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This is a list of all skills in the game and what they do. Some of the skills can be learned from the Tutor (magic) or Bujutsu Teacher (fighting). The rankings of a skill go as follows from lowest to highest: E, D, C, B, B+, A, S. The higher your grade in a skill, the better you'll be with it in battle. Only certain characters can reach S, A, or even B+ with some skills. You can test who is good with what skill using a tutor. Note that the list for "Best Fit" are characters who are either A or better in the skill or there only a few characters who can earn the skill.

Skills in bold are unique, and can only learned by certain character either automaticly or when you first get them. Note that the Support Skills list all characters who gain the skill instead of who best at it.

Name Info Best Fit
Accuracy Raises accuracy and can sometimes pierce through enemy armor Bazba, Chris, Hugo, Lilly, Percival, Thomas, Yuiri
Appraisal Increases the chacnes of a ??? item being identified when found. Arthur, Eike, Elliot, Goro, Guilliame, Mio, Muto
Armor Protect Raises the strength of your armor in battle Borus, Leo, Mua, Nicolas
Bath Cures status and heals a certain amount of hps after battle. Barts, Goro
Blinking Magic Raises blinking rune chant speed and power Little Viki and Viki
Bujutsu Teacher Increases the damage party has in battle. Also provides a mobile training center. Juan
Chanting Volume Makes the Jongleur Rune chants harder to cancel out Nei, Shabon, Toppo
Chanting Purity Makes the effect of the Jongleur Rune stronger Nei, Shabon, Toppo
Cook Increases the chacnes of food being dropped after battle. Anne, Arthur, Billy, Louis, Luce, Mamie
Continual Attack Raises the chance of attacking twice or even three times in one turn Ayame, Hugo, Joke, Juan, Kenji, Koichi, Lucia, Nash
Counter-attack Raises the chance of counter attacking after being hit by an enemy attack Ayame, Edge, Joker, Watari
Damage Raises the amount of damage the character will delivery to the monster. Borus, Cecile, Chris, Dupa, Fred, Hallec, Leo, Rhett, Samus, Shiba
Discount Reduces the price of item and armor being sold at shops. Ace, Barts, Dios, Gordon, Luce, Martha, Nadir, Scott
Earth Magic Raises earth rune chant speed and power Aila, Belle, Kenji, Nei, Sasarai, Twaikin, Yumi
Fighting Spirit Helps nullify Stun and Unbalance status Gadget, Leo, Rico
Freeze Gives a chance of immobolizing an opponent after an attack Aila, Fubar, Geddoe, Kogoro, Reed
Fire Magic Raises fire rune chant speed and power Belle, Estella, Joker, Juan, Lucia, Shabon
Healing Heals a certain amount of hps after battle. Anne, Iku, Jeane, Louis, Luce, Mio, Sanae Y, Tuta
Heavy Damage Raises the chances of inflicting more damage than normal on an opponent Borus, Chris, Hugo, Juan, Lilly, Melville, Queen, Yuiri
Lightning Magic Raises lightning rune chant speed and power Estella, Geddoe, Mel, Piccolo
Magic Rationing If you cast a higher level magic spell, it will give you back one point in a lower magic level. Elaine, Rody, Sharon, Yuiri, Yumi
Magic Repel Raises the chance of repelling a foe's magic attack Sasarai
Pale Gate Rune Speeds the Pale Gate Rune chant Alanis, Connie, Estella, Piccolo, Sasarai
Parry Raises the chances of blocking a foe's direct attack Augustine, Chris, Geddoe, Jimba, Percival, Thomas
Potch Finder Increases the amount of money gained in battle. Apple, Guilliame, Sebastian
Precision Reduces the chances of spells casted by the user with this skill from hurting allies. Alanis, Elaine, Rody, Sasarai
Repel Raises the chance of repelling a foe's attack (this includes skill attacks, unlike Parry) Ayame, Emily, Hugo, Joker, Lucia, Mel, Nash, Sanae Y, Shabon, Thomas, Watari
Rune Sage Reduces the amount of time it takes to cast a spell. Also provides a mobile rune shop. Jeane, Mike
Sharpshoot Raises the range and damage of long ranged attacks Jacques, Yumi
Shield Magic Raises shield magic rune speed and power Salome
Swing Raises the chances of multi-attacks Emily, Hallec, Hugo, Juan, Mel, Rhett, Shabon, Watari
Thief Steal potches from the monsters Ace, Landis
Trade-In Allows party to gain money when discarding items from the menu. Billy, Gordon, Kathy, Mike
Treasure Hunt Increases the chacnes of monsters dropping treasure after battle. Arthur, Elliot, Guilliame, Kidd
Tutor Increases the damage done by magic from the party. Also provides a mobile tutor school. Caesar, Ernie, Hortez VII, Iku, Nadir
Water Magic Raises water rune chant speed and power Alanis, Jimba, Little Viki, Nei, Rody, Salome, Sasarai, Viki
Wind Magic Raises wind wind rune chant speed and power Little Viki, Thomas, Viki, Yuiri

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