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This page is set aside for the non-equipment items of the game.  These include:


Class Orbs

Event Items

These items are the basic potion type, either restore HP/Recovering from Death, or curing a status change.  Some of these can also be found in random chests in the Labyrinth.
Found in Cost
Healing Potion Special Ether with a Feal Spell.  Restores a small amount of HP for 1 comrade. Smiley's Shop on B1 250 G
Gotz's Trap Lv.3 3000 G; you get a healing, antidote, curing and transfer potion.
Kasta's Shop on B5 250 G
Antidote Special Ether with Poizkea Spell.  Cures Poison of 1 comrade. Smiley's Shop on B1 250 G
Gotz's Trap Lv.3 3000 G; you get an antidote, healing, curing and transfer potion.
Kasta's Shop on B5 250 G
Curing Potion Special Ether with Will Spell.  Cures poisoned, paralyzed and petrified comrade. Smiley's Shop on B1 20000 G
Gotz's Traps Lv.2 2000 G
Gotz's Traps Lv.3 3000 G; you get a curing, healing, antidote and transfer potion.
Kasta's Shop on B5 20000 G
Reviving Potion Special Ether with Cathedral.  Revives 1 dead comrade from death or ashes.  Fails at times. Kasta's Shop on B5 100000 G
Transfer Potion Pouring this mixture on the body will allow you to get out of the Labyrinth. Smiley's Shop on B1 500 G
Gotz's Traps Lv.1 1000 G for 3 of them
Gotz's Traps Lv.3 3000 G, you get a transfer, healing, curing and antidote potion.
Kasta's Shop on B5 500 G
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Class orbs are magical objects that allow you to change any character into the class of the orb, regardless of stats or attribute.  This also includes Original Characters.  When using these, they will still have on their original equipment so it's possible to have, for example, a warrior turning into a priest and still wear plate armor, as long as you don't de-equip them from the character after the change.  MP are also recalculated for that class.  Also during the change, the characters "NEXT" will shift into the appropriate amount for that class.  Just because you have enough EXP to reach the next Thief level, doesn't mean that you'll have enough to get your next Knight level.  This also works in reverse.  If you get a high level class, such as a Samurai or Knight, enough experience to gain a level but then turn him/her into a lower class, such as a Priest or Thief, their "NEXT" will shift backwards and you may get several levels up, but can be bad when changing back to original class (xp will shift forward by several levels, making it take longer to get their next level).  These orbs can be found in Kasta's Shop on B5 or you can win all 8 of them from playing "Gotz's Trap" game at level 6 for 6000 G.  These can also be found in random chests on later levels of the Labyrinth (about B8-9).
Found in Cost
Cleansed and crystallized warrior spirits.  It's red glare enables a class change to Warrior. Gotz's Traps Lv.6 6000 G
Kasta's Shop on B5 50000 G
Cleansed and crystallized thieve spirits.  It's grey glare enables a class change to Thief.
Gotz's Traps Lv.6 6000 G
Kasta's Shop on B5 50000 G
Cleansed and crystallized priest spirits.  It's white glare enables a class change to Priest.
Gotz's Traps Lv.6 6000 G
Kasta's Shop on B5 50000 G
Cleansed and crystallized sorceror spirits.  It's black glare enables a class change to Sorceror. Gotz's Traps Lv.6 6000 G
Kasta's Shop on B5 50000 G
Cleansed and crystallized samurai spirits.  It's pink glare enables a class change to Samurai. Gotz's Traps Lv.6 6000 G
Kasta's Shop on B5 70000 G
Cleansed and crystallized knight spirits.  It's silver glare enables a class change to Knight. Gotz's Traps Lv.6 6000 G
Kasta's Shop on B5 70000 G
Cleansed and crystallized ninja spirits.  It's blue glare enables a class change to Ninja.
Gotz's Traps Lv.6 6000 G
Kasta's Shop on B5 70000 G
Cleansed and crystallized bishop spirits.  It's golden glare enables a class change to Bishop. Gotz's Traps Lv.6 6000 G
Kasta's Shop on B5 70000 G
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These items are picked up at some point in the game.  Some of these are needed to get to other parts of the game; others are just extra items you can get along the way.  These items can be viewed by going into a character's item screen and pressing square.
B4 Key Found on B4.  Lets you use the short cut from B2 to B4.  In B2, use the elevator on the 1st floor and go down to the 3rd floor, then go across the floor and use the other elevator and go down to the 4th floor.  Once there, take the door down to B4.  After that, just walk up to the door and open it.
B8 Key Found on B8.  Lets you use the door across from the 3rd Memory Crystal.  After reaching the 3rd Memory crystal, walk up the steps to the upper part of B8.  You'll find a bag on the ground.  Inside is the B8 Key.  Turn around and use it on the door right there.
Baked Silver A material used in weapon making.  You find it for Rui when you help her in B2, 2nd floor.  When you find it, you automatically give it to her.
Book oF Fesitivals A strange book with 2 ajoining triangles on the cover found in the Hell of Mold on B6 (the place where maps don't work).  Can only be obtained when you accept Walter's "Find a certain book" quest.  Take the book back to him.
Brooch A woman's brooch of well-made craftsmanship.  Anonym gives it to you to hold on to while you're performing his quest "Tell me who I am".
Clear Quartz Go to Helga's room after her 3rd quest is completed, and you'll end up meeting her when the auctions about to start.  A fight will eventually breakout between some of the auctioneers and Helga gets injured.  When she asks you if you have a dragon heart, give her one if you've got one; if not, oh well.  She then leaves to go buy one.  Leave the labyrinth and go back to her room.  You'll bump into her again, and she tells you that she's leaving Duhan.  She'll then give you the Clear Quartz then leaves, for good.  Use it at the 3rd Memory Crystal on B8 to restore Status.
Crimson Quartz Given to you by Matsuri on B4, after you give him the Sword Sheathe.  Use it at the 1st Memory Crystal on B8 to restore everyones HP.
 Earrings Earrings with a greenish hue.  Given to you by Hannah in B5 when you accept Geese's "Please find Hannah" quest.
Houndsword A special sword that Helga makes.  It is given to you when you accept her "I'll sell special swords" quest.  Walk around and kill about 30 groups of monsters then come back to town and tell Helga you showed it off to people.
Labryinth Stone A small stone that Gotz gives you when you first meet on B1 as a token of friendship.  You then later have to give it to Helga when you start her 1st quest "I'm opening a magic stone shop!".
Mana Quartz Given to you by Arabella & Taiga on B6, after you help them fight monsters.  Use it at the 2nd Memory Crystal on B8 to restore MP.
Name Tag
A name tag taken off of the skeleton of 'Gilman' on the 4th floor of B2.  Used for Lorenzo's "Check if he is dead or alive" quest as proof.
Pass Allows you access down to B2.  Given to you by LeDua in the Imperial Quarters after you've tried to go down to B2 and was denied.
Promise Ring A ring that Giorgio gave to Rose.  Obtain in B4 after you've accepted Rose's "Find out about my husband" quest.
Rosary A torn rosary that belonged to a bishop.  Given to you by a fairy on the 4th floor in B2 after you've accepted Anonym's quest "Tell me who I am".
Royal Ring A ring with the Queen's initals found in B2, after fighting a group of Pixie's on the 2nd floor.  Return it to the Queen in the Imperial Quarters on B1.
Sage's Stone A magical stone with purify properties.  Given to you when you accept Paul's "I wanna do the right thing" quest.  Throw it into the Spring on B5.
This is the "Giant Axe" that Garcia gives you for his 2nd quest "Delivering an axe".  Why on earth is it called a Seminar Flyer, I have no idea.. that's what it says in the 'event item' list after he's given it to me.
Silver Shield
An ornate silver shield that once belonged to Gustav Bright, leader of the Imperial Knights, who had lost it during the Flash.  Found in the underground of B4 for Gustav's "Recover our party's shield" quest.
Surprise Quartz Given to you by AnnMarie on B10 if you've done the following.  On B3, when you bump into AnnMarie and she challenges you a race to B4 and killing as many groups of monsters as you can (try for 7 or more).  If you win, you'll get a Magic Stone; if you lose, she takes half your money.  The next part can only be done AFTER you killed the Reaper on B10.  Go to B9, and you'll meet up with her again and she'll challenge you to disarm Oscar's Traps.  If you ask 'how many traps?', you'll end up fighting Rune and Oscar.  Beat them, and they'll tell you that you have to disarm 10 traps (there spread out all over B9).  You'll know it's his by a note saying it's his.  After you disarm all 10, go to the exit to B10, and now they tell you to meet them at the entrance to B1. Go there.  Now, Rune will challenge you to kill Fire Dragons on B9.  He'll ask you 3 questions (answers: 3,2,2), answer them correctly and he'll tell you that you need to kill 6 or more.  Then go down to B9 (down through B8, not up from B10) and kill the fire dragons.  Then go down to B10.  You'll meet AnnMarie, and she tells you that Oscar and Rune where killed by Fire Dragons.  When you start thinking about it, choose "Think of a way to save them".  She will then cast Carcass, then Cathedral, and then Valhalla.  They will come back to life.  She will be thankful that it worked.  She then tells them that she is leaving Duhan and wants them to go with her.  Before leaving, she gives you the Surprise Quartz.  If you use it at any 1 of the 3 Memory Crystals on B8, random things will happen.

*An orc will appear and give you random character information.
            *Gain or lose money.
            *MP becomes 0.
*Learn a spell.
            *Stats increase or decrease.
*HP/MP max increases or decreases.
            *Warps you to town.

That's all I've gotten so far.  If there are any more, feel free to email me with the results.
Sword Sheathe A magical katana given to you by Arabella & Taiga on the 4th floor of B2 to give to someone named Matsuri on B4.
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