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Koroku usually hangs out by the west entrance to the castle when you recruit him, and he starts off with a normal kennel. You can give these to him to give him a more luxurious home, and besides that, it makes your castle look nicer.

Do note that the old kennels can't be thrown away or sold, so keep them in the vault.

Name Where to find
Arabian Kennel Talk to a man outside of Iku's house in Le Buque.
Beautiful Kennel Found in the treasure chest in Mountain Path.
Blue Kennel Win it from Billy's card game (2000 potch bet).
Castle Kennel Found in the treasure chest in North Cavern.
Orange Kennel Talk to the lone duck at Alma Kinan.
Yellow Kennel Always found the first time you search the corpse near the save state on Mt Hei-Tou.

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