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Bath Items

When you recruit Goro, you can use the hot springs he builds. When you take any bath items into the bath with you, you'll notice that the bath will look different. Bath items can be dropped by enemies or found in towns. There isn't much of a point to this, but it's still fun. Another interesting aspect of the bath is that when you take certain party members into it with you, some humorous dialogue takes place. I'll list the different combinations you can make.

One person events


Two person events

Belle and Mel

Viki and Young Viki

Futch and Bright

Cecile and Chris

Lilly and Jeane

Elaine and Queen

Billy and Melville

Augustine and Gordon

Chris and Estella

Kenji and Hugo

Franz and Ruby

Juan and Eike

Chris and Ayame

Kenji and Roland

Rody and Louis

Landis and Elliot

Young Viki and Estella (Chris and Estella event must be done first)

Beecham and Nicholas

Three person events

Lucia, Anne, and Aila

Joker, Ace, and Jacques

Sharon, Emily, and Sanae Y.

Sgt. Joe, Wilder, and Rhett

Dupa, Shiba, and Bazba

Bazba, Sgt. Joe, and Ruby

Jacques, Watari, and Toppo

Nash, Ace, and Hallec

Lilly, Reed, and Samus

Franz, Futch, and Fred

Wan Fu, Leo, and Hallec

Melville, Rody, and Louis

Duke, Thomas, and Edge

Mio, Nei, and Yumi

Piccolo and Wan Fu (Wan Fu, Leo, and Hallec event must be done first)

Five person events

The five dogs

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