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Theatre Information

The theater run by Nadir in the taven is a fun diversion from the plot of the game, while also earning you money in the process. Below are the scripts to the play, with best and worst performances for each character is listed below that.

Script Information

Script Number Name Info Where to find
Script #1 The Match Girl A play about a little girl who is forced to sell matches on a corner street. Comes with Nadir
Script #2 The Boy Who Cried Wolf A play about a boy would play tricks on the townfolks by shouting wolf until a real wolf comes and nobody believes him. Little girl at Vinay del Zexay Inn
Script #3 Romeo and Juiet The classic story of two starcrossed lovers who family are fueding over.. Found in the treasure chest in North Cavern
Script #4 William Tell A play about the archer who put his trust in his archary skills by shooting an apple off his son head.. Little girl in La Buque Inn
Script #5 Neclord's End A play about the final battle against Neclord from Suikoden II. If you uploaded Suikoden II data, then you will find this on a corpse in Cyndar Ruins
Script #6 Imperial Love A play about the final fight against Emperor Barbaros from Sukikoden penned by Milch the Flower General. If you uploaded Suikoden I data , then you will find this script in the treasure chest at Mt Senai

Best and Worst Performances

Below is the list of best and worst performances for the six plays you can perform in the game. Not every character is include, and only the best and worst five are listed. If not shown, then they are inbetween the two groups, which their performance might make the play suffer.

#1 The Match Girl

Character Best Picks Worst Picks
Child Belle, Mel, Alanis, Shabon, Louis, and Scott Reed, Gadget, Sasarai, Borus, and Hortez VII
Match Girl Alanis, Jeane, Ernie, Sanae Y, and Shabon Augustine, Guillaume, Sgt Joe, Melville, and Fred
Narrator Apple, Mike, Arthur, Toppo, and Mel Hallec, Tuta, Eike, Landis, and Ruby
Passer-by Nei, Iku, Toppo, Barts, and Queen Landis, Hallec, Tuta, Jefferson, and Guillaume
Phantom Granny Luce, Mel, Nei, Martha, and Anne Ayame, Rody, Yuiri, Sgt Joe, and Chris

#2 The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Character Best Picks Worst Picks
Boy Kidd, Scott, Caesar, Mel, and Arthur Jefferson, Landis Guillaume, Jacques, and Connie
Narrator Mike, Jeane, Arthur, Gordon, and Estella Hallec, Landis, Eike, Jefferson, and Augustine
Sheep Muto, Rody, Sgt Joe, Rhett, and Ruby Percival, Nash, Gadget Z, Bright, and Gau
Wolf Gau, Bright, Fubar, Koichi, and Sgt Joe Rody, Gadget Z, Wilder, Muto, and Nash
Villager Toppo, Shabon, Nei, Mel, and Ace Tuta, Jefferson, Landis, Hallec, and Watari

#3 Rome and Juiet

Character Best Picks Worst Picks
Guard #1 Toppo, Jefferson, Cecile, Ace, and Samus Hallec, Tuta, Landis, Sasarai, and Wan Fu
Guard #2 Toppo, Jefferson, Cecile, Ace, and Samus Hallec, Tuta, Landis, Sasarai, and Wan Fu
Juiet Iku, Mio, Nei, Jeane, and Shizu Augustine, Martha, Luce, Hugo, and Gadget Z
Nurse Luce, Nei, Martha, Mel, and Shizu Louis, Yumi, Belle, Koichi, and Gadget Z
Romeo Gordon, Franz, Yuiri, Augustine, and Queen Landis, Guillaume, Hallec, Dios, and Sebastion

#4 William Tell

Character Best Picks Worst Picks
Attendant Rico, Reed, Ace, Cecil, and Nash Landis, Hallec, Tuta, Guillaume, and Yun
Crowd Toppo, Nei, Ace, Shabon, and Mel Landis, Tuta, Dios, Guillaume, and Rody
Lord Guillaume, Augustine, Salome, Jefferson, and Sasarai Tuta, Hallec, Landis, Rody, and Kidd
Son Elliot, Louis, Shabon, Kidd, and Scott Hallec, Guillaume, Wan Fu, Tuta, and Landis
William Tell Roland, Yuiri, Yumi, and Jacques None

#5 Neclord's End

Character Best Picks Worst Picks
Flik Edge, Nash, Nei, Percival, and Ace Tuta, Dios, Sebastian, Wan Fu, and Mua
Narrator Mike, Ace, Kidd, Percival, and Hortez VII Hallec, Wan Fu, Martha, Cecile, and Billy
Neclord Landis, Guillaume, Salome, Hallec, and Ace Rody, Wan Fu, Rhett, Gadget Z, and Wilder
Riou Rody, Mel, Thomas, Louis, and Shabon Hallec, Guillaume, Leo, Eike, and Twaikin
Sierra Little Viki, Mel, Nei, Alanis, and Rody Guillaume, Jefferson, Augustine, Luce, and Gadget Z
Viktor Ace, Billy, Wan Fu, Emily, and Gau Tuta, Piccolo, Sebastian, Guillaume, and Watari

#6 Imperial Love

Character Best Picks Worst Picks
Barbarossa Mua, Mel, Jefferson, Hortez VII, and Billy Landis, Hallec, Sebastian, Guillaume, and Koichi
Golden Hydra Bright, Ruby, Hallec, Fubar, and Kenji Futch, Gadget Z, Wilder, Rody, and Jacques
McDohl Melville, Jeane, Mel, Hugo, and Cecile Landis, Hallec, Tuta, Eike, and Dios
Milch Augustine, Mel, Estella, Guillaume, and Nei Leo, Borus, Samus, Rico, and Melville
Flik Edge, Jeane, Nei, Mel, and Percival Landis, Tuta, Hallec, Guillaume, and Eike
Viktor Billy, Wan Fu, Emily, Gau, and Joker Tuta, Eike, Leo, Melville, and Dios