Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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108 Stars of Destiny

Picture Name # Star Location
Thomas 1 Tenkai Star Budehuc Castle
Sasarai 2 Tengou Star Budehuc Castle
Caesar 3 Tenki Star Budehuc Castle
??? 4 Tenkan Star Great Hollow
Dupa 5 Tenyu Star Budehuc Castle
????? 6 Tenyu Star Great Hollow
Shiba 7 Tenmou Star Budehuc Castle
Lucia 8 Teni Star Budehuc Castle
Yuiri 9 Tenei Star Brass Castle
Salome 10 Tenki Star Vinay del Zexay
Jimba 11 Tenfu Star Budehuc Castle
Juan 12 Tenmen Star Budehuc Castle
Sgt Joe 13 Tenko Star Karayan Clan Village
Hugo 14 Tensyo Star Karayan Clan Village
Bazba 15 Tenritsu Star Budehuc Castle
Yun 16 Tensyo Star Chisha Village
Edge 17 Tenan Star Le Buque
Yumi 18 Tenyu Star Brass Castle
Fubar 19 Tenku Star Karaya Clan Village
Nash 20 Tensoku Star Brass Castle
Aila 21 Teni Star Karaya Clan Village
Hallec 22 Tensatsu Star Brass Castle
Chris 23 Tenbi Star Vinay del Zexay
Estella 24 Tentyu Star Alma Kinan
Cecile 25 Tentai Star Budehuc Castle
Geddoe 26 Tenjyu Star Vinay del Zexay
Melville 27 Tenken Star Vinay del Zexay
Ace 28 Tenhei Star Vinay del Zexay
Alanis 29 Tenzai Star Great Hollow
Queen 30 Tenson Star Vinay del Zexay
Elliot 31 Tenpai Star Vinay del Zexay
Franz 32 Tenrou Star Le Buque
Iku 33 Tensui Star Le Buque
Scott 34 Tenbou Star Brass Castle
Ernie 35 Tenkoku Star Brass Castle
Dios 36 Tenkou Star Budehuc Castle
????? 37 Chikai Star Great Hollow
Mua 38 Chisatsu Star Brass Castle
Dominic 39 Chiyu Star Vinay del Zexay
Jeane 40 Chiketsu Star Brass Castle
Shabon 41 Chiyu Star Vinay del Zexay
Fred 42 Chii Star Duck Village
Rico 43 Chiei Star Duck Village
Percival 44 Chiki Star Brass Castle
Borus 45 Chimou Star Vinay del Zexay
Twaikin 46 Chibun Star Great Hollow
Nadir 47 Chisei Star Caleria
Duke 48 Chikatsu Star Mt Senai
Barts 49 Chikyou Star Iksay Village
Bright 50 Chian Star Caleria
Toppo 51 Chian Star Vinay del Zexay
Beechum 52 Chiziku Star Budehuc Castle
Gau 53 Chikai Star Mt Senai
Reed 54 Chisa Star Brass Castle
Samus 55 Chiyu Star Brass Castle
Mio 56 Chirei Star Iksay Village
Tuta 57 Chijyu Star Chisha Castle
Futch 58 Chibi Star Caleria
Lilly 59 Chikyu Star Brass Castle
Jefferson 60 Chibaku Star Budehuc Castle
????? 61 Chizen Star Great Hollow
Watari 62 Chikou Star Iksay Village
Ayame 63 Chikyou Star North Cavern
Sebastian 64 Chihi Star Budehuc Castle
Shizu 65 Chisou Star Budehuc Castle
Hortez VII 66 Chikou Star Duck Village
Elaine 67 Chimei Star Mt Senai
Jacques 68 Chisin Star Vinay del Zexay
Joker 69 Chitai Star Vinay del Zexay
Wan Fu 70 Chiman Star Chisha Village
Eike 71 Chisu Star Budehuc Castle
Leo 72 Chisyu Star Brass Castle
Roland 73 Chiin Star Vinay del Zexay
Sharon 74 Chii Star Caleria
Nicolas 75 Chiri Star Mt Senai
Gadget Z 76 Chisyun Star Brass Castle
Nei 77 Chigaku Star Vinay del Zexay
Viki 78 Chitatsu Star Mountain Path
Little Viki 79 Chisoku Star Mountain Path
Augustine 80 Chichin Star Vinay del Zexay
Belle 81 Chikei Star Brass Castle
Koroku 82 Chima Star Mt Hei Tou
Arthur 83 Chiyou Star Brass Castle
Kidd 84 Chiyu Star Duck Village
Apple 85 Chifuku Star Budehuc Castle
Kenji 86 Chihi Star Yaza Plain
Mel 87 Chiku Star Iksay Village
Peggi 88 Chiko Star Great Hollow
Martha 89 Chizen Star Budehuc Castle
Wilder 90 Chitan Star Duck Village
Rhett 91 Chikaku Star Duck Village
Louis 92 Chisyu Star Vinay del Zexay
Mamie 93 Chizou Star Duck Village
Ruby 94 Chihei Star Le Buque
Muto 95 Chison Star Budehuc Castle
Landis 96 Chido Star Kuput Forest
Kathy 97 Chisatsu Star Northern Amur Plains
Emily 98 Chiaku Star Chisha Village
Billy 99 Chisyu Star Budehuc Castle
Mike 100 Chisu Star Caleria
Luce 101 Chiin Star Budehuc Castle
Sanae Y 102 Chikei Star Duck Village
Anne 103 Chisou Star Budehuc Castle
Goro 104 Chiretsu Star Zexan Forest
Piccolo 105 Chiken Star Budehuc Castle
Rody 106 Chimou Star Alma Kinan
Guillaume 107 Chizoku Star Ancient Highway
Gordon 108 Chiku Star Iksay Village

Non Stars of Destiny

Picture Name # Star Location
Connie None None Great Hollow
Kogoro None None Cyndar Ruins
Koichi None None North Cavern
Kosanji None None Mt Senai
Lulu None None Karaya Clan Village

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