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Tips, Tricks & Game Hints

A couple of little helpful pointers to that you may want to take advantage of.  Feel free to submit anything that you think would be useful:

**Level up, level up, level up.  Can't stress this enough.  Gain at least a couple of levels per person before you even go down to the next floor.  Also incase of boss monsters, or just really strong ones.  If you keep getting killed on a certain level, go back up and level there.
**Always have the nessessities with you.  Always have a Priest with you, and get them a lot of healing spells, as well as Carcass and Cathedral when available.  A Sorceror, at least in the early parts of the game where you're fighting Undead and you don't have a lot of magical weapons, so just smack them with some low level spells.  A Thief or Ninja, to help trap disarms become a bit easier (you can do it without them, but you wouldn't know what kind of trap it was).  Warriors, at least 2, as a main line of defense.  You can make a party however you want, but just make sure that you have a balanced party.  You can also make a cheap character as a priest or sorceror, then when he/she reaches level 5 and has Wise/Faith both at 23 or above, you can make them a Bishop, either for having both types of magics or just for appraising purposes.  Also, get lots of Transfer potions, especially early on, until you can get and use the Leap spell (you'd hate to be stuck on B9, low on life/magic and have no potions).
**Possessed characters do not need a magical weapon to kill Undeads.  You can take advantage of this if you want, but it's dangerous.  You could risk permenantly losing someone.  My advice is just getting a magical weapon for them as soon as possible.  Also to cure possession as soon as possible, unless you want to try for the Possess AA's or need the Reaper Doors.
**It is possible to have a front row person attack an enemy in the back row using a short range weapon.  First have that person in the first row target a monster in the back row using a single target spell (Creta, Barrets, etc).  Then, back out the screen 3 times, and choose "Attack".  When you do, you will notice that the character is still targeting the back row monster.  So just attack it.  Now you can kill back row monsters with a front row member.
**In B5, once you have access to the working Healing Spring, spend a lot of time there.  You get low on energy.. go here to get Full HP, MP and status recovery.  That's almost like staying at the Lodge for free, except no level ups.  Stay here to gain a couple of exp. levels then go back to town to raise them.  Rinse.  Repeat.
**A semi-good way to gain money/items would be in B8, right in the beginning.  Go down to B8 and right in that room, more than likely you'll find a chest with a rare item in it (usually the case, if not, it's like a Transfer, Healing, or Curing Potion).  Grab the item, go back up to B7, then go back down to B8 and there should be another chest there (if not, go up and back down).  And just do this as much as you want.  So far, I've been able to find: Holy Knight Sword, Thief's Dagger, Blazing Staff, Silencing Staff, Freezing Staff, Faith Armor, Betrayal Armor, Ninja Armor, Bloody Robe & Prime Shield.  Ninja Armor itself goes for 12800G, Holy Knight Sword 11000G.  That's some pretty nice change for crap that you probably don't need, or if you do need, good for you; you just saved yourself a lot of trouble.
**When actually creating characters, after you've selected their race and attribute and the bonus point roll shows up, you can back out the screen and go forward again, and they will have another random generated roll.  You can keep doing this to get a high roll (13-16) or an exceptionally high roll (19 to 24).  Doesn't really do much other than making a character stronger to start out as, but it does help.