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Story Bosses

Due to the odd nature of game play, we have separated the list by the order of game, from Hugo chapter 1-3, Chris chapter 2-3, Geddoe chapter 1-3, Thomas chapter 1, and the Flame Champion chapter 4-5. The bosses are grouped by who they are with in battle, along with strategies to beat them. Minor boss fights with soldiers are not listed. Note that the bonus chapter isn't cover; due to the fact the names of bosses you fight will reveal a spoiler.

Hugo - Chapter 1

Leo and Percival plus Zexan Knights

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Leo 600 105 2200 Vinay del Zexay Leo is the most powerful of this group, hitting for over 100 dmg, easily killing one of your characters if not build up. If you can't defeat this group in three turns, it will automatically end when Fubar lands on the soldiers.
Percival 500 120 1700 Vinay del Zexay Percival is tough, but he isn't nearly as strong compare to Leo. But he still tough enough to kill one of your characters in one hit, so be careful around him.
Zexan Knight 230 None 350 Vinay del Zexay You fight two of these tough knights in this fight, which is already bad enough due to Leo and Percival. Take them out first, because you need all the hps you can spare to survive Leo's attacks.

Hugo - Chapter 2

The Mysterious Man in Black

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Man in Black 2500 100 10000 Ancient Highway If you chose not to take Lilly's advice and decide to speak to the Mask Bishop, you will be forced to fight the Man in Black, who is a powerful sword fighter who can avoid most damage easily. Beware of his powerful Eight-Fold Rune attack, as it will most likely kill the person it aiming at. It isn't necessary to win (you still continue the game if you lose), but if you do wish to beat him, you must level up greatly in the Ancient Highway and have the maxed out level on your weapon. Just give it all you got and good luck.

Hugo - Chapter 3

Leo and Roland plus Zexan Knights

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Leo 800 110 7000 Brass Castle Once again you face Leo in battle with two Zexan Knights by his side, but instead of Percival, you get to fight Roland. But now that you have better equipment and weapon rating, plus Hallac and Muo, so it not nearly as one sided the Vinay del Zexay fight was. Have Hallac attack Leo while the rest attack the knights.
Roland 500 90 6000 Brass Castle The Zexan archer who threaten you in chapter 1 at Brass Castle has joined Leo and the two knights in this battle. His Great Hawk move can do about 100 dmg to your party, but other then that, he isn't much of a threat.
Zexan Knight 470 None 3400 Brass Castle By now these two knights seem like nothing compared to when you fought them in Vinay del Zexay two chapters ago. Just attack and they will die in no time.

Chris - Chapter 2

Shiba and the Lizard Clan

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Shiba 850 140 3500 Great Hollow After fighting two groups of lizard fighters, it time to fight the boss, Shiba, who is flank by five lizard fighters. Take out his men first, as he will go into a berserk mode if damaged enough. Once his men are gone, use Chris' phoenix rune, while the other knights attack him with their unite attack. He should go down in no time.
Lizard Fighters 240 None 110 Great Hollow You actually have to fight these guys earlier in the Great Hollow, but this time they come in a pack of five along with Shiba. Use Roland's Great Hawk while the other knights attack them with their swords. Save Shiba for last, as he can quite powerful.

Shiba and the Lizard Clan Rematch

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Shiba 950 150 3700 Iksay Village A rematch with Shiba and his five men lizard fighters is an optional boss fight in Iksay Village (you fight him if you accept his challenge). It plays out the same as the last fight, but since you don't have as many knights this time, he will be tougher to beat. Get rid of his lizards first before attacking him, since he goes into a berserk rage when low on hp.
Lizard Fighters 250 None 2800 Iksay Village Once again you fight lizard clan members with Shiba, but this time you have Percival and Nash in your party. They are still powerful like the fight in Great Hollow, but by this time Chris should be higher up in level and have a good weapon rating, so they should last too long. Just heal up if a characters attacked by the lizards.

Chris - Chapter 3

Franz and the Mantor Riders

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Franz 400 70 2500 Chisha Village Franz and his gang of Mantor riders attack the small Chisha Village, and it up to you drive him back. Franz comes with his own mantor, Ruby, along with a Mantor Legionnaire and his mantor. Franz is pretty weak in combat, as one hit from Chris' Phoenix Rune should defeat him.
Ruby 400 60 None Chisha Village Ruby is a lot tougher then her trainer, Franz, due to the special attack where she fires a beam at your party. The plus side to this is that Ruby will be unbalanced for the next turn, allowing you time to finish her off.
Mantor Legionnaire 400 70 None Chisha Village The Legionnaire is pretty tough with his weapon, but is pretty much the same as Franz, which means he will die in a few hits.
Mantor 400 60 2500 Chisha Village A lot like Ruby, down to the same attack which causes unbalanced state.


Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Yuber 2500 150 10000 Kuput Forest Yuber is a tough boss, due to his annoying dodge/counter combo he likes to do, along with his deadly Eight-Fold Rune, which can kill a party member with no effort. Best way to beat him is to have Chris use her Phoenix Rune, as he can't dodge it, have Fred and Rico unite against him, the two Alma Kinan girls use their arrows, and Nash attack or heal when the party is hurt. He should be defeated after a few turns, but you will lose some of your party.

Masked Bishop, Sarah, and Yuber

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Masked Bishop 900 190 20000 Alma Kinan The Masked Bishop and friends are very hard to defeat in this story fight (you don't have to win, the game will continue if you lose), unless you cast Sleep on them. If it puts both the Bishop and Sarah to sleep, then you are safe, unless a party member accidentally attacks them the first turn. If not, then prepare to die in one hit by his powerful Wind magic. After being put to sleep, only one or two hits from a direct attack will defeat him.
Sarah 750 150 15000 Alma Kinan Sarah is a powerful sorceress, and her water magic can either heal everyone up to full power or cast a powerful water spell that can kill your entire party. But she can be defeated easily if she gets hit by Sleep, which she will then get defeated by a couple attacks.
Yuber 2500 150 10000 Alma Kinan Yuber is back, and while his attacks haven't changed from the fight in the forest, he is immune to Sleep, so he still very dangerous. After getting rid of the Bishop and Sarah, attack Yuber with your strongest attacks while hoping he doesn't counter you.

Geddoe - Chapter 1

Chris and the Zexan Knights

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Chris 800 90 3500 Great Hollow The fight against Chris is a very tough one, due to the fact she has five Zexan Knights, along with her powerful Water Magic that can nearly wipe out your party in one blow. Unless you level up in the cave path before fighting her, you will not win. But if you are at level 30 and maxed out your weapon at this point in the game, you can defeat her if Geddoe uses his best lightning spell, have Ace and Joker unite attack against her, and have Shiba and Queen attack either the knights or Chris if you can. But if you get hit by the ice spell, then reset if you plan on winning. Get rid of her fast, because she can also heal everyone up for about 300 hp.
Zexan Knight 380 25 None Great Hollow There a lot knights in this tough fight, and unless you trained for it, you will lose (but it a story fight, so it doesn't matter). If you can't beat Chris doing the strategy above, then try casting powerful magic on the knights to elimate them first before going after her. One attack from Geddoe powerful lightning magic and the unite attack by Ace and Joker should kill a few, with Shiba and Queen mopping up the rest. Just beware if Chris casts her healing spell on them, as it will completely restore their health.

Aila and the Karaya Fighters

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Aila 500 70 1200 Karaya Village Aila comes to battle with three Karaya Fighters in this story fight (ends after three turns), and it not too hard if you leveled up to beat Chris earlier. Take out her fighters first, as they are the most dangerous of the group. Afterwards have Geddoe and party attack her until she is defeated.
Karaya Fighters 210 45 1200 Karaya Village The Karaya Fighters are strong, but after defeating Chris and her Zexan Knights, they should be nothing. Take them out using Ace and Joker's unite attack while have the rest of the party attack them. They have strong attacks, but are weak in hps.

Borus and the Zexan Knights

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Borus 850 150 5000 Karaya Village Another hard boss fight (this time optional), this time against Borus of the Zexan Knights. He only bought two knights with him, but since you only have Queen and Geddoe, it going to be a hard fight unless you leveled up earlier. If Queen has a wind rune, have her cast sleep to put the knights and Borus asleep, then elimate the knights using your attacks. Afterwards attack Borus with Geddoe's lightning rune, while Queen uses her Ripple attack to poison him. He hits hard, so be careful and after a few turns, he will be defeated.
Zexan Knight 290 33 2160 Karaya Village The knights are tough, but if you can cast sleep in time, they will never get a chance to attack. If you don't have a wind rune to put them asleep, then you will have to attack them quickly to elimate them. There only two, but the lack of other party members make this fight hard.

Twin Snake

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Twin Snake 3900 500 12000 Mountain Path The final boss of chapter 1 is a pain to beat if you didn't level up earlier, as it has a powerful unite attack with it two heads that can do a lot of damage to your party. It will also bite any character is close to it for 100 dmg. Kill the heads off first, unless you are very strong, then attack the body, because the body dies, the two heads die automatically. Make sure to have Aila cast Clay Guardian to protect yourself from it attacks, while the rest focus on the heads or the body.
Left Head 1200 35 None Mountain Path The left head is a pain, as it likes to use water magic to not only hit everyone with ice breath, but heal up the other section of the body when they are damaged. Use Geddoe's lightning rune, while Ace and Joker unite. Aila and Jacques should attack with their arrows when not using spells, and if it doesn't heal itself, then it will die after a few turns.
Right Head 1200 35 None Mountain Path The right head likes to use a lot of fire based attacks, and if you plan on winning this fight, must be destroyed. Use Ace and Joker's unite attack while having Aila and Jacque attack with their arrows (after having Aila cast Clay Guardian). Have Geddoe use his lightning rune, while Queen will most likely attack the body. It will die after a few hits, but watch out for the unite attack with the other head and body.

Geddoe - Chapter 2

Franz and the Mantor Riders

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Franz 400 70 2700 Le Buque Upon entering Le Buque, you will be attacked by Franz, his mantor, Ruby, and two Legionnaire, plus two more mantors. It a tough fight against all of them, but if you managed to level up earlier, then it should be easy. Take out Franz first with direct attacks, while Aila casts Clay Guardian on the party.
Ruby 400 60 None Le Buque Ruby is a tough little bug, because of her powerful beam attack that does 100 dmg. But on the plus side, it causes unbalance, allowing you a chance to beat her down.
Mantor Legionnaire 350 50 2200 Le Buque The legionnaires are powerful, with their strong attack weapon, but if you cast Clay Guardian, their attack shouldn't do much damage. Kill them and Franz off first, as they can put a hurt to the party.
Mantor 350 50 None Le Buque A lot like Ruby, down to the same attack which causes unbalanced state.

Duke and his Mercenary Group

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Duke 700 80 4500 Mt Senai Another optional fight, this time has you fighting against your rivals, Duke and his mercenaries. Duke is pretty much Geddoe in strength, and while he is strong, you should take out Elaine first, since her spells are powerful. Duke can be defeated easily with the unite attack from the whole group, or direct attacks. Make sure to have Aila use Clay Guardian at the start.
Elaine 600 75 3300 Mt Senai Elaine has a powerful attack that can cripple your party if you let her live, so go after her first, using direct attacks and Joker and Ace's unite attack.
Gau 750 75 3500 Mt Senai Gau is powerful and fast, so he should be your next target after defeating Elaine. Use the same strategy to get rid of him quickly.
Nicholas 800 75 3200 Mt Senai The final member of the group to elimate is slow, but his defense is very high, and he can counter your attacks if you are unlucky. Use your magic or unite attack to finish him off.

Masked Bishop and Sarah

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Masked Bishop 900 190 20000 Mt Senai The Masked Bishop and Sarah are very hard to defeat in this story battle, since your party most likely not going to get to cast sleep on him in time (if you have it) before he uses his deadly wind rune on you. If he does get put to sleep, then attack him first, as his attacks can destroy your party in one hit.
Sarah 750 150 15000 Mt Senai Sarah is very dangerous with her powerful ice magic and cure spells, but if she is put to sleep in time, then you have a chance to win. Get rid of her after Luc, as her attack tends to not kill the whole party off. It a story fight, so if you lose, then no big deal.

Thomas - Chapter 1 (optional)

Wild Boar

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Wild Boar 400 40 750 Mt Hei-Tou This boss can be very trickily to defeat, as you haven't had much combat experience with Thomas yet. Make sure he up a few levels before, as it will make this fight easier. Have Thomas and Cecile use their unite attack while Piccolo uses his scroll magic on it (his regular magic is too slow). If Juan gets hit, then make sure his hps are high afterwards, as he can put a hurt to the boar. When it near death, the boar will go into berserk mode, meaning it can kill a party member in one hit if not careful. Keep up the attacks and it should die soon enough.

Flame Champion - Chapter 4

Fire Rincar

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Fire Rincar 5000 700 1800 Flame Champion Hideaway A powerful challenge awaits the successor of the True Fire Rune in the form of the Fire Rincar (short for Reincarnation), who has very powerful fire attacks. It does about 200 dmg to your party, which consists of Geddoe, Hugo, and Chris. Make sure everyone is heal up, while Geddoe uses his low level True Lightning Rune spells while Chris attacks with the Phoenix Rune. Hugo should be fine with his powerful direct hits. Save your magic and keep your hps high, as you have another boss fight after this. You get a Dragon Incense for winning this fight, along with the chosen character getting the True Fire Rune.

Masked Bishop, Sarah, Yuber, and Chimeras

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Masked Bishop 1000 190 20000 Flame Champion Hideway The Masked Bishop is back, and he bought his usual two friends plus three chimeras in this story fight. Use the wind rune on whoever has it or a sleep scroll to put Masked Bishop and Sarah to sleep. While you should get rid of the bishop and Sarah quickly, you should kill the chimeras, as they are a pain in the butt. He uses the same powerful wind attacks like the last fight, so don't let him live for long.
Sarah 900 170 15000 Flame Champion Hideway Once again you should get rid of her quickly, as her powerful curing and ice spells will hinder you quickly if she is still alive or not asleep. Try to get rid of her quickly, but attack the chimeras if they get in the way.
Yuber 2500 150 10000 Flame Champion Hideway Yuber is up to his old trick of dodging every move you use on him while countering. Still has his annoying Eight-Fold Rune, even so it probably won't kill the character, it will put them in near death. He also has powerful lightning magic now, so watch out for that too. Save him for last, as the chimeras and the two magicians are the main problems. Have Chris use the Phoenix Rune while the others use the True Lightning and Fire Rune on him.
Chimera 700 95 5100 Flame Champion Hideway These annoying pests will be a pain in this fight if not removed quickly. Make sure the magicians are asleep first before going after them, or else you will lose this fight. They are easy to kill if damage you used a damage all attack from the True Fire Rune or Lightning Rune. If you don't kill them quickly, they will start using a powerful breath attack that can do 100 dmg if you don't have good armor. There three of them, so it will take a while to elimate them all.

Sarah and the Harmonian Soldiers

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Sarah 450 170 17000 Duck Village If the Flame Champion is either Hugo or Geddoe, then you will have to fight Sarah following the short major battle at Duck Village. You will use either Geddoe's team or a hand selected party (for Hugo) in this battle. While this boss fight is against Sarah, you don't need to beat her to win. Take out the five Harmonian Soldiers and you will win. But to make it easier, put Sarah to sleep with magic so you don't have to worry about her. If you can reach her afterwards, then quickly kill her off before she can attack with her magic.
Harmonian Soldier 450 70 6300 Duck Village The five man group of soldiers that are protecting Sarah are your focus in this fight, as the boss fight will end once they all die. Cast sleep to put most of them asleep or kill them off using your strongest rune magic or fighters.

Sarah and the Monsters

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Sarah 1100 190 15000 Cyndar Ruins Another boss fight against Sarah, with her bringing two chimeras and two ghost armors to protect herself. It similar to the fight you just had with the Harmonian Soldiers, which means the fight will end once they all die. Again cast sleep to keep her from using her powerful water spells.
Chimera 450 60 7800 Cynar Ruins The annoying chimeras are back, but this time they won't last against your party's assault. Use your direct attacks to finish them off before they start using their Shining Wind attack or breathe move.
Ghost Armor 1000 60 8000 Cynar Ruins These deadly armors are powerful, for they have two powerful attacks. Their first attack is to spin around, hurting everyone around them. The other is more deadly, has it splitting into pieces to hit all your party members. Take it out quickly, as it can make the fight more differcult then it already is.

Water Dragon and the Ice Pillars

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Water Dragon 9000 800 27000 Cyndar Ruins A hard boss fight has you facing against a powerful water dragon that surrounded by nine pillars made out of ice. The dragon can attack with powerful breath attacks and revive any fallen ice pillars. It the main focus of this boss fight, but make sure to get rid of 3/4 of the ice pillars, as their attacks are powerful. You get a Flowing Rune and the True Water Rune (shortly afterwards) for winning this boss fight.
Ice Pillar 1100 None None Cynar Ruins These annoying creatures surrounded the Water Dragon, keeping you from hurting it. They are not hard to kill, with a few direct attacks will take one out. But the main problem is the fact that all nine get a chance to hit, with two can unite to do 150 dmg to your party. Use a couple powerful damage all spells early on to elimate most of these things. Note that the Water Dragon can create a new Ice Pillar at the start of each turn.

Flame Champion - Chapter 5

Luc, Sarah, and the Monsters

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Luc 1200 190 25000 Mt Senai Luc comes after Geddoe and his group at the very end of Mt Senai, and with a group of three mirages and two salamanders, he is bent on taking your True Rune away. Cast sleep to put him and Sarah to asleep, as his powerful wind magic will quickly kill your party. Kill him first, unless the mirages are pissing you off.
Sarah 1100 190 15000 Mt Senai Sarah is still annoying, and she still should be put to sleep immediately before her water spells get casted. Kill her second, unless the mirages are hurting your party.
Mirage 370 80 7800 Mt Senai The three mirages you fight are pretty powerful, as they act like Yuber in the way of dodging your attacks, countering, and able to hit all your party members at once. Kill them after Luc and Sarah, unless they are being really annoying.
Salamander 1800 65 8500 Mt Senai I don't know why Luc bought two of these guys, but it good for you I guess. They are pretty weak, since they are monsters from chapter 3, so save them for last. The fire attacks they cast are strong, but if you have good armor, it will not do anything.

Sarah and Azzodesses

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Sarah 1100 190 15000 Kuput Forest Yep, it Sarah again, and she after your True Wind this time, whatever one that is carried by Chris. Use sleep and stuff to get rid of her quickly. *yawn*
Azzodesss 800 75 8800 Kuput Forest There are three of these henchwomen that you will have to fight as well, which I bet you fought before trying to get the treasure chest in Chapter 3 in the Flame Champion Hideaway. They have powerful lightning magic and that stupid overdrawn firefly attack that does 100 dmg, so kill them quickly (after putting Sarah to sleep of course).

Yuber and the Monsters

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Yuber 4500 210 17000 Ceremonial Site The mysterious black knight has challenged you to one last fight for the true rune, and this time he has two Hell Steed and three skeleton henchmen. Once again he has powerful lightning attacks and his annoying Eight-Fold Rune attack that can do over 300 dmg to a character. Be careful when attacking him directly, as he can avoid and counter your characters attack. Magic doesn't do much damage, but he doesn't like unite attacks, as he can't avoid them.
Hell Steed 1700 85 10000 Ceremonial Site These monsters are a upgraded Zombie Unicorn from the North Cavern, but with a powerful fire attack that can do 200 dmg to all characters. Kill it first, unless the skeletons are in the way.
Skeletons 750 80 8000 Ceremonial Site Annoying henchmen, these things are easy to beat, but are not wimps. Just be careful and don't your guard down while taking them out.

Sarah and the Monsters

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Sarah 3200 210 20000 Ceremonial Site The annoying sorceress is back for one final fight, and this time she bought friends in the form of two Azzodesses and two Horror Beasts. Cast sleep immediately at the start of the battle so you don't have to deal with her Heavenly Drops spell, which does 350 dmg to all allies. She is easy to beat once her minions are gone, or if you hit her with a high power spell.
Azzodess 950 90 12000 Ceremonial Site Sarah has two of these annoying monsters with her, and after fighting them in the hallway of this last level, you should know they have a powerful lightning attack that hits everyone along with a really annoying attack where she summons some firefly to hit you for it seems like twenty minutes for 100 dmg. Kill them immediately, as their magic attacks will be problems if you don't.
Horror Beast 1900 90 10000 Ceremonial Site There are two of this new monster that you previously never fought in the game. It has a powerful breath attack can do 200 dmg to one ally, so try to kill it off after putting Sarah to sleep.

Last Boss - Wind Rincar and the Four True Runes

Name HP SP Potch Location Info
Wind Rincar 11000 1000 50000 Ceremonial Site Luc has summoned a giant bird using the Wind Rune, and it your job to defeat it and the various true runes clones. The Wind Rincar has a number of nasty attacks, including it own version of Shining Wind that hits everyone for about 200 dmg. It also has a green missile attack that does 200 dmg to all characters. And it most dangerous attack is the unite attack with the four runes (which it can use if the runes are dead) that does over 300 dmg to all characters. At the end of every turn, it will change color, indicating which rune it planning on using on you. And to make matters worst for your party, you can't use any offensive rune magic that matches the remaining True Runes, as it will cancel it.

In order to beat this monster, kill off the runes, starting with the Water Rune, as it will revive any dead runes. Next target the Earth rune, as it will cast a spell to protect itself from magic. Then target the two remaining runes, both of which use powerful rune magic on your party. After destroying the fake True Runes, it will be time to attack the Wind Rincar using your strongest spells and most powerful fighters. Keep your hps above 350 and after a few turns, you will beat this deadly last boss and beat the game.
True Earth Rune 3500 60 None Ceremonial Site This rune doesn't do much in battle except cast Canopy Defense on the runes and the Wind Rincar, which allows it to bounce back any spell attack you use on it. If you are using a party of magicians, kill this one after the Water Rune. If not, then just save it for last before attacking Big Bird.
True Fire Rune 3000 60 None Ceremonial Site The most annoying of the offensive runes is the True Fire Rune, because when the Wind Rincar turns red, it will attack with Hellfire, which does over 200 dmg to all allies. That combined with one of the Wind Rincar attacks could easily kill off some of your weaker party members. It can also attack one of your single characters with Final Flame for 200 dmg. Kill it after beating the True Water Rune, unless your party is full of magicians, then kill the Earth Rune.
True Lightning Rune 3000 60 None Ceremonial Site The other offensive rune isn't nearly as bad compare to the True Fire Rune, but it still very deadly. It's can attack using either the Hammer of Raijin, doing over 200 dmg to one target, or it can attack with the very powerful Thunder Storm, which can deal over 250 dmg to your entire party. If have a party of fighters, you will need to kill this rune to reach the True Water Rune.
True Water Rune 4000 60 None Ceremonial Site The most annoying of the defensive runes needs to die if you plan on winning this fight. The reason is because if you kill any of the other True Runes, the water rune will cast Mother Ocean on it, reviving the rune to full health. Either attack with archers, spells from any rune except the four true runes, or kill the True Lightning to clear a path for your fighters to destroy this annoyance. Once the True Water Rune dies, it will stay dead.

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