

It is believed they triggered the Rune at Cyndar. (Hugo/Chris), the new successor of the True Rune, is expected by many to bring these incidents to a close.

Kenji with a lover and hidden child!
That's my wife and child
Yesterday evening, Kenji was seen walking in the entertainment district of Vinay del Zexay with a beautiful woman and a child. The first witness, Aranis, stated that the three were walking happily and were like a true family.

"It IS my true wife, and I have never hidden that fact," Kenji said, when interviewed by the newspaper. "Illegitimate child? No! I've never hidden the fact," he stated. Are they really a true family?' Wait for the next news.

Last war between (FC) and magician
It has been reported that the magician, The Masked Bishop, who stole the True Runes, is performing a wicked ritual to destroy them at the Cyndar Ruins, to the north of Great Hollow. The effect of performing this ritual is unknown. According to analysts, the minimum result would be the destruction of Grassland.

The worst-case scenario would be to bring about the end of the world. The Fire Bringers have dispatched soldiers to prevent the ritual and bring an end to the war with the Masked Bishop. It will be the fiercest war ever. Let us pray that the Fire Champion, (FC) will all return safely.

Master Thomas removed from Zexen Council
At noon today, the Zexen Council designated Sir Leo, of the Zexen Knights, as Special Envoy. The Council further declared the Castle grounds to be territory belonging to the Zexen Federation. In addition, they announced their decision to send Master Thomas off to Vinay del Zexay under armed guard.

Master Thomas's arbitrary dismissal by the Council has thrown the Castle into an uproar, but a rejection of the Council's decision would inevitably provoke an armed confrontation with the Zexen Knights. Even if the dismissal is accepted, the future safety of the Castle's residents cannot be guaranteed. Surrender or fight? On Master Thomas's decision hangs the future of our Castle and its occupants.

Mike and his mysterious face:
His smile and the underworld
Mike has many female fans because of his charming appearance and lighthearted smile, but it seems he is secretly meeting men dressed in black every night. A witness, whom we call M, said that he had seen these men saluting Mike.

A boy detective, who claims familiarity with such things, said, "It is possible that he is connected with an underworld organization". However, there is no evidence to support this claim. Will there be a day when the true face behind his smile will be revealed?

Nash having an affair?
Not revealing the truth
Nash, known as a devoted husband, is suspected of having an affair. Nash was seen walking with an unknown girl by the lake at night. A witness said, "Ho ho ho, it must have been an affair. Who was it? I couldn't see clearly because it was far away, but she seemed to be a beautiful girl with a creamy complexion.

I wanted to take his place." Nash claimed she was 'just an old friend' when he was interviewed. This seemed a little evasive. His wife's troubles continue.

Piccolo and Martha doing business!
A synergy effect?
Mr. J (pseudonym), following the advice of Piccolo, recently bought lottery tickets of groups A to Z, with the last three numbers of '777.' According to Piccolo's prediction, the last three numbers of the first-prize lottery ticket would be 777, but this was not the case. Mr. J was aghast when, afterward, he saw Martha paying Piccolo. J said, "It's possible they have worked out some kind of deal".

Could there be a cozy relationship between a fortune-teller and a lottery ticket seller? After interviews with this newspaper, Piccolo and Martha are saying "not possible", as if they arranged beforehand to tell the same story. The truth remains to be seen.

Previous owner of the Star Dragon Sword
Questions from war participants
Some of the participants in the Dunan Unification War are questioning the owner of the Star Dragon Sword. The Star Dragon Sword is known as Edge's sword, and it speaks human languages. It is said that it was owned by the captain, Victor, who took part in the Dunan Unification War.

In response to our inquiries, Edge stated, "An important person asked me to keep it". There are rumors that there is some kind of close relationship between the two owners, according to a source. The truth has yet to be revealed.

Reed sobbing at the Little Match Girl
Rumor that he is quite delicate
Recently, "The Little Match Girl" was staged. At the end of the play, when the girl goes to heaven, Reed broke down weeping. Samus, surprised, thought he was sick and took him to the clinic.

But it seems his only problem was that he couldn't stop weeping. Beneath his manly front lies the heart of a delicate girl. Samus was laughing heartily. Reed was saying something about chopping onions while watching the play, but nobody believed him.

Secret leaks from a friend
Franz flirting with Ruby before Iku
Franz and Iku are one of the few acknowledged couples at the Castle. A surprising fact was revealed about the two by Mr. R (pseudonym), who emigrated from Le Buque. By chance, R witnessed them quarrelling at Ruby's station six months ago. According to him, Franz, who believed Iku was being sullen, was making insinuating remarks to her.

He told her that "'Ruby is different," and that "Ruby doesn't mind small matters". R says Franz was behaving childishly. Interviewed by this newspaper, Franz said it was a ridiculous accusation. He said he would not accept further interviews.

There is a new Flame Champion
Chris takes over True Rune
Chris Lightfellow, Captain of the Zexen Knights, took over the True Fire Rune from its former bearer, Sana. Sana is chief of Chisha Village, and once fought with the Flame Champion against the Army of Harmonia.

From now on, Chris' obligations are the same as her predecessor's: to protect Grassland from Holy Harmonia Kingdom, whose recent actions are cause for suspicion. Can Chris match the achievements of the orignal Flame Champion, now 50 years in the past? The fate of the people of Grassland rests on the shoulders of Zexen's "White Maiden".

There is a new Flame Champion
Geddoe takes over True Rune
Geddoe, Captain of the Twelfth Unit of the Holy Harmonia Kingdom's Southern Frontier Defense Force, took over the True Fire Rune from its former bearer, Sana. Sana is chief of Chisha Village, and once fought with the Flame Champion.

From now on, his obligations are the same as his predecessor's: to protect Grassland from Holy Harmonia Kingdom, whose recent actions are cause for suspicion. The fate of the people of Grassland rests on the shoulders of the captain of the mercenary forces.

There is a new Flame Champion
Hugo takes over True Rune
Hugo, the eldest son of Lucia, the Karaya Chief, took over the True Fire Rune from its former bearer, Sana. Sana is chief of Chisha Village, and once fought with the Flame Champion against the Army of Harmonia.

From now on, Hugo's obligations are the same as his predecessor's: to protect Grassland from Holy Harmonia Kingdom, whose recent actions are cause for suspicion. Can Hugo match the achievements of the orignal Flame Champion, now 50 years in the past? The fate of the people of Grassland rests on the shoulders of a 15-year-old boy.

Thomas faints eating Cecile's food!
A born sweet lover's tragedy
Recently, Master Thomas fainted after eating a lunch made by Cecile. It was revealed that Thomas, who was working hard, received a homemade lunch from Cecile, and fainted suddenly after eating meatballs.

Cecile was shocked at what happened, and when she tried to go up to the castle roof, was stopped by a resident. Afterwards, the tragedy was resolved, because it turned out that Cecile's lunch was extremely hot, and she hadn't known that Thomas likes very sweet food. You'd better know the tastes of the person you make lunch for...

True Runes are stolen!!
During the battle at Brass Castle, in which Hugo was fighting, the True Fire Rune fell into the hands of the magicians. Losing the Fire Rune was a great blow to the Fire Bringers, as they have already been deprived of the Lightning Rune and the Water Rune.

There were rumors that the magicians intend to destroy the True Runes. If this occurs, the tragedy will be far more serious than that of 50 years ago, when the True Fire Rune got out of control. If the group of magicians are not tracked down, and the Runes are not brought back quickly, the future of this land cannot be guaranteed. The Fire Bringers will now be put to the test.

Wan Fu and Leo fainted in a bath
The two give no reason
A bath craftsman found that Wan Fu and Leo fainted in a bath the other night. The two were showing the white of their eyes, but their life was in no danger. When the craftsman put them into a water bath they awakened. The interviewers asked them the reason why they had fainted, but the two only gave a vague answer.

"Our baths are so comfortable that they may have fallen asleep," said Goro. We have never heard of anyone fainting after taking a nap in a bath, but a long bath may be very dangerous. Normal people should take baths of a reasonable length.

Who is the mysterious magician, the Masked Bishop?
Viki shares her memories
The mysterious magician, the Masked Bishop, was a member of the Dunan Army as well as the Toran Army. He was a person of merit, who once led the two armies to victory with his powerful magic. Viki, who knew him at both campaigns, shared her memories: "The bishop was always standing in front of a lithograph.

I thought he was lonely and asked him if he wanted to go on a picnic, but he refused and said I should go alone. But later he apologized and said he didn't go because the weather was poor. He's a nice person." There is a big difference between the Masked Bishop we know as a magician and the man that Viki once knew.

Winner of the drinking championship!
Winner is the owner of the tavern
Anne won the heavy drinkers' championship held the other day. Her incredible record was 6 bottles of wine, 8 bottles of whiskey, and 7 gallons of Japanese sake When the title favorites, among them Wan Fu, Joker and Leo, started to fall down, she continued drinking, keeping a firm expression.

This inspired such comments from the audience as "manly" and "impossible". The prize was a years' supply of Kanakan local wine. After Anne declared that she would drink it with the participants to commemorate the event, they ran away. For now, the customers at the bar will be quiet.

Yumi seen sleepwalking
Men want to cure her
Yumi, the beautiful warrior who is always at the top of the popularity polls, was suspected of sleepwalking. A witness said, "When I went to the kitchen at midnight, Yumi was wandering about the hallway. I called her, but it seemed she did not notice.

My wife said she was sleepwalking. I hope she gets better." Although it is a mystery what the witness and his wife were doing in the kitchen at night, we are worried about Yumi. We hope there are not any ill-intentioned people who want to take a walk with her at night.

Zexen Council besieges Lake Castle
Today, Master Thomas issued a rejection of the Zexen Council's order to immediately evacuate the Castle. The Zexen Council responded with a hardline policy, mobilizing the Border Guards and part of a Zexen Knight regiment to surround the Castle, on the grounds that the current occupants are now in violation of the law. The Castle then filed for an injunction, alleging that the Council is acting on a baseless pretext.

Master Thomas also announced that the Council has his full permission to search the Castle. The Council has since ordered its forces to withdraw while the situation is sorted out. The Council's Upper Chamber has been embroiled in this controversy, with no solution in sight. Whatever the outcome, it is clearly a time of great anxiety for our residents.

Erk's Adventure

Erk's Adventures (1)
The strongest adventurer on Earth, Erk de Forever, walked into a trap at the Cyndar Ruins and had to undergo trials. What were his trials? Pure hell. He was caught in a hole, and hot water was poured onto him. Erk in danger! To be continued...

Erk's Adventures (2)
After getting out of the hole, he turned the tap off to stop the hot water. It really was a close call. Once he calmed down, he heard a strange sound from the back of the hallway. Erk, panicking, turned to see what it was. It was a huge stone, rolling toward him. "I'll be squashed!" Erk in danger!

Erk's Adventures (3)
The big round stone was rolling toward him noisily, coming nearer each moment. "Wow!" Erk jumped to the side and dodged the stone. "I was safe because there was a lot of space. If the hallway was narrower, I would have been squashed!" Then, the ceiling fell down on him! Erk in danger!

Erk's Adventures (4)
The ceiling fell right on top of him. But Erk, holding up the ceiling with both arms, stirred up his spirit. "How about this!" Erk, with his tremendous strength, held up the ceiling and put it back into place. "How about my strength?" Erk walked toward the back of the ruins, but he fell into another hole! Erk in danger!

Erk's Adventures (5)
Erk was stuck in a hole again. "Ouch. Curse my luck!" Then, hot water was poured onto him again! "Ouch, I'm trapped in a hole again. I've botched it up!" The water was very hot, and Erk's skin became red. Erk in danger!

Erk's Adventures (6)
After crawling out of the hole, he turned the tap off to stop the hot water. "What danger! I was going to die!" Then a knife was pressed against the back of his head. "Don't move. If you do, I'll stab you," said someone, so Erk gave a little laugh and bravely turned around.

Erk's Adventures (7)
There was a beautiful lady behind Erk. "Who are you? Hey, who are you? I'm Marine, the treasure hunter. Won't you treasure hunt with me?" "Oh sure," said Erk. "Then let's go together," said Marine. To be continued...

Erk's Adventures (8)
Erk and Marine walked to the back of the ruins together. Suddenly, many needles stuck out of the wall like crazy. They would be skewered. "Look out! The needles are sticking out! We'll be skewered with them! Erk, do something!" Erk and Marine in danger!

Erk's Adventures (9)
Many needles came out of the wall. "Damn you needles!" Erk grabbed the needles, and with his enormous strength, put them back into the wall. "Erk, you're really strong. You're great." "Yeah, I have tremendous strength." Erk was relieved, but suddenly a monster came out from the back of the ruins! To be continued...

Erk's Adventures (10)
From the back of the ruins, a gigantic and strong-looking monster came walking toward them. "Erk! It's a monster!" Marine was surprised, but Erk stood in its way. "I haven't seen you for a long time, Monster Baker. I came to get rid of you." The monster looked down at Erk. Erk in danger!

Erk's Adventures (11)
"Die!" said Baker and knocked Erk out! "Ouch!" Erk blew away. "Ha ha ha!" Baker laughed heartily, shaking its body. "Pull yourself together!" Marine said, and then Baker drew nearer to Marine! Marine in danger!

Erk's Adventures (12)
Baker, the monster, attacked Marine. Then Baker chopped Marine's head with its steel arm. "Steel knockdown blow!" "Ah!" Marine fell down. "Maaarrriiine!" cried Erk. Blood gushed from Marine's head. Marine in danger!

Erk's Adventures (13)
Blood gushed from Marine's head, beaten by the steel arm. "Ah, I'm going to die." "You won't die just because your head cracked," said Erk. "I love you, Erk." "I love you, too." Then Marine died. "Maaarrriiine!" said Erk. To be continued...

Erk's Adventures (14)
Marine died from Baker's attack. Baker laughed heartily and said, "Ha ha ha! Frustrated, Erk?" "Maaarrriiiine!" "Cry, Erk, cry!" "Dammit, Baker! I'll avenge her! I'll avenge her!" Erk attacked Baker. To be continued...

Erk's Adventures (15)
Erk attacked Baker. Baker was tired after attacking Marine, and ran away in a mad rush. "Waaaiiit!" Erk wanted to avenge Marine's death, and chased Baker, who was running away toward the back of the ruins. Only Marine's dead body was left behind. To be continued...

Erk's Adventures (16)
Erk ran after Baker and then came to a room full of treasure. "Hey, Baker! If you don't come out, all the treasure in this room with be mine!" Baker replied, "I won't let you do that!" and appeared. "Let's fight to the finish," said Erk.

Erk's Adventures (17)
"I've rested a bit, so I'll give you another steel chop!" said Baker. Then he threw his arms up in the air. Erk was brave, so he said, "I won't lose!!" and attacked Baker. "You nut!" Baker said, and attacked Erk with his steel arm.

Erk's Adventures (18)
Baker attacked Erk wih the steel arm. "Bang!" The arm hit Erk's head. "Ouch!" said Erk. "You bastard!" Erk angrily held Baker's body and threw him at the wall. "Waoooo!" Baker sreamed, and died.

Erk's Adventures (19)
After a fierce fight, Baker died. "Good grief," said Erk, and was surprised by the treasure in the room. "These are the legendary treasures that make people come back to life! Great! With these treasures, Marine could live!" Erk was so happy that he ran out of the room. To be continued...

Erk's Adventures (20)
When the treasure was placed near Marine's body, she came to life. "I'm alive," said Marine. Erk said, "I'm glad you are alive, Marine." "Oh you're being cute, Erk", Marine said. The ruins then collapsed, and the two ran away. (The End)

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