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Budehuc Castle Services

I welcome you to the castle building section of the Suikoden III shrine. Budehuc Castle, is a massive old mansion that Lord Thomas owns. After meeting Thomas with any of the three characters, you can start recruiting people while also unlocking Thomas : Chapter 1 and 2. The Castle Building section is split into ten pieces, with this being the first page. Contained here is information on the shops, important areas, and other stuff. The other nine sections deal areas of interest that are too big to list on this page alone. Note that the Mini-Games, Blacksmith Upgrades, and the list of items in stock at the shop are listed in other pages in this shrine. Thanks.

Detailed Sections

Arthur's Newspaper Bath Script Comment Box
Dog Kennels Food Recipes Kidd's Reports
Library Books Medal Sets Theater Outline

List of Services

Antique Shop

Located inside the same building as the item shop is the Antique shop, where you can have the bizarre owner analyze the mystery objects to see if they are any good or just trash.


Locate in the east side of the castle is a room where the tough Jefferson can give ranks to your characters. The results of the ranks either are for show or add some slight boost to the characters. A list of all ranks can be found in the Metal Sets above.

Armor Shop

Outside of the castle, near where Juan lies on the job is the armor shop run by Dominic. As with Gordon, visiting each armor shop will increase his stock which you can purchase back at the castle. If you need to know what his stock is, check out the armor page on the left hand side.

Bath House

Found on the old ship (first floor basement through the hole in the back) is the bath house, where you can take a dip in the hot water and relax. Many strange scenes will take place here, which you can out what they are in the Bath Script above.

Blacksmith Forge

Outside of the castle near the armor shop lays the blacksmith workshop, where the Lizard Clan member, Peggi, will work on your weapon for a price. The various levels of the blacksmith depend on the hammer, with the copper hammer being the weakest, while golden hammer being the strongest. More on their skill level and the weapon power in the Blacksmith section of the shrine.

Bujutsu Teacher

Outside of the castle near the blacksmith is Juan, who is usually sleeping on the job. Taking to him allows you to upgrade your fighting skills. More can be found on Skills in the section of the same name.


Found in the second floor of the basement in a busted up jail cell is Kidd, a private eye who will look into the past of any living character...for a price. It generally takes him twenty minutes to return. All his discoveries can be found in the Kidd's Report above.

Dog Point of View

Talking to Koroku (sitting outside of the tavern) during chapter 4 and beyond will allow you to play the dog, who can run around the castle talking to characters or entering the Horse Racing trial. Talk to the Flame Champion to return back to your normal character.


Located on every floor of the castle is the elevator that Shizu has repaired. Using it makes travel in the castle a lot easier, plus you can explore the Budehuc Castle Basement, a hidden dungeon with monsters you can train your characters with.

Fortune Telling

At the very entrance to the castle grove is a tent, where the magician Piccolo will take your fortune for a price. The three settings determines what he says, with the most expensive one gives you advice where to go next or where to recruit a character.


Found in the library of the castle is the game of Goppu, which is Billy's game of cards. Another game of gambling is Kabu, found on the first floor. Kabu is another card game, which this time is hosted by Mike. More on both mini-games can be found in the upcoming Mini-Game section.


Found in the outside of the castle is Barts' garden, where you can give him seeds which he can turn into various crops you can use in battle or sell.

Horse Racing

Located outside of the castle wall, past the armor shop is the stable where Kathy trains her horses. Once you talk to her, you can set up a race with three different settings, where you try to beat your high score to earn prizes.


A castle can't be complete without it own inn, which Sebastian the butler retains. Since this place is owned by Thomas and does need money to survive, you will be charged 200 potch to stay the night.

Item Shop

Gordon has a wide selection of good from around the world, which actually has everything from each item shop you visit. Check the item page for a list of all stuff at the item shops. You can find his shop in the entrance grove leading up to the castle.


Located in the second floor is the library, where the creepy Eike stores all the old books you have collected throughout the game. Talking to him allows you to read a section of the books, containing facts and history within.


On the outside grove leading into the castle is Martha's Lottery shop, where she sells tickets to the next sales period. More on the lottery can be found in the Mini-Game section.


There are some things in the castle that are special, but nobody has any control over them. The second floor contains a Comment Box, where you will get random remarks from your characters. More on that can be found in the section of the same name above. Also you can put your antiques you identify inside the castle, with pots and plants on the tables, paintings on the wall, and statues in the Statue Room.


Posted on the wall on the second floor is the local newspaper, edited by Arthur. The stories generally relate to what going on the game at the time period, with some random story about some of the castle guests. Also found in the back is the strange adventure comic written by Hitman Bravo, who some suggest is really Ace.

Party Change

Changing your party is slightly different from past Suikodens. During chapter 1-3 of any character, Sebastian will take care of changing your party. But after the army unites, Anne will take over from Sebastian by allowing you to change your party at her tavern on the west side of the castle.


Outside the castle, near the lake is a small restaurant run by Mamie, a daughter of a famous chef. She turns the recipes and spices you collect into food that you can use in battle to heal yourself or harm the monsters. A certain time will pass and she will give you profit based on the sales of the menu. To find out how to make the food, check the Food Recipe, while the item page contains descriptions on all the food items.

Rune Shop

Outside in the large opening leading to the castle is a rune shop run by the ditsy girl, Jeane. She can attach runes to you for a small fee, while also selling all runes you can purchase from other rune shops in the game. More on runes can be found in that section of the shrine.

Scroll Shop

The Scroll Shop run by Hortez VII is found in the same building as Jeane's Rune Shop. The scroll shop allows you to turn useless runes into power scrolls that you can use in battle to hurt monsters. A list of all scrolls can be found in the item page.

Sound Test

Located in the tavern of Lake Castle is Nei, Shabon, and Toppo. They will allow you to listen to the music of the game at anytime. Just remember that not all music from the game will appear here, so don't get disappointed.


In the first floor of the castle is Viki, the girl who has the gift to teleport you anywhere in seconds. Her magical gift is a blessing to you, as she can teleport you to any place you visited before in the game. Below is a listing of all towns and dungeons she can warp you to.

Alma Kinan Amur Plains Ancient Highway
Brass Castle Caleria Ceremonial Site
Chisha Village Duck Village Flame Champ Highaway
Great Hollow Homeland Iksay Village
Kaput Forest Karaya Village Le Buque
Mt Hei-Tou Mt Senai Mountain Path
North Amur Plains North Cavern Tablet of Stars
Vinay del Zexay Yaza Plains Zexan Forest


Locate in the same tavern where Anne changes your party is the theatre, where Nadir allows you put your 108 Stars in various plays that will either sell out or get boo off the stage. You can either change the cast for a play or watch the performance to see how well it does. Note that you will be paid slightly after a certain period. An outline of the play can be found in the Theatre Outline above.


Found on the outside wall of the castle is Scott's Trading Shop, where you can buy various items that you can take to other trading shops in the Grassland to earn some money. More can be found in the Trading Shop page.


Found in the library of the castle is Ernie, a very smart girl who can train your characters to learn better magic skills. To read about skills, check out the Skills page.


Talking to Muto will allow you to place unwanted items in the vault. The vault can hold up to 24 items during one of the character chapters, but after chapter 4, your item stock goes up to 210 and you gain access to all items previous stored there (items that were the party inventory of Thomas and the two main characters you didn't select as the Flame Champion go here as well). You can also sell from inside the vault any items you no longer need. The vault is found in the first floor of the basement.

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