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Major Battles

The major battles in Suikoden III happen after certain events in a game, which you have to control a set amount of units while trying to archive the objective of the mission. The major battles are set up like regular fights from the game, but you can't control any of the units or who they target. The battle ends at either round three, death of all units or leader, or if one of the units retreat. There are some units that have no leader, which in case you must kill all units to beat them.

The infomation in the link below contains the time table of events, detail infomation on all units (both side), hps for units, objective for the mission, and prize for performing the objective without losing any units or retreating from battle. To see which units can be selected for later missions along with inbattle skills infomation, then check the Army Units section or click on the sidebar.

Just beware of one thing while in major battles, which is if any character is in a losing unit (say Fred gets hit by bow), then they might die in battle. This will mess up your 108 ranking, so reset if this happens. You can tell if they die if they make a comment after the unit is destroyed.

Example Army (player)

Fake Unit 1

Fake Guy - **
Fake Knight - 123
Fake Leader - **

Fake Support - Support

Fake Unit 2

Fake Knight - 123
Fake Knight - 123
Fake Knight - 123
Fake Knight - 123

No Support

Fake Unit 3

[Open Spot]
[Open Spot]
[Open Spot]
Fake Leader - **

[Open Spot]

Note that ** means the current hp of that character. Also take note that any name in bold is the leader of that group and the slots on Fake Unit 3 that says [Open Spot] means you can add characters from the Army Unit page there.

List of Major Battles

Chris Major Battle 1 - "Ambush at Peace Treaty"

Chris Major Battle 2 - "Attack the Great Hollow"

Chris Major Battle 3 - "Defend Chisha Village"

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