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Experience point gain is based off of:  1.)What monster you killed, 2.)How many of them you killed, and 3.)What party members are still alive to receive experience.  Experience is divided among surviving members, meaning, the less number of alive people you have, the more exp. you get for killing things.  The numbers list below are based on killing 1 monster of that type, seeing how much xp is given, and multying it by 6 (as you can have up to a full party of 6).  I.E.-1 Silver Slime gives each member in a full group 5000Exp.  So take 5000 x 6 and you get 30000 Exp.  That is how much exp 1 Silver Slime would give in a party of just one member. *Silver Slimes are impossible to kill with just one member, I was just using it as an example.*  To get the reverse effect, just divide whatever the number is by the number of alive allies to get their individual exp gain.  There are 109 monsters in all.

Also, unlike some games.. you do not have to kill all monsters in a fight to get experience after battle.  You get whatever you killed right off.  I.E.-If you got into a fight with several monsters but only killed one of them and then fled the battle, you will still get exp and gold for that one monster you killed.  Woot...

IMPORTANT!!~ If you'll notice, I didn't put an HP or MP amount for the monsters.  There HP seems to be in an estimated range, and not an exact number.  As for MP, they seem to be able to cast as many spells as they want.

I have different ways in which you can view the monster list by, encase you wanted to see it in a certain order.  You can view it by:

Original The bestiary listed in the game.  Monsters are listed by class and type.
List names in ABC order.
Appears On
Starting from B1-B10, Dimension World, The ABYSS.
Materials Dropped
Materials in ABC order.
Experience Points
Least to most EXP.
Gold Received
Least to most GOLD.

Arch Bishop The ABYSS Bishop's Bracelet 19998 1016
Lv.1 Bishop B3 Bishop's Bracelet 426 20
Lv.8 Bishop B5 Bishop's Bracelet 4698 505
Lv.10 Bishop B7 Bishop's Bracelet 12996 611
Harpy B1 Bogey Bird's Claw 138 20
Bogey Cat B1 Bogey Cat's Fur 216 35
Berserker The ABYSS Broken Sword 12396 716
Deathbringer The ABYSS Broken Sword 36060 3316
Kobold B1 Broken Sword 120 10
Lv.3 Warrior B4 Broken Sword 1560 40
Lv.7 Warrior B5 Broken Sword 3498 105
Lv.8 Warrior B6 Broken Sword 7998 125
Lv.10 Warrior B8 Broken Sword 10008 198
Ogre B4 Broken Sword 2328 100
Ogre Lord B7 Broken Sword 15000 360
Orc B1 Broken Sword 78 5
Orc King B2 Broken Sword 498 54
Raver Lord (A) B9 Broken Sword 21546 1900
Swordsman B9 Broken Sword 7998 200
Chimera B6 Chimera's Head 15996 500
Giant Spider B5 Cocoon 2796 90
Huge Spider (Green) B5 Cocoon 1500 60
Huge Spider (Red) B4 Cocoon 1236 40
Boring Beetle B3 Demon Egg 468 40
Dragonfly B3 Demon Egg 498 40
Spira lBeetle The ABYSS Demon Egg 12858 300
Stonefly B9 Demon Egg 12798 222
Will O'Wisp B8 Demon Egg 20088 2000
Elder Demon The ABYSS Devil's Horn 24060 4000
Gargoyle B4 Devil's Horn 3108 250
Greater Demon (B) B9 Devil's Horn 34998 999
Lesser Demon (C) B8 Devil's Horn 20016 666
Maelific DimensionWorld Devil's Horn 108168 5000
Spell Demon The ABYSS Devil's Horn 18006 2400
Gas Dragon B3 Dragon Heart 2400 400
Fire Dragon B8 Dragon Tail/Scale 30030 3000
Blue Dragon B10 Dragon Tail/Scale 27996 4860
Gold Dragon The ABYSS Dragon Tail/Scale 25698 60000
Copper Dragon The ABYSS Dragon Tail 23400 5800
White Dragon DimensionWorld Dragon Tail 90000 6430
Fairy (D) B8 Fairy's Wing 7056 50
Giant Toad B1 Frog Tongue 330 45
Frost Giant B8 Giant's Blood/Guts 17016 1310
Poison Giant B9 Giant's Blood/Guts/Tooth 24996 17
Fire Giant B6 Giant's Blood/Tooth 12048 1100
Earth Giant B5 Giant's Tooth 5196 300
Flesh Golem B8 Golem's Flesh 150000 9760
Gaze Hound B5 Hound's Ear 10500 500
Incubus B6 Incubus Wings 60000 4800
Fuma Ninja The ABYSS Ninja's Hood 18318 1000
High Ninja B10 Ninja's Hood 21060 770
Lv.1 Ninja B2 Ninja's Hood 456 35
Lv.3 Ninja B2 Ninja's Hood 810 72
Lv.6 Ninja B4 Ninja's Hood 6216 160
Lv.8 Ninja B6 Ninja's Hood 11256 346
Master Ninja B7 Ninja's Hood 17160 470
The High Master B8 Ninja's Hood 18018 658
Pied Piper DimensionWorld Pied Piper's Flute 54000 2500
Pixie B1 Pixie's Wing 156 20
Arch Priest The ABYSS Priest's Hair 18156 1100
High Priest B8 Priest's Hair 12300 500
Lv.1 Priest B2 Priest's Hair 396 32
Lv.3 Priest B4 Priest's Hair 3096 82
Lv.5 Priestess B5 Priest's Hair 3300 100
Lv.8 Priest B7 Priest's Hair 11100 300
Master Priestess B10 Priest's Hair 17796 777
Rotting Corpse (E) B6 Rotten Meat 9636 80
Undead Kobold (F) B2 Rotten Meat 216 50
Zombie B2 Rotten Meat 666 54
Champ Samurai B9 Samurai's Beard 15576 250
Hatamoto B9 Samurai's Beard 19998 902
Lv.3 Samurai B1 Samurai's Beard 600 100
Major Daimyo B6 Samurai's Beard 13650 316
Minor Daimyo B3 Samurai's Beard 1689 245
Shogun The ABYSS Samurai's Beard 54000 1900
Ghost B6 Skull 15018 444
Lifestealer B8 Skull 16518 136
Shade B4 Skull 3030 150
Spirit B4 Skull 2796 200
Bubbly Slime B1 Slime's Goo 60 12
Red Slime B6 Slime Jelly 4860 160
Silver Slime B9 Slime Jelly 30000 18006
Reaper B2/B10 Sword Fragment (B10) 6006/35184 1000/17084
Arch Mage B7 Sorcerer's Earring 12000 280
High Wizard B10 Sorcerer's Earring 15000 676
Lv.1 Mage B2 Sorcerer's Earring 106 58
Lv.5 Mage B4 Sorcerer's Earring 2016 110
Lv.7 Mage B6 Sorcerer's Earring 9600 160
Lv.10 Mage B8 Sorcerer's Earring 12000 568
Necromancer The ABYSS Sorcerer's Earring 20160 1200
Bushwacker (Sword) B2 Thief's Blood 570 27
Bushwacker2 (Crossbow) B2 Thief's Blood 636 54
Highwayman B2 Thief's Blood 696 32
Lv.4 Thief (Sword) B4 Thief's Blood 1866 70
Lv.4 Thief 2 (Crossbow) B4 Thief's Blood 1866 70
Lv.10 Thief (Sword) B9 Thief's Blood 11058 458
Lv.10 Thief 2 (Crossbow) B9 Thief's Blood 11058 458
Master Thief (Sword) B5 Thief's Blood 2496 120
Master Thief 2 (Crossbow) B5 Thief's Blood 4056 120
Phantom Thief (Sword) The ABYSS Thief's Blood 12036 500
Phantom Thief 2 (Crossbow) The ABYSS Thief's Blood 18060 500
Rogue B1 Thief's Blood 120 22
Dragon Zombie B10 Undead Dragon Wing 34998 2
Vampire (G) B10 Vampire Claw 13998 275
Vampire Lord (H) Dimension World
Vampire Claw 39996 3500
Wyvern B5 Wyvern's Eyeball 7098 250
Bu'Shin DimensionWorld N/A
600000 1200000
Nine Tail The ABYSS
240000 50000
Virgo B1/B5/B10 N/A
720/12000/30006 300/600/2400

(A) Raver Lord is fought in B5 after you drain the water from the bottom of the lake.  Go all the way down B5 and jump down a hole, then follow the stairs that's been opened up from the water draining out.  Follow the path until you enter a room with a magic circle in it.  Wolfe & Grace will be there.  A scene will occur and you fight the Raver Lord.  They are normally fought on B9.
(B) Greater Demon if fought in B6 if you accepted Hina's "Help my brother" quest.  Go through B6 until you drop down and find a body chained to the wall (must have Hina for this to work).  A scene will occur and you will fight the Greater Demon.  These are normally fought on B9.
(C) Lesser Demon is fought in B5 if you accepted Geese's "Please Find Hannah" quest.  Find the room with a Fairy guarding it, and a scene will occur with you going inside and fighting the Lesser Demon.  These are normally fought on B8.
(D) Fairies are fought in B6 if you completed Gustav's "Recover our party's shield" quest (and chose *watch what it does* as your response the the zombie shuffling thing).  You'll meet Orphe & Aoba again in this floor fighting a bunch of fairies.  Choose to help them, then YOU'LL be fighting a bunch fairies.  Fairies are normally fought on B8.
(E) Rotting Corpse is fought on B4 if you did Palo's "I Want To Sleep Soundly" quest.  Find the pit hole that has one dead body in it.  Palo will show up and a scene will occur with a bunch of Ninjas & Palo will turn into a Rotting Corpse, that you must fight.  Rotting Corpses are normally fought on B6.
(F) Undead Kobolds are first fought at the end of B1 in a sort of mini-battle.  They are normally fought on B2.
(G) Vampires are fought in B8 along with the Vampire Lord for Garcia's "Deliver this axe" quest.  Vampires are normally fought on B10.
(H) Vampire Lord if fought in B8 if you accepted Garcia's "Deliver an axe" quest.  On B8, you meet up with Wolfe & Grace fighting against the Vampire Lord and, of course, you go and help them out by fighting it.  Vampire Lords are normally fought in Dimension World.

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