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This walkthrough is ©2006 SabKnght.  Wizardry: Tale oF The Forsaken Land & related characters is © 2001 ATLUS.  

This walkthrough lists pretty much on how to get from A to B, but also has other little things like little side notes, characters you meet along the way, their thoughts on event scenes that occur, treasures and whatnot.  There is also a downloadable version for viewing offline.

Beginning The Game
Exploring The Town
B1 - Fortress
B2 - Old Jail
B3 - Labyrinth 1
B4 - Ancient Cemetary
B5 - Waterfall
B6 - Moldy Fort
B7 - Labyrinth 2
B8 - Sham Sanctuary
B9 - Labyrinth 3
B10 -  Testament
Dimension World

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The Kingdom oF Duhan has been known as a sacred town since ancient times.  However, all was left in ruins after a sudden flash struck from the heavens.  "The Flash", as it became known, directly hit the castle of Duhan, known as "The Gem oF Benoir", and took thousands of people's lives.  The tragedy did not stop there.

When the Flash crashed into the earth, the impact distorted space.  Consequently, the castle's underground became an entrance to the Labyrinth.  Duhan, covered by another connected world, became an island on land, isolated from it's surroundings.  The whole town was filled with despair.  Queen Otelier barely survived the attack and ordered the sorceror LeDua, the chief of the Queen's Guard, to explore the Labyrinth.  When the soldiers of the castle started to explore the Labyrinth, strange rumors began surfacing among the people.

"Buried in the darkness of the Labyrinth is a hidden treasure, an item that will make any wish come true."

Many survivors of the Flash, forced to live in hardship, have disappeared into the Labyrinth in hopes of finding that treasure.
...Some to become a hero.
...Some to fulfill their greed.
...And some just to survive.
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Beginning The Game:
When the game starts, you'll see a nice little intro, somewhat explaining what you'll end up getting yourself into.  You can skip it if you want (press Start).  You will then enter the Character Creation screen.  Choose a name, this will be your main character.  Afterwards, select his race, attribute, and allocate points to select whatever class you want.  When game play actually starts, you enter the ruinious, snow-covered Town oF Duhan.  Soon after, you encounter a badly injured warrior.  He tells you of a prophecy that someone will come one day to end the darkness that is covering the town.  He then tells you to go to the Tavern.  After entering, you meet the Swordsman again and he'll tell you about the people inside and how they're looking for something and that it's your job to help them find it by accepting their quests.  To continue any further with the game, you must accept Kyo & Ricardo's quest.  After which, they will explain about their personalities.  After you acquire both members, it's time to enter the Labyrinth.
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Exploring The Town:
Before actually going into the Labyrinth, you can explore the town if you wish; see all the different buildings and whatnot.  If you enter Vigger's Shop, you see a small (and insignificant) scene occur between a customer and Vigger.  Also, you can buy something if you want.  In Salem Temple, you witness a ressurection take place.  In the town Guild, you incounter a Warrior who will tell you about the Swordsman you just met, and how he created the Allied Actions - the fighting style of the Queen's Guards *If you have Ricardo or Kyo in your party, they will tell you about being able to change your name and class if you want, but that some characters can't*.  In the Lodge, you meet with a Priestess as she's leaving, and will tell you a little about the Labyrinth.  If you try and enter the Labyrinth without picking up both members, an orc will stop you and tell you that you cannot enter.  You can choose to obey him and leave, or push him aside and try to continue on in, but he still won't let you so you leave anyway.
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B1 - Fortress:
Upon entering, you'll encounter that same orc as before, who's name is Kasta, and he'll tell the Swordsman you've arrived.  The Swordsman will then tell you about 'trust' and it's importance in overcoming many obstacles yet to come.  He says he will wait for you inside the Labryinth.  Ricardo & Kyo will talk to you about taking his advice and going see him and learning more about trust.  When that's done, starting walk onward until you bump into 2 Kobolds who are arguing over something (they used all their money to buy a sword from a hobbit and was told that it could kill anything, but can't).  They then see you, and come up with a super genius idea to kill you and take your money.  They then attack you.  Kill them both; it shouldn't be that hard (one hit should do it).  Afterwards, you'll then be given advice on leveling up.  Walk through the door, and continue down the path (you'll notice a door, but it's locked right now).  After a while, you'll come across a small room, but that's not important right now.  You'll eventually  come up to a four way fork in the path, where Kyo will tell you about the place where he almost lost his life.  From that 4-way, go west into the small room and you'll find a body against the back wall.  Seach it, and you will be back attacked by 2 Rogues.  Kill them both.  After battle, you will find a small shield under the corpse.  Take it, and Ricardo will ask to look at it.  He tells you that shield used to belong to his former team's leader, and how he wanted to confront him face to face about it, but can't now.  Leave the room, and take the north path.  Continue outside, pick up any chests that are there, and go to the end where Kyo will tell you about his near death experience.  Leave and go back to the fork and take the east path now.  You notice some writing on the wall.  Continue on through the door and into the Imperial Quarters.  You meet up with the same priestess you met before coming out of the Lodge.  She'll tell you she came by the room to obtain a pass to go down further into the Labyrinth, and that the party she hired up and left with her money.  She'll then ask you if she could join you.  Say yes (you kinda don't have a choice here), and she'll identify herself as Sara McDuff.  Continue on past the room.  Go down the small path and enter the small room near there.  You meet an orc named Gotz playing with some stones, and ask you if you want to play to.  Say yes and he'll give you a Labyrinth Stone as a token of friendship.  Leave the room.  Go further down the path and threw the door, you will stop and Ricardo will tell you about Breakaway Walls that are found throughout the Labyrinth.  A fairy will give you info on dashing.  Dash foward (press O) to break throw the wall.  Continue up and through the door.  Walk ahead and you will run into Kasta, who is fleeing from someone named Virgo (he calls her Barfo.... I like that name better).  She gets into an arguement with Kasta claiming she saved his life, even though she almost killed him in the process of doing it.  She demands that Kasta goes with her; you can choose to stop him or let him go with her (if you stop him, it will bring up trust).  Regardless of what you do, he ends up going anyway... at least you tried.  He tells you to continue on to the Swordsman and learn the Allied Actions.  Afterwards, you're party members will then proceed to tell you what a b*tch she is.  When that's done, continue down the path until you come to a 3-way.  Go west, and down the short path.  You'll bump into a group of adventurers as they're passing by, causing them to drop their stuff.  They chat with you about equipment and stuff and leave.  When you're about to leave, you notice something out of the corner of your eye.  You go over to it, and it's a sword that the adventurers must have dropped.  A fairy will give you info on appraising items.  Afterwards, the trio return to find that sword that you now have, and take it back from you.  The bishop then realizes that the sword isn't appraised, and proceeds to do so.  When finished, she then notices that it is a cursed item.  She then tries to explain what would happen if she had equipped herself with it.. but then stopped suddenly.  She says she's seeing zombies and runs off screaming, dropping the sword she was holding.  The other 2 realized what happend, follow suit after her.  A fairy then explains about cursed items.  You pick up the sword, a Betraying Sword.  You can continue to go down that path and around the other side which will lead to a door, but that door will lead to the locked door at the beginning of the level.  Go back to the 3-way fork, and continue down the other path.  Make a loop and continue.  When you come to another 3-way, you'll hear someone call for help from the nearby room.  You can choose to ignore it, or help him.  Help him (Sara's trust will go up)  Sara will then go to town and come back with an antidote and healing potion to help him.  The warrior then thanks you and gives you a magic stone (Teal).  Pick up the chest here, leave the room, and go up through the other door.  Loop around and go through the next door.  Walk for a bit and you'll finally meet up with the Swordsman, who will then proceed to tell you more about trust and it's relations to Allied Actions, and will teach you a few of them.  You'll have to enter a few battles, and he'll explain beforehand what you have to do in each one.  Upon completing the 1st one, you'll learn Restrict Shot.  He will then restore everyone's HP & MP.  2nd battle, you will learn Front Guard.  Again, HP/MP restored.  As the Swordsman starts to tell you about the last AA he's going to teach you, Virgo shows up (and in a not nice mood).  She and the Swordsman start arguing about how to get down to B4, but the Swordsman won't tell her.  She then wants to fight against the Swordsman, but you step in.  The Swordsman then says that for your final test you must beat her.  She can cast Barrets, so becareful; it can kill a member if you're HP isn't high enough.  After you do, you will master Double Slash.  After threatening to hurt you next time you two meet, she leaves.  The Swordsman congratulates you on beating her, and tells Kasta to go spread the word about you to the adventurers in town.  The Swordsman then tells you that he can no longer fight, that the darkness of the Labyrinth has taken a toll on his body and spirit, and that it is your job to find the cause of this and put a stop to it.  After all this is done, you can use Allied Actions now.. hooo rahh! er something.... anyway.

*At this time, you can go back to Town, where Kyo & Ricardo will thank you for your help in helping them, and Sara will tell you that she wants to stay in your group (if you've done things to get on her good side).  Return to the tavern in town and recruit more people into your party (there will be 3 made characters ready to use).  You can now also go into the Guild and make other characters if you wish (you'll also run into a girl asking the guild master about allied actions, and a knight who talks to you about AA's and trust).  If you stop by Vigger's, you'll run into the female theif Rui you meet earlier.  If you choose to talk to her, he tell you about a Magic Stone she just had made, and will then proceed to quiz you on your knowledge of Magic Stones.  The answers are: 1.)Combining Materials... 2.)There are... and 3.)You can power up a spell.  After answering all questions correctly, she'll give you that Magic Stone (Spleem).  If you stop by the Lodge, you will run into a female warrior as she's leaving, not important.*

At this time, head back to the Labyrinth.  You meet up with Kasta as you enter and he'll ask where's the Swordsman.  You tell him either A.)He died.. or B.)He's travelling.  Either way you respond, Kasta will already know what happened, and ends up giving you a Guiding Staff.  Along the way, you'll bump into a Hobbit thief named Daniel, who will tell you about Vellums, and give you one (Guiding Vellum).  When you reach the Imperial Quarters you will notice that a knight is guarding the door.  Before letting you through, gives you a test to see if you are worthy.  If you're ready, he will summon 3 Harpies to attack you.  Defeat them and he will let you pass.  Inside the room, you will meet Sorceror LeDua, chief of the Queen's Guard, and her Majesty, Queen Otelier.  They tell you of the situation in the Labyrinth and give you a Pass, which allows you to go down to B2.  They also instruct to you help locate a missing unit of soldiers, and that you will be rewarded for doing so.  After that, you leave the room and continue on through and you'll meet up with a young elf girl, who will tell you about the Labyrinth and the darkness that is surrounding Duhan.  Now continue on through, pass the breakaway wall, and through the door.  Walk a little ways, and you run into that trio of adventurers that dropped the Betrayal Sword earlier, talking amonst themselves, not really important either; just info about the members of the Queen's Guard.  When you get back to that 3 way where you helped that injured warrior earlier, you'll hear an eerie voice tell you that a shop opened up in the next room.  After that, continue to go on through to where you meet an injured warrior that will tell you about the Reaper, and how if you're possessed and then die you'll lose you're soul (they'll ask whether if you choose to believe him or ignore him; picking 'believe him' will raise everyone's trust).  Anyway, start walking and chances are you'll run into the Reaper, just run past him and up the stairs.  Keep going up, until you come to a door and go through it.  Grap the chest in the room and drop down the hole and onto a platform.  You'll meet up with Daniel whom you've bumped into earlier in the level.  He'll tell you that a switch on this platform is used to open the locked door at the beginning of the level.  Press it to unlock the door.  Now you can go through B1 with ease.  Now jump off the platform and go back up the stairs and take the western path.  Walk ahead a bit, and you'll encounter Rui fighting against some undead.  When she's done, she'll tell you about Undead monsters and how to defeat them.  She then leave, but only after theiving 100 G from you.  Continue walk towards the door, and you'll see the undead monsters that Rui just defeated.  You'll hear a sound and turn to look, and it's Undead Kobolds that survived Rui's attack coming towards you, seemingly gaurding the door ahead.  You will be asked if you want to engage them or not.  You can leave if you feel you're not ready to battle them, you'll have to eventually to go on ahead.  They're not that hard, just as long as you have at least a priest and/or sorceror in the party, and hopefully some monster materials that do damage (you only have to fight 2 of them).  Kill them and go through the door.  Walk up and examine the spring that is there, and a Samurai looking warrior will approach you and tell you that this spring connects to another one deep underground.  When finished, go to the stairway leading down to B2, and you will be stopped by an elf warrior who will ask to see your pass.  If you tried coming here without getting it, he won't let you go down.  Show him your pass, and he'll allow you access down.
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B2 - Old Jail:
When you get down here, if you've by chance gotten possessed by the Reaper on B1, you will notice a strange door appear in the small corridor you're in.  You will also notice that while you are next to it, you're controller is vibrating.  These are Reaper Doors, and can only be accessed when a character becomes possessed.  Go through it and grap the chest in the room, then leave.  Walk around on the left side of the map a bit and you'll run into a Knight, the same one you meet in the Guild earlier.  He tells you that he just failed at resurrecting his party members and that now there souls are lost.  Your party members (original ones) wil then talk to you about what just happened, and that Sara recognizes him as Eugene Guestam, a famous knight or something.  Keep walking and you'll find an orc sobbing, something about wanting to become a Ninja, and tells you about items having Special Powers (SP).  He then leaves.  Walk around the floor and get all the chests, then go to the red room in the SW corner (Power Room A) and flip the switch.  Now, go down to the next floor.  Same thing as before, walk around and pick up any treasures that you might find.  When you walk into the room on the NW side of this floor, you'll run into Rui who is in the middle of doing a quest for somebody.  She says she's busy and asks you to leave, and wants you to go back to town and tell Garcia in the tavern that she'll be back with the thing he wanted.  Go back to town and in the tavern and accept Garcia's quest.  You tell him what Rui and told you.  You finish it and get your reward (in record time).  Go back down to B2 to where you meet Rui at.  You'll bump into a boy thief who says that she (Rui) has set a whole bunch of traps inside the room where she's working.  Go into the room, disarm both traps there, and break through the wall.  meet Rui and she'll get mad at you for breaking her wall down, and wants you to get something for her in return.  She pushes you into the wall, where you have to disarm a trap to get something out of it.  You take the item (Baked Silver) and give it to her.  She says she'll thank you in town.  Go to the Tavern, and Garcia will thank you by giving you a Craftsman's Katana.  Now, go to the Lodge and you'll meet Rui.  She'll thank you for you're help, and then she'll become a Registered member that you can add to your party in the Tavern. Go back down to B2 and to the 3rd floor.  In the first red room across from the stairs leading up, breakthrough the wall in the lower left corner of the room, you'll need this for later.  Continue gathering treasures on this floor.  You will eventually bump into a female Elf, the same one you had meet in B1.  She tells you more about a concentration of evil that is on this floor, and more about the Reaper, and how it sends parts of itself to find souls, but that sometimes it will come itself to find them.  She also says that it's purpose is to gather souls, but for what, she doesn't know.  Also, she says that it was made by humans *bum bum buuuuuuuum*.  She then gives you a Magic Crossbow & a Thunder Cloak, in case you end up running into it.  She then leaves.  You will also encounter a warrior who will tell you about the 3rd level of the Labyrinth, and that it changes everytime you enter it, but you also won't encounter the Reaper.  Continue to walk around the floor picking up chests, and go part way down the stairs on the other side.  You'll notice that it's blocked, so just grab the chest right there.  Go back up, and go into the near by door.  Once inside you'll encounter a group of Fairies playing with a Ring that they found.  They see you, want all the pretty things you have, and try to kill you for them.  Kill them, and you'll take the ring.  You'll read the inscription on it, and realize it belongs to the Queen.  You're memory starts to fade and you have some kind of vision, possibly a flashback.  When finished, flip the level at the end, and you'll notice a draw bridge rise from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor.  Now breakthrough the way near there and follow the path behind it back to that other wall you broke away in the elevator room on this floor (you did remember to do this, right?).  Now, go back up to the 2nd floor and walk across the now accessible platform.  When you're about to approach it, you'll hear a noise.  You can choose to: a.)check it out.. or b.)leave it be.  To continue on, you must check it out.  When you do, you'll see a group of Undead approach you, and just stare at you.  Then, they just collapse.  You then feel a menacing aura surround you, like the evil was gathering there.  You are then pulled into battle with the Reaper, who you have to fight (along with 2 Zombies).  He uses spells, and can instantly kill a member, so be careful.  If you've gone back to town and picked up Rui, she will be a big help with her Yaiba & Zaiba spells (they increase damage & let you kill Undead).  Kill the zombies, and spell cancel the reaper.  Beat them, and your party members will talk about what happened.  Cross the bridge, grab the chest and drop down the hole there.  Follow the path and keep falling down the holes until you reach the 4th floor.  Walk a little ways and you run into a group of soldiers fighting monsters, and you decide to attack the monsters as well.  After you beat them, they thank you for helping them.  After you tell them about the order you recieved for fighting a missing unit of troops, they tell you that they are that missing unit.  They tell you that they were investigating the Undead, and that they are the last 2 survivors of that unit.  The samurai then gives you a Sword Sheathe that you need to give to another samurai named Matsuri that's wandering around on B4 of the Labyrinth, then they leave.  Continue walking around and pick up any chests in the area.  When you enter the room on the far east side, you'll encounter Daniel again, who says he's having trouble with a lever that he believes will power the elevators; he says he can't move it, so he leaves.  When you go to approach the lever, you hit a trap.  Disarm it, and pull the lever.  Daniel, who never really left, states that he knew it was a trap, but didn't want to do it himself.  He tells you more about the Labyrinth and the supposed treasure that's at the bottom, and how that's actually a cover up for something.  Exit this room, and take the door that has a long passage that takes you back up to the first floor elevator room.  Now take the elevator down to the 4th floor.  In that room, behind the elevator, there is a lever to activate a second elevator located on B3.  Pull it to turn it on (this elevator will be used later for something).  Now take the nearby stairs down to B3.

*When you go back to B1, pass by Gotz's room and he'll stop you and ask you to go with him for a second.  He takes you inside and has you disarm a trap.  Do it, and you'll get a Feal stone.  He tells you that he wants to make the perfect trap, and asks you to help him by testing out his traps for him.  You pay him to make them, but if you do it right, you'll get a prize in return.  He asks you to stop by the next time you're in the Labyrinth.  After this, head to the Imperial Quarters to report to LeDua.  He acknowledges what you've done, and rewards you with 30000 G, and a choice of a weapon (Magus' Flail), armor (Magus' Armor) or a magic stone (Safeal stone).  You also hand over the ring that you found in B2, and explain how you found it.  He thanks you, and you leave.*

*After doing the thing with both elevators and go down to B3, head back to town then come back down to B2.  You will encounter a scene where a group of adventurers are arguing with each other.  She's wants to fight against the Undead, but other members of her party refuse.  She then turns to you and asks you for help.  Say yes (good/neutral members trust up).  She'll then lure them out and send them towards you.  Defeat 3 Zombies.  She'll then thank you and leave.*
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B3 - Labyrinth 1:
This floor is randomly generated everytime you enter it, so it's impossible to give an accurate walkthrough for this part.  If you've done the scene in B2 with Grace and helped her fight the Undead, when you come down to B3, you'll meet another female warrior fighting Undead.  After she defeats them, she says that B4 is a nest for the Undead.  Afterwards, her 'brother' shows up.  If you have the Maps spell, use it to help navigate around the floor.  You may also, at times, come across a priest wandering around (I talk about that here).  Just find your way down to B4.  When you approach the steps to B4, you'll feel a gust of wind hit you, only to realize that it wasn't the wind.. but a group of ninjas that dashed past you.

*Once you've gone down to B4 and met up with AnnMarie's party, leave the Labyrinth and come back down to B3.  You'll come across Ann Marie's party again and she'll challenge you to kill as many monster groups as possible before reaching the end to B4; you can turn her down if you want.  You ask her how many groups, and she says her group can beat 5 groups of monsters (it's actually 7; she even says so when you talk to her at the end), so you'll have to beat 8 or more to actually win) If you win, she'll give you a magic stone (Jakreta, Carcass, Lafeal or Deadly).  If she win's, she takes 1/2 your money. 
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B4 - Ancient Cemetary:
Once you get down here, you will notice that there are a lot of pit traps here, which makes it a little difficult to navigate through.  If you don't have Maps (or if you're just too lazy), I'll list a step-by-step guide in going through here (look at your map pointer's direction when doing this, I'll be using: North, South, East and West). 

Note~Falling down the pits will let you get some nice items, but I'm not including them in this part.  Refer to Maps page.

Starting from the stairs up to B3, go 1 west and 4 north.  You'll run into a samurai healing himself.  He notices you and starts to talk to you.  You then realize it's Matsuri, the person you have to give the Sword Sheathe to.  He thanks you and begins to talk about how Undead had attacked his town, and how the Queen had sent one of the Queen's Guard, Sophia, to take care of it.  After rambling on about it for some time, he gives you a crystal fragment that had a reddish glow to it (Crimson Quartz).  He tells you he has no idea what it's for, thanks you again, then leaves.  Now, face east and go over the overpass.  Once at ground level, go 4 south, 2 west, and go south until you hit the wall.  Turn east and start walking.  You'll eventually bump into AnnMarie's party again.  She tells you about the pitfalls and whatnot, and for telling you this info, demands that you give her half of all your money.  Tell her no if you want, it shouldn't do anything to anyone's trust (you can fork over half your dough if you want, but that's you).  Oscar & Rune will get mad at you and fight you.  Beat them both.  AnnMarie will make a comment on how strong you are, and tells you something important.  She says that the Queen was kidnapped and that LeDua had sent a unit of ninjas to look for her, lead by Kulgan the Agile.  Upon hearing this, you jumped a bit on the inside, like that name had sounded familiar.  Oscar & Rune had interrupted AnnMarie from talking and blah blah blah, she says she might start to not like them anymore, and starts walking off on her own.  When that's all done, keep walking east until you hit another wall.  Go 2 north, 1 west, 2 north .  You walk onto a 'Pit' trap.  Successfully disarm it, and you can walk safely across it now.  Mess up, and you'll drop down to the floor below.  Anyway.. Go 3 west.  You'll try and grap a leather bag, but will fall down into a pit.  Inside the pit, you open the bag that fell with you and found a not that read *Do not steal my treasure!*  Inside that small room, and exit out through the door.  Now, go through another door to the east.  Head east through a small passage that brings you to a door and  back to the surface.  Once outside, go 6 north, 2 west.  Ricardo will make a comment about the grave being different from the others and suggests that you try and move it.  Do so.  After pushing the grave out the way, go 1 south, 3 west, 4 south, 2 east, and north over the 2nd overpass.  When at ground level, you'll encounter a female warrior and her 'brother' that you met on B3.  They tell you that the graveyard on this floor used to be on the outside of the town.  She also mentions about the place where her father's troop was attacked, and why the hell he hired adventurers to help him (she said it loud enough for you to hear on purpose).  Continue going north until you hit a wall.  Go 1 west, 2 north, 3 west, 2 south, 2 west, 4 south, 2 west, and pick up the bag containing the B4 key (this will be used in a little while).  Now back track to where you had to keep going north until you hit the wall after coming off the 2nd overpass.  Go 2 east, 2 south, 2 east, 2 north.  Now, go 1 east and it will be a 'Pit' trap.  Disarm it and you can safely walk across it.  Now, go 1 north and 2 east.  You sense someone coming and you turn just in time to run into Daniel.  In a panic he tells you to hold something for a second and throws a bag at you as he's running by, and you catch it.  He then runs off before you can stop him.  Soon after, 3 thieves show up and notice you have that bag that Daniel just threw to you.  They draw their weapons and accuse you of stealing from them.  They then attack you.  Kill them.  Afterwards, Daniel reappears and starts talking with you.  He says that it's his 'job' to steal from other thieves in the Labyrinth and that it's easier than fighting monsters.  He takes back the bag he just threw you, and thanks you for showing up when you did.  He said he made enough money on this floor and is going down to the next one.  He then jumps down a pit hole near by.  One of your Original characters will make a comment on how dumb that was of him just to jump into a hole without knowing what's down there.  Now, go into that gated room where you just fought those 3 thieves and take the 2 treasures in there (A Craftsman's Armor and a Blessed Chain Mail).  Now leave the room and huge the east wall, go south and jump into the pit.  Turn east and walk up to the door.  Use the B4 Key to unlock the door.  This will let you use the shortcut from B2 to B4.

*In B2, use the elevator on the 1st floor to go down to the 3rd floor.  Once there, walk all the way to the other side of the room, and go into the other elevator room.  Use that elevator to take you to the 4th floor.  Then just walk through the door and down to B4.*

Back to the part where you jumped down the pit and unlocked the shortcut to B4.  Go north through the door, down the short tunnel and through the next door.  You'll come across an Elf ninja fighting a rotting corpse.  After killing it, several ninjas appeared and began reporting to him.  The ninja soldiers then noticed you, and then Kulgan noticed this and turned to face you.  He order the soldiers to go.  He then starts yelling at you, saying things like 'why are you alive?' and whatnot.  He slashes at you with his knive, only grazing you.  He then says you betrayed her Majesty, and attacks you.  Defeat him and 2 other ninja.  He will then state that he will hunt you down and kill you, and leaves.  You're party members will then talk you about what happened.  Exit through the door on the opposite side of the room.  Go up the short path and out the door.  Go 2 west, 3 down, push the tombstone, and climb down the ladder.  Follow the path up back to the surface.  Go 3 south, 2 east, 2 south and you'll hit a 'Pit' trap.  Disarm it to pass over it safely.  Go south once more and down the steps to B5.
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B5 - Waterfall:
When you get here, you will notice a waterfall that extends from some upper level to down here.  You also meet Michele here.  She tells you that this place looks just like a place that was located next to the Village of Elves, but that place was destroyed by The Flash.  She also says she wants to find out why the Labyrinth was created.  She then asks you what your looking for in the Labyrinth.  Tell her "I don't know" (good members trust up).  She leaves.  Near you, is a place called Kasta's Shop, where you can buy potions, as well as (expensive) class change orbs, as well as a chest near by.  This place is basically just one big spiral, with interconnecting rooms branching off from the spiral.  So, just keep walking down the spiral path, going in each room and picking up whatever chests you can find along the way.  In the first room after Kasta's Shop, head towards the area with the tracks on the ground.  Follow them until it comes to a trolley.  You'll hit a trap.  Disarm it, search the trolley and you'll get 1321 G.  This is one part in getting a character later in this level.  Keep going down, and you'll run into a group of orcs, not important.  Ignore them and keep walking.  In the next room, follow the path until you come across a stack of barrels off to the side with a orc hiding in there, also not important.  You'll also find a Pixie guarding a door, and asks you if you have a Carcass or Cathedral Stone that you can give her (if you do manage to give her one, she'll give you a Crimson Ring in return).

*If you accepted Geese's quest "Please find Hannah", you'll meet up with AnnMarie and gang near the pixie's room.  She'll tell you how a pixie in a room further back told her a story about how her boyfriend had been killed and wanted to bring him back and stole her Cathedral stone.*

In the next room, you'll find a chest, along with a breakaway wall (don't go through it just yet).  Keep going down and you'll meet up with a warrior that will tell you about a herde of orcs that just past by their.  Says that Sir Eugene Guestam is using them for an army of some sort.  He then tells you that if you're going to the lower floors, be careful, then he leaves.  In the next room, follow the path, and loop around until you come across to a chest.  Keep going down.  The next room has a breakaway wall that can only be reached from the other side.  Keep going down.  You'll come to a dead end with another breakaway wall.  Bust through it.  Before the door, take the path that leads to a chest.  Now, head for the door.  Through that door, there are 2 paths.  The left one is Lucida's Music Shop, which you need to do for a quest.  The one on the right leads to a spring, which you do for another quest.  It might be a good idea to do the spring quest, so that you won't have to keep going back to town everytime you need to recover your HP/MP/Status.  Anyway.. when all that is finished, head back up to that room with the breakaway wall that I told you to skip earlier.  Go down the path, loop around, pick up the ninja hood on the box if you want and jump down the hole.  Jump down 2 more times.  Go into the next room and grab the nearby chest.  Take the long path up to that breakaway wall you saw earlier behind that door that you couldn't break.  Break it, and that the nearby chest.  Now you can go between the upper and lower level as you wish.  Keep going down.  You'll run into a Poison Giant, a really big bastard.  He's looking for the 'doggies' Puss & Jasmine.. who happen to belong to Virgo, who then shows up.  She then remembers what you did to her in B1.  She gets pissed at you for spreading 'lies' about her, and wants to fight you.  The Poison Giant returns with the 2 'doggies' he was looking for, which turn out to be Gaze Hounds.  Her, and the 2 Gaze Hounds fight you.  Be careful, the Gaze Hounds hit pretty hard, plus the whole 'can glare paralyze' thing, as well as Virgo's Zakreta spell.  You beat her, she gets pissed again, threatens you once more and leaves.  Contine down the path, until you come across a small room that loops around.  Search the dirt mound for a Cocoon.  Take the staircase.  Once back on B1, follow up the path until you see a switch on the wall behind the snowy alter & press it.  Now you have a shortcut from B1 to B5.  Go back down to B5, and continue going down.  In the next room, pick up the chest.  This room will be used again in a little while.  Go down.  Before you get onto the gondola (platform thing) go into the next room, and follow the tracks to another trolley.  Disarm the trap, and search it for 2724 G.  Grap the nearby chest, and the priest hair off of the box.  Now, go back to the previous room that I told you about (the one with the katana in it).  You will see an orc guard the door and here some commotion inside.  A boy and some orcs argue over some money that they think he stole from the trolleys (but that was you).  They plan to kill the boy for stealing.  You choose to help the boy (good/neutral trust up) and shove the orc aside and enter the room, and end up fighting Orc Kings.  The boy, who turns out to be Daniel, thanks you.. and for helping him, he'll be a registered member in the Tavern.  Away, continue going down.  The next room winds down to a dead end part of the bottom of B5, so go back up to the main spiral and keep going down.  There will be another dead end.  Now, go back and take the Gondola up.  When you get to the top, leave it there.  Once done, you see a large group of monsters pass by, led by Sir Eugene.  He tells you about his plans to overthrow the Queen and rule Duhan himself.  You're members stop to talk about what just happened.  Now, walk all the way back down to where the gondola shaft was, and jump down it.  You'll met up with Michele and another person name Kaza, who seems to be upset with you.  When finished, go to the steps going down to B6.  You'll be mezmerized by the sound of the spring and walk towards it.  You start having a flashback of being with Sophia.  Michele shows up again, and talks to you about what just happened.  She then says she'll help you in your quest & become a registered member in the Tavern.  You're party then talks to you about what happened.  Go down to B6.

*When you leave B5 and head back to town, you'll encounter a female warrior battling Undead.  She kills them, says that the Undead are appearing more frequently, then heads for the Tavern.  Go back to the 4 way stop in B1 & you'll run into Eric the monster shop merchant again who'll tell you he's opened up a Material Shop across from the Imperial Quarters (east room) & introduces 2 new workers, Francois & Catherine.  Go to his shop, and he'll explain how if you sell him one material, you'll be able to buy back as many as you want (this part can only be done after completing Lydia's 1st quest).*
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B6 - Moldy Fort:
When you enter this place, you notice that everything is moss and mold covered, and a horrible stench fills the air.  You'll encounter Grace, the female warrior you helped fight Undead on B2.  She says she's looking for Eugene and wants to know why he's doing this.  This map is kinda confusing, as parts of it overlap.. so bear with me.  From the entrance, loop around and take the pathway north of here.  You'll come across a party fighting against some Ogres.  Choose to help them (good/neutral trust up) and you'll fight 3 Ogres.  When finished, they thank you for helping them, and Arabella heals the party.  She then gives you a piece of crystal, Mana Quartz (she's not sure what it does, but it maybe helpful to you in the future), and says that the Queen was kidnapped and maybe somewhere on this floor.  They leave.  Hit the end of the path and search the barrel for a Bishop's Bracelet.  There's 2 ways you can get to the next area:

1.)Take the path NW of the stairs to B5.  Follow it up until you come to a door.  Go through it and across the room and up the steps.  You meet a group of Imperial Ninjas fighting against a Lesser Demon.  The demon says that 'He' has their Queen, and that it's futile to stop him.  They kill him and talk to each other about it.  They notice you standing there and disappear.  Continue going down the path, ignoring that door.

2.)Take the upper east path from the stairs to B5.  Follow it to another path going east.  You'll hit a room and set off a trap.  Disarm it and move to up to the next room and you'll hit another trap.  Disarm that one and take the west room and hit another trap again  Go up until you hit a door that I told you ignore in the other way getting here.

From there go east and down a bit, and you'll encounter a group of Ninja, led by Kulgan, fighting against monsters.  A Poison Giant appears & releases it's poison breath attack, hitting them & you (everyone becomes poisoned).  While there fighting the Giant, a group of Ogres comes at you.  Beat them.  Afterwards, a ninja soldier comes to you and cures your poison.  He'll ask you to leave the area.  Keep going east and jump down.  Grab the nearby chest, and follow the path. 

*This part can only be done AFTER you've completed Gustav's quest "Recover our party's shield*
You'll run into Orphe & Aoba again.  She's yelling at you asking where's her father at, that she's seen him come out of the graveyard but she can't find him.  Aoba mentions something about one of the corpse on B4 next to the shield, and that it looked familiar.  Something about that corpse being her father, & he's already dead and walking around (wtf?).  Grace gets angry and leaves, and Aoba chases after her.

Continue down this path, and take the room on the east side.  Inside, you'll meet up with Kaza who starts talking about his past, then leaves. 

*This part is important in getting Orphe & Aoba as Registered members.  Go into the door across the room from where you met Kaza.  Go down the short path and take the south room there.  You'll meet Orphe & Aoba again fighting a group of Fairies.  Choose to help them (good/neutral trust up) and you'll fight a bunch of fairies.  Kill them and they will thank you and leave.  Leave the floor and go back to B4, and you'll bump into Aoba who's looking for Orphe.  Walk through the level until you're on the otherside of the 2nd overpass.  You'll meet up with the 2 and talk to you about the whole "my father's been dead and is walking around" thing.  They say they want to put and end to this madness and want to help, so they become Registered Members.  You'll learn Orphe's Warp Attack, a very powerful Lv. 8 Offensive AA.*

Anyway, from here continue down the path.  You'll see a short dead end path next to a path with a one way door.  That short end path has a Reaper Door in it (notice your controller vibrating?).  Inside contains a chest with a Spirited Shuriken, a Demon Egg in a barrel, and a Priest Hair in another barrel.  If you don't have a possessed member don't worry about it now.  Continue down the path, ignoring the 1st door and going into the 2nd door at the end.  Inside you're vision will be cloudy and you will notice that your map display nor Maps spell doesn't work.  Walking a little ways and to the right, you'll see a body up against the wall; this is used for Walter's "Find a certain book" quest.  To navigate through here, follow these steps:  Right when you get in side, hug the bottom side of the right wall.  Go 7 foward, sidestep 2 right, 4 forward, sidestep 1 left, 4 foward and go up the stairs.  Go right 2, turn left and take that path right there and follow it until the door and go through it.  You'll now notice that maps work again.  Take a few steps and you'll meet a badly injured warrior.  He says he's seen a terrible demon, the one that kidnapped the queen; how can such a thing exist.  Go into the room, and a scene will occur with the demon who kidnapped the Queen, Incubus.  He says he won't let you take her and fights you.  He fights along side 2 Lv. 5 Priestess, has a pretty nasty attack, as well as some spells.  Kill them.  Incubus says you may kill me, but the nightmare lives on.  He disappears back to Hades.  You help the Queen up.  LeDua & Kulgan show up.  The Queen then thanks you for saving her.  You then have some sort of flashback.  Kulgan's still pissed at you, and wants to finish you off, but LeDua refuses.  The Queen orders him to track down and kill Eugene.  Kulgan leaves.  LeDua tells you not to say of word of this, or your dead.  They both leave.  You're party talks about what happened.  If you happen to have Rui in your party, she steals 5000 G from LeDua.  Grab the bag in the center of the room containing an Incubus Wings.

*If you go back to town after beating Incubus, go back down to just before the door going into the Hell of Mold, and you'll run into Eugene again.  He says that the Queen is nothing more than a living, soulless doll, a Homonculus.  He's trying to find out what happened to the real Queen, and is willing to give up his soul to do so.  Grace then shows up, and asks Eugene why would he do such a thing.  He tells her that she should no longer concern herself with him anymore.  They both leave.  Your party talks to you about what happened.*

Exit the door to the south, and go down the path.  You'll come across a large room filled with poison pits.  There are some treasures in here on top of poison pits, so be sure that you have either Antidotes or Poizkea spell on you.  From the stairs, face west and run through the breakaway wall.  And follow the path and run through another wall at the end.  Go straight ahead and down the steps.  Follow the short path and down the steps again.  You see another chest in a poison pit.  Get it, if you want, and continue down the path, and up a spiraling one.   When you get back to ground level, you will notice the south wall looks a little odd.  If you use Maps, you'll see that there is supposed to be a path there, but all you see is a wall.  If you wait long enough, the wall will open up to let you through. 

*The scene with Eugene & Grace will occur here instead of earlier on, only if you've beaten Incubus and went straight on through the level without going back to town.*

Follow the path into a room with more poison pits, and go up the next path.  At the end of the tunnel, there is another wall that will open up to the west.

*If you go into the opened path far enough and dash out the opening towards the opposite wall, you'll breakaway the wall on the opposite side, which will lead to a shortcut back to the big poison pit right after Incubus' Room.*

Continue going west until you hit a wall.  Another door will open up to the south.  Keep walking until you see an opening to the east and jump down it.  You'll see a body chained to the wall, with writing on the wall written in blood.  Go past that, and take the east path leading down to B7.

*If you have Hina in your party, this is where her quest is done at.  You'll end up fighting a Greater Demon.  He is very strong, has a paralyzing hit, and strong magic too.  Don't be surprised if Restrict Shot/Spell Cancel has no effect.  If you want to skip this, don't bring her.*
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B7 - Labyrinth 2:
This is another random generated level.  You meet Matsuri here, who starts rambling on about some crystal, and that he couldn't believe what he saw inside it, and fades away.  Just use Maps to go on through and pick up any random treasures along the way.
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B8 - Sham Sanctuary:
When you enter this floor.  You'll encounter Kulgan, who was ordered to capture Eugene, didn't seem to care that you were there.  Suddenly a group of Imperial Ninjas appear and start attacking Kulgan.  Wave after wave of Ninjas appear.  Kulgan then calls out to you.  You and Kulgan face back to back and you take on a group of ninjas.  Defeat them (remember, they can instant kill).  After battle, more ninjas show up.  Suddenly, LeDua shows up and congratulates on them being able to hold up against 2 Queen's Guards (Hmm, seems LeDua can't count, cus all I see is 1, or maybe...).  LeDua then summons a Golem he created to battle against you.  Kulgan says he'll take care of the ninjas if you kill that thing.  Fight the Golem & 2 Ghosts.  He hits pretty hard and his magic kinda hurts too, but thankfully his defense isn't all that high (you should be doing at least triple digits with Double Slash, you can always use a Yaiba/Zaiba/Diaba for good measure).  After battle, Kulgan will have finished off the last of the ninjas as well.  Kulgan that says that he was betrayed by everyone.  He leaves.  You're party talks to you about what happened.  Pick up the bag that the Golem left behind to get a Golem's Flesh (material).

*When you leave B8 and go back to town, re-enter the Labyrinth and walk just up until the door to go inside.  Someone will stop you and show you a Magic Circle that was created that will take you straight down to B8.*

Starting from the main room, head east through the center one-way door, going through 2 more doors straight ahead and you'll hit a wall.  Go north and take the door to the east, then take the door to the north.  Go through the next door, and take the one to the east.  You'll be in a room with a teleporter, use it.  You'll appear on the opposite side of the screen.  Go down through the door and go east through another door.  Go down and take the east door.  Go across into the next room.  Go down and take the door.  Go east through the door, down and through the door on the east.  Go across into the next room.  Go up through 2 doors and take the west door.  Go up and take the door to the east.  Go all the way across through 2 doors straight ahead into a small green room.  You will see a giant crystal in the center.  Kulgan shows up and a scene occurs there where a Fairy comes out of the crystal and shows you memories from within the crystal about Duhan's past.  Your party & Kulgan talks to you about what happened.  Kulgan leaves.

*If you have the Crimson Quartz, talk to the crystal and it will restore everyone's HP.*

Exit through the north door, and continue through the next door to the north.  Walk a little ways up, and you'll see a switch; press it.  This switch drains the water from the lake in B5.

*This part can only be done after you've completed "Garcia's "deliver an axe" quest.  After the quest is completed, go back into the Tavern and Garcia will tell you that Wolfe & Grace went down to B5, and he'll give you something from Grace (Devilish Charm).  Go down to B5 and jump down the gondola shaft.  Near the exit to B6, you'll see a drop off point.  Jump down it and follow the path to the other side of the bottom of the lake and you'll see a newly opened path where the water used to be.  you'll run into Kasta, who says he needs your help.  Follow the path until you find a door and go through it.  You'll encounter a scene with Wolfe & Grace fighting monsters as they come out of the circle in the center of the room.  Suddenly, a RaverLord appears and attacks you.  Kill him.  Kasta will explain the Virgo tried to make a Magic Circle to get to B8, but she made it wrong so monsters can come out of it from lower levels.  Grace then purifies the cirlce with holy water, and it works correctly now.  Kasta leaves.  Wolfe & Grace thank you, and will become Registered members.  You will also learn Grace's Silence Breaker AA.  Kasta returns & you explain to him what happened when he left.  He leaves again.  Step into the Magic Circle and you'll be teleported to the switch room in B8.*

Take the steps to the west and grab that chest.  Go back down and go through the door to the west.  You'll be teleported back to the other side of the room.  From there, exit the room and go north through the door.  Go west and take the door there.  Go up through the next room and take the west door and you'll be in another Crystal Room.  Another scene will occur where you & Kulgan are shown memories from the crystal, except that this time, it's about your past.  Your party & Kulgan talk about what happened.  If you hadn't figured it out by now, you'll realize that you are actually a Queen's Guard, but lost your memory in the Flash.  Kulgan leaves.

*If you have the Mana Quartz, talk to the crystal and it will restore everyone's MP.*

Leave this room by taking the north door.  Keep going straight and take the north door there.  You'll be in the last Crystal Room.  Another scene will occur where you and Kulgan are shown memories from just before the Flash happening.  Kulgan leaves.

*If you have the Clear Quartz, talk to the crystal and it will restore everyone's status.*

Grab the nearby chests and go up the steps.  You'll hit a trap when entering the opening (on both sides).  Disarm them and continue.  Stepping on some parts of the floor will cause you to change direction, so be cautious of monsters in the area to avoid a back attack.  You'll come across a bag on the floor.  It contains the B8 key.  From where you're standing, turn south and walk down the small path that leads to a door.  Use the B8 Key to unlock it.  Now you have a semi shortcut through B8.  Anyway, continue going north, up the steps to the upper part of B8.  You met up with Eugene, with some demon underlings.  He talks to you about what happened in the crystals.  He leaves.  Contiue going north over the second overpass.  Grab the chests nearby.  Right when you hit the stairs to go down to B9, Sophia appears to you.  She talks to you and you have 3 choices you can tell her:

1.)Thanked her - She tells you not to do that.  That if it wasn't for her, you would have a normal life.
2.)Couldn't say a thing - Basically the same thing as above.  Says that it's her fault for things being like this.
3.)Tell her you already have someone - She says that since she's been watching over you all this time she already knows (I have no clue who they're talking about.. maybe Rui, since she's the only one I've noticed who's been actively hitting on you since the beginning.. am I missing someone?)

Anyway, she explains more about the Flash and what it actually was, a dark ritual.. used to extract souls by destroying their bodies, and become one with the dark god.  She says that the dark god has an exalted soul, the Queen, and that you must free her and the others.  She thanks you for all you've done.  Before she fades away, you again have 3 choices to say to her.

1.)You want to see her smile - See smiles for you, then fades away.  A Will magic stone appears in your hand.
2.)See her off quietly - You say nothing as she fades away.  A Fealds magic stone appears in your hand.
3.)Ask her for strength - Your main character gets 50000 EXP.

Kulgan then tells you he'll become a Registered member to help you.  You're party talks to you about what happened.  Go down to B9.
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B9 - Labyrinth 3:
3rd, and last, Labyrinth level in the game.  Same as the other 2, Maps and walk on through.  In this level you may encounter someone named Gimrey, the Keeper oF The Flames oF Hades.  He'll confront your party, and tell you about how the Flames oF Hades purifies souls as they enter Hades.  But because of a dimensional distortion caused by The Flash, he and the flames have ended up trapped on the physical plane, and now the flames are burning out of control, consuming everything in sight.  He then tells you that the flames are searching for something, and that something, might be you.  He then surrounds you in the Flames oF Hades, and tells you that in order to survive you must sacrifice one of your members to the Flames.  In return, that member will turn into an item based on their level of trust in you (the higher the trust, the better the item).  God, what an a@@....  If you tell him no, he'll summon 2 Fire Dragons from the Flames to battle against you.  Defeat them, and he will reward you for conquering the Flames.  He will then restore everyone's HP & MP, and raise everyone's max HP by 20 *whoo hoot!*.
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B10 - Testament:
As soon as you enter, you'll encounter Virgo for a 3rd time, in which, she'll engage you in another fight (her, a Poison & Fire Giant).  Defeat her, and she will leave.

*When you leave B10 & go back to town, re-enter the Labyrinth and a little ways in.  You'll See a new Magic Cirlce there that will take you to B10.*

You'll notice that this floor consists of several small rooms, all joined together with ajoining teleport pads.  The first thing you'll need to do is to located the room with the red switch marker, for unlocking the door towards the end of the level.  From this room, hit the SE warp.  In the next one, hit the NE one.  From there, take the NW one.  If done correctly, you should end up in a room with a switch on the east wall.  Press it.  Now, take the SW warp.  From this one, take the SE one.  Then take the NW one.  Take the SW one, then the NE one, then the SE, finally take the NW one.  This will take you to the other side of the map.  From here, walk a little ways west and you'll encounter Virgo again.  She shows you Eugene's corpse and how he had his soul devoured.

*If you have Grace in your party when you come to this part, she will stop and mourn over Eugene's death.*

Now, before you go into the door, go north and dash into the small opening to breakaway the wall to find a chest.  Now, leave this room and do the same thing on the opposite side of the room to breakaway another wall for another chest.  Now, go into the door.  You'll notice the screen vibrate a bit from something happening deep in the Labyrinth.  Keep walking, picking up chests along the way.  The screen will vibrate several more times.  After about the 6th time it does this, The Old Bishop will show up and tell you that you cannot stop his evil god from being ressurected.  He then summons the Reaper, a much stronger version than before, & 4 spirits to fight you.  Treat him the same way you fought him last time: Spell Cancel when neccessary, take out the bothersome Spirits.  He also has an ability called UnderWorld Cry, that can mass 'Fear' your party.  Defeat him.

*When you kill the Reaper here, his possessing forms disappear from the game.  If you haven't gotten the Reaper Doors or experimented with Possess AA's, then don't fight him.*

After you kill him, the Old Bishop will sacrifice himself to his evil god and disappears.  Keep walking to the other side of the map.  You'll enter a large room, with a dimensional rift on the far wall with a sword sticking out of it.  The screen will shake one final time, and the sword comes flying out of it and lands in front you.  You pick it up (Queen's Guard Sword, a very good sword that ANYONE  can use).  You can now step into that portal to take you to the Dimension World.
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Dimension World:
Upon entering, you meet up with the Swordsman again for one last time.  He tells you that you are the last and only hope for ending this chain of darkness and freeing the trapped souls from the evil god.  He then dissappears.  Walk around on this floor gathering all the chests you see, and drop down in the inner part of the floor to go down to the next floor.  Again, gather chests and drop down in the center part.  Once more, gather chests and drop down again, but this time, you will drop down onto 1 of 4 teleporting pads which will take you to the top floor (the floor above where you entered the DM).  Gather the chests that are there.  You will notice that there are 4 drop off points; 2 on the left side and 2 on the right side.  Go to the eastern side of the floor, and drop off the lower-right one.  You'll run into LeDua & Homunculus.  You'll be teleported to the Final Area of the game.  If you do not wish to beat it just yet, simple turn around and walk into the Magic Circle to warp you back to near the entrance of DM.  If you do wish to beat it, just walk on ahead.  After a while, you'll stop and recieve a final speech from each Original Character in your party.  Afterwards, you'll walk towards the center of the platform, which is in the heart of the Dimension World.  You'll meet LeDua and Homunculous who confronts the evil god and demand that Otelier's soul be returned.  The Dark God, Bu'Shin, will then set aflame Homunculous' body.  She then walks up to LeDua and holds him (while still on fire, mind you), and they both disintegrate into ashes and are scattered across the Dimension World.  Bu'Shin will then turn to you and tell you that all souls with be one with his and blah, blah, blah.. and engage you in battle.  In this battle, you can't use Restrict Shot.. so Spell Cancel will have to do.  He has a special attack called "UnderWorld Cry" that can mass fear your party, causing them to try and flee or possibly cause an AA to fail.  Defeat him, and watch the ending...

Afterwards, you will be asked if you want to save you game.  When you do, if you do, you'll notice that your save state marker will turn yellow, showing that you beat it.  Upon replaying that saved game state, you will notice that any quests you've accepted are no longer there, nor can you accept anymore in the Tavern.  When you go to Gotz's place, you see that the large boulder has been moved, revealing stairs to go down into The ABYSS.
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