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Army Units

This page lists all character who can be put into your army. Along with that infomation, it also lists what skill they have, along with all support characters. Do note that non-story vips can die in combat if their unit gets destroyed. Easy way to tell who can die is to hit Story VIP when assigning units, and whoever goes to Reserve can die. Try to avoid using characters if their armor is outdated, weapon isn't very strong, and/or they are very low level. Enemy units are covered in the major battle section.

Do note that while all the characters listed here are selectable in major battles, they will not be usuble in all battles. Some may only fight for one chapter, while others might be around for the whole game. Also note that the main character with the True Fire Rune and True Water Rune will have the special ability that comes with them addition to the ones mentioned below.

Army Units

Picture Name Skill
Ace Riding
Augustine Tactics I
Bazba Surprise
Bright None
Cecile None
Chris Riding, Tactics I, Valor I
Duke Tactics I, Valor I
Dupa Valor III, Surprise
Edge None
Elaine None
Emily None
Franz None
Fred Tactics I
Fubar Surprise
Futch None
Gau None
Geddoe Valor II
Hugo None
Jacques None
Landis Surprise
Lilly Valor II
Lucia Control V, Valor II
Mua None
Nash Tactics II
Nicolas None
Queen None
Reed None
Rico Quick Aid
Rhett None
Ruby None
Salome Control VI, Tactics II
Samus None
Sanae Y Valor II
Sasarai Lightning Rune x2
Sgt Joe Valor II
Sharon None
Shiba Surprise
Thomas Quicken x1
Twaikin None
Viki None
Wan Fu None
Wilder None
Yumi Surprise

Support Units

Picture Name Skill
Anne Quicken x1
Apple Control V, Tactics II
Beechum Valor I
Caesar Control VII, Tactics III
Estella Fire Rune x2
Jeane Lightning Rune x1
Joker Tactics II
Mio Heal x2, Quick Aid
Nei Quicken x2
Salome Control VI, Tactics II
Sana Quick Aid
Tuta Quick Aid, Heal x3
Yun Heal x3, Quick Aid
Yuiri Water Rune x1


Here is a list of all skills used in major battles and what effect they have. Note that army units will have skills, so support are not the only one with that option.

Name Misc Info
Control Decides how many units can be moved per turn. Highest number Control skill in field will determine how many moves you have. (Control VIII equal seven moves per turn)
Fire Rune Damage every unit in the area next to the unit with this skill.
Heal Heals all hps for one unit (select the unit when clicking the area).
Lightning Rune Can target one army unit of your choice from two areas away with lightning magic.
Quick Aid Heals 25% of all lost hps to all members of the unit.
Riding Unit with this ablity can travel up to three spaces in friendly areas.
Surprise When the unit is in a forest area, their attack is up 50%.
Tactics Raises attack coordination with all members of the unit. (Tactics I for 5%, Tactics II for 7%, and Tactics III for 10%)
Valor Raises offensive power of all members in the unit. (Valor I ups power by 5%, Vaolor II ups power by 10%, Valor III ups power by 20%)
Water Rune Can heal all the hps for every member of a unit. Works from up to one area away.

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