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Picture Name Bio
Albert Albert Sliverberg, brother of Caesar Sliverberg and grandson of Leon Sliverberg has been send to the Grassland to aid the Harmonia Army. But he is hiding something, for he been seen with three other people looking for a old ruins.
Branky A loudmouth puppet of Mel that she uses in battle. It will insult anyone who tries to talk to it.
Flame Champion A legendary hero, he and his band of Fire Bringers were able to drive Harmonia out of the Grassland fifty years ago. But he hasn't seen since, but there are signs that he might be still alive.
Leknaat A mysterios lady who usually appears before the True Rune bears to tell them to gather the 108. Her role is smaller this time, but she appears in the bonus chapter...
Masked Bishop A mysterios man who was send to the Grassland by Harmonia to take the land over...but he has plans of his own.
Sana The leader of the Chisha Village, she is a kind old woman who just wants the wear between the Five Tribes and the Zexan Federation to end.
Sarah A mysterious witch who been spotted in the Grassland with three other people. She has the power to effect the area to cause people hate to dicate their actions.
Waurenhyte Scott's first trade was for this talking parrot, who is his constant companion at the Trading Shop.
Yuber A mysterious knight who some say does not move at all, but instead glide through the air. He has seen many battles and is always present in most events throughout the timeline. He been spotted with three other people in the Grassland.

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