Please note that all shrines in Tartarus ( are under construction. That means that the shrines may not be complete, links may be broken, etc. Please e-mail the maintainer any questions about this game that the shrine doesn't yet cover. Thank you! -Merlin
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Town of Duhan

There are several important locations within the Town of Duhan, each of them having their own purpose to help you throughout the game.

Bar 'Luna Light'
Data Save
Salem Temple
The Lodge
Vigger's Shop
Labyrinth of Duhan

You can recruit members and equip your party here.  You may be asked to accept quests.
View party options.
View character item options.
Use Use selected item.
Remove Remove selected piece of equipment.
Hand Over Give item to another member.
Appraise Identify an unknown object.  A Bishop must be in the group.  A character may, at times, become 'fearful' of the curse and are inflicted with 'Fear' status.
Release SP Releases an item's special power that it has inside (change class or attribute, raise hp, etc).  Once done, the item will break.... most of the time.
Discard Throws away an unwanted item.
Exit Exit 'Item' option.
Spell View a list of spells for each member.  Press Square to cycle through Sor/Pri spells.
View Party View a party members stats, attribute, class and personality.
AA Confirmation View a list of AA's you have.
Quest Confirmation View a list of the quests you currently accepted.
Alter Formation Change characters position in line.
Trap Practice Practice disarming traps.
Exit Exit 'Party' option.
Recruit Recruit party members, either from 'Made Characters' or 'Original Characters'.
Quest List View a list of current acceptable quests and ones that you've already completed.
Dismiss Remove party members from your group.
Exit Exit Bar.
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Register or change a party member's occupation.  You can also learn Allied Actions.
Goes to character registration option.
Enter Name Creates a new character.  Enter their name, select their race and class.
Delete Name Deletes a character you have made.
Change Name Change a character's name, either from Main character or Made character.
Change Class Change a character's class either from Main character or Made character.
See Register See a list of made characters.
Exit Exit Register.
AA Mastering
Option for learning Allied Actions.  New ones will become available when Rank increases.
Offensive Buy an Offensive AA.
Defensive Buy a Defensive AA.
Spell Buy a Spell AA.
Assisted Buy an Assisted AA.
Exit Exit AA Mastering.
Exit Exit Guild.
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This is a save point where you can save your game data.
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A temple where an abnormal status can be healed, but a ressurection can possibly fail.
Cure Poison Cures one character of poison status.  Cost is your level x 30 G.
Cure Paralyze Cures one character of paralyze status.  Cost is your level x 80 G.
Cure Stone Cures one character of petrify status.  Cost is your level x 80 G.
Cure Fear Cures one character of fear status.  Cost is your level x 100 G.
Revive Brings one character back from Death state.  If failed, character turns into Ash state.  Cost is your level x 200 G.
Resurrect Brings one character back from Ash state.  If failed, character is lost forever.  Cost is your level x 400 G.
Purify Cures one character from Possess by the Reaper.  Cost is your level x 200 G.
Exit Exits temple.
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You party can level up with rst at this lodge after gaining experience.
Stay Stay the night in the Lodge, restoring all HP and MP.  If enough experience is gained, a character can level up.  Cost is 50 G a person.
Exit Exit Lodge.
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Buy/sell equipment here.  You can have items appraised, curses lifted and Magic Stones made.
Chose from a list of different types of equipment to buy.
Buy Weapon Select from a list of weapons to purchase.
Buy Armor Select from a list of armors to purchase.
Buy Accessory Select from a list of accessories to purchase.
Exit Exit Buy option
Sell Sell items that you no longer want.
Appraise Pay to Indentify unknown items that you are carrying.  Selling unappraised items only go for 10 G.
Life Curse Lift a curse on a character that is equipped with a cursed item.  Cursed items cannot be removed.  Once lifted, the item is destroyed.
Make Spells
Chose from a list of spell making options.
Make Material Use monster materials that you have on you to make spells.  Require 2 materials to make.
Make Vellum Chose from a vellum to make special spells.  Require 3 materials to make.  Must first give Vellum to her in order to make them.
Separate Separate a Magic Stone back into monster materials.  Vellum made stones cannot be separated.  Rarely, stones can break when trying to separate them, resulting in them being lost.
Exit Exit Make Spells.
Exit Exit Vigger's Shop.
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Labyrinith  formed by the distortion of space during the Flash.  Monsters and traps await here.
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